How To Make Blurry Pictures Clear

This is a detailed guide on how to make blurry pictures clear.

Imagine taking beautiful pictures and they all become blurry, what a waste of time, energy, and pose it would be!

Many people have painfully deleted their beautiful pictures because they were not clear, however,  they wouldn’t have done that if they had read this article on how to make blurry pictures clear..

In this era of groundbreaking innovations, there are solutions to almost all the problems in the world, and how to make blurry pictures clear shouldn’t be a big deal.

This article encompasses everything you need to know about making blurry pictures clear, read to the end and learn how to make blurry pictures clear.

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How To Make Blurry Pictures Clear

There are many ways to make your blurry pictures clear without having to pay a huge amount of money or visit a studio.

However, there are many online tools that can help improve the quality of your photos; these tools are image sharpeners, they help to make your pictures clean, brighter, and more vivid.

If you want to know how to make blurry pictures clear, below are the best photo editing apps that will help make your blurry pictures clear and beautiful.

1. Adobe Lightroom CC

This photo editing app is easy to use, the sliders give you total charge over the light and color properties of your photos.

You can give your photo the beauty and brightness you desire using the tone curves and the color mixer, and also remove unwanted background by cropping your photo and rotating it to the angle and size you love.

Adobe helps sharpen your photos and allow them to speak loud and clear.

However, its editing tools comprise white balance, presence, tone, tone curve, HSL, color grading, detail, lens corrections, and calibration manipulation, as well as transformation, spot removal, red-eye correction, graduated filters, radial filters, and adjustment brushing.

Adobe is supported on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and tvOS (Apple TV). Its main uses include importing, preserving, viewing, collecting, tagging, editing, and sharing extensive numbers of digital images.

2. Enhance Photo Quality

Enhance photo quality is a photo editing app that helps you enhance photo quality by utilizing the best photo effects and overlays that are embedded in the app.

With Enhance photo, you can make your blurry picture clear by using photo effects such as overlays, vignette and photo focus, text on pic, stickers, lens flare, adjustment tools such as contrast, sharpness, hue, crop, brightness.

3. Lumii

Lumii is a complete and unique photo editing app that can make your blur picture clear, it helps you edit your photo to your desired beauty.

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You can use Lumii as a professional editor or an amateur, and you can also edit on either a laptop Android smartphone.

However, with Lumii, you can carry out simple edits like adjusting the brightness, saturation, or contrast by yourself and also add beautiful effects.

You can combine images together to create an attractive eye-catching collage.

Lumii is very loaded, it has over 50 different editing effects including filters, color and texture effects, analog camera defects, etc.

With Lummi, you can create distortions, divide the image into color channels, duplicate, crop, and beautify your picture.

4. Sharpen Image

Sharpen Image is a photo editing app that you can use to easily enhance the sharpness of your blurry photos.

However, all you have to do is utilize two parameters which are the radius and intensity. The radius is the filter size in pixels while the intensity is how strong or sharp the picture is going to be.

Moreover, sharpen Image is very fast and responsive, it takes less than 1 second to sharpen any image and it’s super simple to use.

5. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is one of the best photo editing apps you can use in making blurry pictures clear thanks to the active sharpening tools incorporated in it.

It is an all-in-one photo editing app that provides everything you want to brighten your photo.

It allows you to change the background of your photo, create photo collages, make stickers, and add beautiful effects, filters, and presents in a minute.

Photo editor pro has numerous editing tools and photo effects such as Sparkle, art, old, aesthetic, vintage filters for pictures, glitter, overlay, glitch, angel wings effect.

This editing app has an advanced blur image brush used to blur parts of your photos to get a DSLR blur effect. You can also unblur the image with an eraser and adjust its blur strength as well.

6. Fotogenic

Fotogenic is a remarkable photo editing app that is available for both Android and iOS.

However, Fotogenic is created for all levels of photographers and editors. However, to make your blurry photos clear, you can utilize the sharpening tools and then control the intensity and location.

Moreover, Fotogenic is not difficult to use because there is an interactive help feature that tells you what to do even if you’ve not used a photo editing app before.

Fotogenic has an easy-to-use creative interface that gives you an enjoyable moment throughout the whole process of editing.

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It is designed for both professional photographers and amateur photographers.

However, the free version offers a good number of editing tools while the paid version provides a wide range of tools.


VSCO photo editing app is well-known for the numerous filters embedded in it, you can easily use them to brighten your blurry pictures.

VSCO is a photography mobile application ideal for iOS and Android devices., it allows users to capture photos in the app and edit them to their taste using the available filters and editing tools.

However, most of the filters are actually film recreations, they replicate actual film photography images.

VSCO sharpening tool is relatively effective and can make blurry photos clear and sharp, you can edit with ordinary tools like contrast, saturation, and grain.

The demo is free, but if you want to explore all the features, you have to subscribe and become a member.

8. Afterlight

Afterlight is a complete-featured photo editing app with lots of inventive options.

With this photo editing app, you can improve your photos using adjustment tools and filters.

You can also create outstanding photos with textures, light leaks, and double-exposure tools and you add text, artwork, and frames to your images.

Afterlight film Presets are developed through real film emulation and include a variety of auto-randomized Light Leaks, Dusty Textures, Grain, and color grading.

However, Afterlight is embedded with new fusion filters every weekend, and the fusion li­brary is a cu­rat­ed list of fu­sion fil­ters free to down­load.

9. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo-editing app suitable for iOS and Android, it enables users to improve photos by applying digital filters.

This free app has a clean look with an extended list of editing tools.

Snapseed offers pro-level features like amending the tonal curve, healing blemishes on the skin and creating an HDR look.

The sharpening tool is very effective and you can easily transform a blurry, hazy image into a very beautiful picture.

However, there is also a Looks tab that provides different great ready-to-apply filters.

10. Pixlr

Pixlr is a photo editing application that comprises a number of photo editors and a photo-sharing service.

With Pixlr, you can edit photos and create lovely designs right in your browser, on your phone or on the desktop for free.

You can start editing from an empty canvas, a photo, a video, or select one of their well-crafted templates.

However, with Pixlr, you can animate any design in just a few clicks by using professional-looking animation presets.

You can easily erase backgrounds from your photos using Instant AI-powered background removal in less than a second.

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Pixlr also enables you to assemble your photos using its built-in pre-made collage templates.

Also, with this editing app, you can transform your photos into creative visuals with a variety of creative photo filters and also fix your blurry pictures with ease.

11. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is an unrestricted image editing and collage-making mobile app from Adobe Inc.

The app is obtainable on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. It can also be installed on Windows desktop with Windows 8 and above, through the Microsoft Store.

Photoshop Express encompasses everything you need to quickly edit and transform images.

You can polish your photos with smart Photoshop tools that take care of tough editing jobs like cutouts, dehaze, retouching, and noise reduction.

Photoshop express enables you to select multiple subjects to edit at once using numerous themes, stickers, and overlays.

You can edit, collage, and mix images right in this application, add delightful effects with new retouch features and enhance photos with makeup transfer and skin smoothing presets.

However, even if you were new to Adobe Photoshop Express, you could still edit by watching the playbacks in the discover feed to see how people create the look you like.

12. Picsart

Picsart enables you to create beautiful-looking photos in minutes using its numerous photo editing tools.

This online photo editor offers a rich suite of tools, created to help you edit your photos to your satisfaction.

Picsart batch Editor feature helps you process images in greater quantities even if you want to upscale images, remove or change backgrounds, or create stickers for future designs.

It is a brilliant and intuitive tool that helps take the stress out of bulk image editing.

You can easily remove backgrounds from your photos using the Background Remover tool. The  AI technology automatically identifies the background of any image and removes it for you.

However, you can replace your background with a new one choosing from thousands of already-made templates or upload your own.

Also, Picsart comprises a whole suite of photo effects and filters that will help turn your designs into works of art, you can easily make your blurry picture clear by utilizing these editing tools.

That’s all on how to make blurry pictures clear, I hope it helps.

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