Full List of National Awards in Nigeria

This article captures explicitly the Full List of National Awards in Nigeria and medals including some of the persons who have been found to have merit and earn recognition.

To also be given an official award by the Nigerian government, and publicly appreciate their selfless effort in making the country much better than they met it.

Usually, awards have been earned by individuals on many levels and organizations with the aim to recognize these individuals excellence and exceptional performance and characters in dispensing their duties and responsibilities with the limited resources at their disposal.

But, how often does the Nigerian government honour a citizen or non-citizen for their contributions to its development through giving them a National Award.

Well, apparently that does not happen everyday. But, of course some people, individuals and leaders have been conferred such awards and honorarium by the Nigerian government.

Hence, as most Nigerians do not know what the content of the National Honour Act says, this article serves to enlighten and also make a comprehensive and full list of National Awards in Nigeria and who and who has deservingly earned it.

Let’s get to it!

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What is Nigerian National Honour Awards?

Nigerian National Honours are a set of orders and decorations that is conferred upon Nigerians as well as acquaintances of Nigeria every year.

These awards were instituted by the National Honours Act No. 5 of 1964, during the First Nigerian Republic, to honour Nigerians who have rendered service to the benefit and development of the nation.

National honours therefore refer to all awards that are officially given to an individual for his/her contributions to the development of the nation (Nigeria).

Members of the society who have made exceptional contributions towards national development are usually recognized and are conferred these awards for their contributions and as an appreciation from the Nigerian government.

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National honours also go beyond just appreciation and recognition but also is intended to show that a nation greatly respects them for their achievement.

These honours are distinct and differ from the honours that are part of the country’s chieftaincy system, which is more of a traditional pact (but also legally defined) entity.

National Honours are the highest forms of honours or awards and it is specific about a person’s contribution to the country’s growth beyond all reasonable doubts.

It is absolutely based on his or her meaningful service to the country.

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Full List of National Awards in Nigeria and Medals

Below are the Full List of National Awards in Nigeria

National Honours Awards (Order of the Federal Republic)

The Nigerian National Honours, in ascending order of importance, are:

1.) The GCFR and GCON are customarily respectively bestowed on former occupants of the office of President of Nigeria and Vice President of Nigeria including former military heads of state of Nigeria and Chiefs of General Staff. The GCON is also customarily bestowed on the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the President of the Nigerian Senate during their first year in office, while the CON is customarily bestowed on Justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria

2,) Member of the Order of the Niger (MON)

3.) Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON)

4.) Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON)

5.) Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON)

6.) Order of the Niger

7.) Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR)

8.) Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic (OFR)

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9.) Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (CFR)

10.) Grand Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (GCFR).

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Reasons for Conferment of National Honours and Awards

National Awards are given with reasons and here are some of them.

1. To recognise and reward the hard-work these individuals have done for the benefit, development and growth of the society.

2. To recognise their obedience to the laws and orders of the country.

3. To appreciate their loyalty and patriotism to the nation.

4. To reward their selfless services the individuals had rendered even in the face of challenges or harm.

5. To further urge and encourage the people recognized, to do more excellent work and meritorious services for the nation.

6. To also encourage every other citizens of the nation watching, to serve the nation selflessly and with patriotism.

In addition, it is important that as citizens of Nigeria we must try our best to make our contributions and affairs support the growth and development of our local communities first, and the nation at large in our daily decisions.

We have to learn from those who have been conferred with the National Honour awards, and understand that doing good pays.

We should study and emulate their behaviour and how they fought for growth, equity and peaceful coexistence with others Nigerians across race and tribal differences.

Examples of Selfless Services to Render as a Reformed Nigerian include:

  1. Catering to the poor and needy in the community.
  2. Service to your country in any capacity when called upon
  3. Joining in the building of schools and hospitals in rural communities
  4. Supporting government efforts
    Outstanding National Award Recipient

Some National Honour Awardees include:

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When we make a Full List of National Awards in Nigeria, these names resound:

Aliko Dangote (GCON)

Senator David Mark (GCON)

Mr Mike Adenuga (GCON)

Air Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh Chief Of Defence Staff (CFR)

Rear Admiral Usman Jibrin Chief Of Naval Staff (CFR)

Alhaji Sulaiman Abba Acting Inspector General Of Police (CFR)

Maj. Gen. Kenneth Minimah Chief Of Army Staff (CFR)

Air Vice Marshal Adesola Amosu Chief Of Air Staff (CFR)

Hon. Justice Bolarinwa O. Babalakin Fmr. Supreme Court, Judge (CFR)

National Medals Awarded

  • Forces Service Star (FSS)
  • Grand Service Star (GSS)
  • Distinguished Service Star (DSS)
  • Meritorious Service Star (MSS)
  • Command Medal of Honour (CMH)
  • Command Medal (CM)


From our above article on the Full List of National Awards in Nigeria. It is vivid that the eyes of the law are still functional even in Nigeria, where it seems like many people have lost faith in.

Some Nigerians citizens still strive to do the right thing and make a good name for their country even in diaspora as well as contribute immensely to the development of the nation.

Above all, they are many more Nigerians who are making great impacts in the lives of other Nigerians as well as supporting the growth of the country with their resources but are not publicly known or acknowledged.

What matters is, they are Nigerians with a difference, working to make the nation a destination for the unborn generations. You too can be next, if you start today.

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