10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria

This article looks to inform you on the 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria.

As a student in Nigeria who is interested in having a science major and build a profession in it.

Well, it is most likely you do not want to just spend four to five years in the university with no job opportunities to comfortably earn from.

With the astonishing number of graduates who are job-seekers with different field major, you clearly want to take a little more scrutiny to the course of study you wish to read as a science student.

Our advice is, opt for a science course that has lots of potentials and assures a promising career and future. For this purpose, we compile this article on the 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria.

These courses are marketable, and very profitable and of course the best science courses for students to study in any university or tertiary institute in Nigeria?

Science is a wide spectrum of multi-disciplined academic field for students with pass grades in subject combinations such as (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Language and Mathematics).

However, meeting the Jamb cut of point which is usually higher for students desiring to study science with different universities requirements).

Students can study, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and earn a BSc (Bachelor of Science), MSc (Master of Science) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in a variety of courses at the successful completion of your course.

Now, let us get right into the day’s business which is revealing the 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria.

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List of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria

1. Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery, is one of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria is highly demanded and competitive, it may be the first three highest  paying science course in a world view, and any intelligent science student in Nigeria should consider it.

Medicine and Surgery is basically interested in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease by reason of prescribing appropriate medication and treatment that may involve surgical procedure or non surgical procedures to patients with the aim of cure.

Due to the very attractive salary and high demand for qualified Surgeons in Nigeria and other countries, the admission requirement and general selection process to study the course may be challenging, but also very rewarding after program completion.

Qualified medicine and surgery graduates go through residency at hospitals and do not job hunt, but jobs search for them and they negotiate a comfortable salary figure.

Also, studying Medicine and surgery as a science student and being truly qualified certainly increases your work chances away from Nigeria.

Monthly, very many Nigerian Doctors and surgeons are being recruited to work abroad, and most usually earn more attractive salaries.

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There are definitely many well-paid job opportunities available to graduates of Medicine and Surgery in hospitals, clinics, research laboratories, institutions, religious bodies, etc.

Which is why, any intelligent science student with a vision to lead a better life will consider studying one of the 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria and live a dream come true life.

2. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is another one of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria and it is very, lucrative, marketable, and hugely sort after for the services it provides to human health.

Qualified pharmacists are on high demand in Nigeria, and getting admission into the course can be a little challenging too but worthwhile.

Pharmacy is typically the study of medicines, it chemical preparation, and dispensing of medical drugs.

It is a clinical health science that connects medical science with chemistry.

Studying Pharmacy provides students with in-depth knowledge of the techniques of drugs.

A pharmacist is an authorized healthcare professional that specializes in providing information about different medication and methods of treatment to patients.

As a pharmacy graduate, there are wide opportunities to practice and have a comfortable career.

You can both seek jobs with your degree as well as establish your own pharmaceutical companies or store. This is an attribute of any of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria

Also, other professions a qualified pharmacist can fill in include: Clinical pharmacist, Hospital Consultant pharmacist, Informatics pharmacist, Pediatric pharmacist, retail pharmacist, Oncology pharmacist, and Compounding pharmacist are all career opportunities for you.

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3. Engineering

Another one of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria for any visionary science student is engineering.

This course is very promising and exposes students to a wide variety of fields and career opportunities

Engineering interestingly, involves a fine blend of Scientific and Technological relationship, to innovate, create, design, develop and maintain techniques and machineries to proffer solutions to human needs.

Graduates of engineering have lots of opportunities in different engineering as well as technical industries and companies both private and governmental.

It’s one of the most sought-after courses that many students take keen interest in.

Engineering is a wide science discipline to study in the university and as such is categorized into different courses like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Civil Engineering, and many more.

In this field, you can work as Biomedical engineer, Electrical engineer, Aerospace engineer, Chemical engineer, Mechanical engineer, Computer engineer,  and more.

4. Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine is also one of the 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria that has a lot of opportunities for science students particularly because of its not so popular nature.

It is a branch of medicine that involves animals health care as well as animal rearing, husbandry, product development. breeding, research on nutrition etc.

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The healthcare is concerned about the prevention, control, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, disorder, and any injury sustained in animals.

Veterinary Medicine is on high demand in Nigeria owing to the fact that many Nigerians own livestock for commercial purposes such as goats, cattle, sheep, chickens as well as individual pet animals such a s dogs, cats, rabbits, fishes, etc.

Some of these domesticated provide important emotional and medical support to their owners as such when they fall ill many need graduates of veterinary medicine who are experienced to cater to them which involves attractive pay.

5. Nursing

Nursing is another medically related and one of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria that is more and more on high demand in Nigeria with a simultaneously increased pay as their roles are daily getting more appreciation and exposure in Nigeria.

Nursing science is a course that prepares students to be professional and licensed nurses with a broad variety of practices.

The nursing job career is very broad with very very specific fields especially outside Nigeria they include · Nurse Health Coach, Registered Nurse, Cardiac Nurse, Aesthetic/Cosmetic Nurse, Pediatric Endocrinology Nurse, Respiratory Nurse, Rheumatology Nurse.

The amazing part of nursing is, as a licensed nurse you can own your own facility or work at hospitals, schools, institutions.

Apparently nursing, has long moved away from being described as a female occupation in Nigeria and it is appreciated and embraced by both genders.

6. Computer Science

Computer Science is also one of the 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria.

Computer scientists are paid heavily especially since the world became digitized in nearly all sectors of economy and human involvements, and also even more in higher demand in almost all organizations since post COVID – 19.

Graduates of computer science have the entire world to their access. This is because computer scientist are needed in virtually all establishments today and they can fit into many positions in all industries with a computer data processing or storage.

From education, to food production industries, to health care,  telecommunication industries, mining, petroleum industries etc.

With an expert knowledge of IT skills, you have brilliant chances of not only getting a good and high-paying job but also being successfully self-employed in Nigeria.

There are various aspects you can decide to major in: Data Science, Programming, Digital Marketing Graphics Design
Hardware Engineering, Social Media Marketing. Software Development and Engineering, as well as Website Design.

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7. Dentistry

Dentistry is an option that any student reading through this article of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria should consider a career in.

The course prepares students to become licensed dentists and obtaining a degree in this field can be all you need to have a jump at a successful career in Nigeria.

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Just like other medical courses, dentistry has a lot of fields and a graduate can major in one of these – General Dentist, Oral Pathologist or Oral Surgeon, Orthodontist, Prosthodontist, Endodontist, Gum Specialist etc.

8. Food Science and Technology

Food science and technology is a branch of agricultural sciences and one of the 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria.

Apparently, humans like all living things need food to survive and also food has a method of consumption that will help us get maximum benefits from it.

The agricultural industry requires qualified professionals in the areas of food and renewable energy, which is exactly what food scientists and technologists offer.

By working with pure science of what food comprises, to planning the efficient manufacture of food products as well as find ways to invent new ‘recipes’ for foods using new ingredients, keep food fresh, safe, as well as provide cheaper and faster ways of food production on a large scale.

9. Meteorology

Meteorology is another unpopular but undoubtedly one of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria.

A graduate of meteorology is an individual equipped with specialized scientific principles and skills to, understand, observe, explain or forecast the earth’s atmospheric phenomena and how the atmosphere affects the earth and life-forms on the planet.

Meteorology is a math-based profession that requires a science students with excellent understanding of calculus, physics and computer science.

It is very lucrative especially with the presence of climate change impacts on our physical environment to curb sudden floods, erosion etc.

Job opportunities are both available in private and governmental environmental establishments.

10. Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural science is considered as one of 10 Highest Paying Science Courses in Nigeria universities because Nigeria is seeking measures to enhance the country’s agricultural system to boost the economic situation of the country and qualified graduates of Agriculture is highly likely to contribute to that vision.

This course gives you job opportunities with different private and governmental agriculture organizations as well as self-employment to earn a highly profitable lifetime business.

There are various sectors in agricultural science, Animal Physiologist, Agricultural Economist, Agricultural Engineer, Animal Nutritionist, Aqua culturist, Agronomist, Biochemist etc.

Because of the growth of agricultural sector to stay competitive and ensure efficiency, organizations have raised the salaries of employees and generated more management positions for professional farmers.

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