This is a detailed guide on the importance of national symbols in Nigeria, read to the end to gain more insight.

National symbols are objects, signs, or emblems that represent the identities and qualities of a nation.

National symbols are very important to a nation because it distinguishes the nation and its people wherever they are.

It is necessary to know the national symbols of your country and their importance. If you are a Nigerian, this article on the importance of national symbols in Nigeria is for you, read to the end to gain more insight.

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National Symbols in Nigeria

There are many national symbols in Nigeria including the Nigerian flag, Nigerian national anthem, Nigerian national pledge, Nigerian coat of arms, Seal of the President of Nigeria, etc.

1. The Nigerian Flag

The Nigerian flag is one of the well-known national symbols in Nigeria. It was designed by Mr. Michael Taiwo Akinkunmi and was officially hoisted on Nigeria’s Independence Day, October 1, 1960.

The Nigerian flag is made up of two colors which are green and white. The green color represents the rich agriculture in Nigeria while the white color represents peace.

The Nigerian flag is often seen in front of public buildings, government houses, national stadiums, government vehicles, Embassies, etc.

2. The Nigerian Coat of Arms

The Nigerian coat of arms is a very important national symbol in Nigeria, it was officially adopted in May 1960.

The coat of arms is made up of a black shield, two horses, two silver wavy bands, an eagle, and some colorful plants at the lower part of the shield.

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The black shield on the coat of arms represents Nigeria’s fertile soil, and the two silver wavy bands represent the two major rivers in Nigeria – the river Niger and the river Benue.

The two horses on both sides of the shield represent the dignity of Nigeria. The flowers at the base are Costus Spectabilis, they are found in all parts of the country representing the nation’s beauty and rich heritage.

The eagle at the top of the shield represents the strength and pride of Nigeria. The band around the base of the shield has the national motto which is Unity, Peace, and Progress.

The Nigerian coat of arms can be seen on Nigerian currency, government documents, offices, public buildings, etc.

3. The Nigerian National Anthem

The Nigerian anthem is one of the national symbols in Nigeria, it was composed by Ben Odiase in 1978.

The national anthem represents the tradition, history, and beliefs of Nigeria and its people. The National anthem arouses feelings of patriotism among the citizens of Nigeria.

It reminds us of our wealth and the need to be patriotic citizens and loyal to the country all the time.

However, the national pledge is often recited after the national anthem.

4. The Nigerian Currency

The Nigerian currency is another national symbol in Nigeria. The Naira is the legal currency used in Nigeria and it is regulated by the central bank of Nigeria.

However, there are different naira denominations such as 5 naira, 10 naira, 20 naira, 50 naira, 100 naira, 200 naira, 500 naira, and 1000 naira.

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5. The Nigerian Passport

The Nigerian passport is another national symbol that identifies an individual as a Nigerian.

The Nigerian passport is of two types, the standard, and the official e-passport.

Ordinary citizens can apply for a Standard e-passport, while government officials and Nigerian diplomats apply for official e-passports.

The Nigerian passport is issued by the passport office of the ministry of affairs.

6. The Nigerian National Identity Card

The Nigerian national identity card is one of the national symbols in Nigeria that stands us out as citizens of Nigeria.

The Nigerian national identity card can also be used for various purposes such as opening a bank account, etc.

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Importance of National Symbols in Nigeria

The importance of national symbols in Nigeria cannot be underrated, they stand us out wherever we find ourselves.

However, below are the importance of National symbols in Nigeria.

1. National symbols in Nigeria are often used as part of celebrations of patriotism or aspiring nationalism (such as independence, etc.

2. National symbols are created to be inclusive and representative of all the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

3. National symbols in Nigeria Promote National peace and unity.

4. National symbols in Nigeria make people learn more about our history and culture.

5. National symbols showcase the Values of Nigeria to the world.

6. National symbols motivate citizens to fight towards a common goal whenever the country is going through a hard time.

7. National symbols remind people of past important events of the nation.

8. National Symbols are very important to National Identity.

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9. National symbols are used to direct, organize, record, and communicate. They are used as means to communicate the history and culture of Nigeria.

10. National symbols are used to infuse pride and unity in a nation’s population.

11. National Symbols are often displayed at many major events, such as sporting contests to know the country each contestant represents. For example, the Nigerian flag is always hoisted among other flags during sporting events and the national anthem is always sung too.

12. National symbols express the history and culture of a nation.

13. Exposure to the National Symbols of one’s country can influence people’s attitudes and actions.

14. National Symbols are used to direct public attention, integrate citizens, motivate public action, create bonds, and reinforce goals among citizens.

15. National symbols in Nigeria encourage the citizens to carry out their civic responsibilities. 

16. National symbols in Nigeria serve as a symbol of authority to government agencies and functionaries and also accord respect to authorities.

17. National symbols showcase the beauty, strength, dignity, and pride of Nigeria as a nation.

18. National symbols show our uniqueness and social values like unity, faith, peace, progress, social justice, and equality.

19. National symbols encourage the preservation of our environment and the cautious use of the generous resources that nature has provided to us.

20. National symbols help to maintain peace and unity of the nation, and also boost inter-African solidarity, world peace, international cooperation, and understanding.

That is all on the importance of national symbols in Nigeria, I hope it helps you recognize and value the national symbols in Nigeria.