In this article, we will be expressly listing the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free.

Americans are the umber one fans of the National Football League and the game sits top tier on the board of most watched sports by Americans, than any other sport.

All kinds of streaming media seems to avail itself for streaming, making it pretty difficult to miss e.g are: multiple cable channels, on paid streaming sites, and on free live streaming websites.

If you are an NFL fan, then make no mistake this article is resourced with you in mind. It is true that NFL games can be streamed now from as many means as possible and hence seem to be very available and accessible, i.e from basic cable television channels, to online platforms (like FuboTV and SlingTV), to free streaming sites (like DaddyLiveHD and 123TV).

If you’re watching Super Bowl Sunday from your laptop, smartphone, or TV, you may find that NFL live streams are exclusively available to local fans(those living in the US). The access and availability is highly skewed for international NFL fans.

This interprets that to access geo-restricted content, you need a U.S. IP address and using a VPN helps to protect your privacy while letting you securely access free streaming sites for watching the NFL games.

Many streams coming from unofficial, free sites may be regarded as illegal in your country. Ensure it’s legal to stream free sports in yours.

Since, our article is focused on the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free, we intend to get to it right away.

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List of Best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free

Here’s the play-by-play rundown of the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free on some free sports streaming websites with the best HD quality that let users watch NFL streams, and works great for security or privacy via a VPN.

Keep in mind that many of the sites mentioned below might host unlicensed streams. Always consult your local laws to make sure you’re allowed to watch these!

1. 123 TV

Ready to hit the field? 123 TV is an outstanding and one of the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free.

It has live streams for sports such as ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports 1 and 2, and of course the NFL Network.

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This site allows the streams to open within the site itself, and keeps you unbothered by the ads or unwanted redirections.

In addition to these features, 123TV is considered home to a host of other channels such as HBO, ABC, and Disney Channel.

2. Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is also one of the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free.

To access on this website, you should navigate to their Free Football TV page (under American Football), this page provide NFL streams through various providers.

NFL games are just one of other sports streamed here, the website streams sports like soccer, rugby, and cricket matchups that users can have to.

The website has a very user-friendly and navigable interface that’s easy to use and that splits the site into sections by matchups, teams, and channels.

There are also scores from past games available for browsing, and of course you can stream live games too.

3. Live TV

LiveTV is among the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free, and it’s a Russian-based site active since 2006 and lets you watch NFL online.

It’s proven to be a very reliable streaming sites on the web.

Also currently there are options for several languages asides Russian, to browse with — including English.

On this website, live streams of NFL games are displayed about 30 minutes before they kickoff.

Under Upcoming Broadcasts, users can click the sport of their choice, which will take them to a larger page of upcoming broadcasts where they can select American football and all live NFL games are available.

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4. DaddyLiveHD

DaddyLiveHD is another free sports streaming option you can consider among the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free.

This website offers access to the NFL games and has also emerged as a popular alternative for sports streamers keeping tabs with USTVGO’s downfall in early 2023.

It is simple to use and has only few ads, which makes viewing comfortable.

It has a well-rounded schedule of upcoming events, including all the major channels that cover NFL games, like NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN and the NFL Network.

While the interface might appear a little dated, links are reliable and usually in high-definition.

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Very limited ads show per stream, which is typically prevented by a good ad-blocker.

DaddyLiveHD focuses beyond sports. The website features over 310 channels from the US, EU, and Latin America.

Also, you can use stream things like the NBA, NCAA, soccer, and even the WWE

5. StreamNFL

StreamNFL is definitely a perfect buzz for fans hunting out live streams of the entire NFL season.

As one of the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free. The homepage provides a great deal of upcoming matches to all the games of the week, regardless of the market. You don’t need an account to sign up — you just click and enjoy.

They also include a section on the site where games are categorized by clubs, with these laid out groundwork you can stream your favorite team’s games.

In addition, the website also has streams of MLB, Nascar, and the WWE.

6. NFLWebcast

NFLWebcast is a go-to and best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free for all things NFL.

The banner at the top of the homepage is organized by clubs, all you need to do is click the logo of your favorite team during game time, and get directed to the NFL live stream.

The homepage is organized weekly, with each NFL matchup and game time visibly displayed.

This website provides a standard-definition stream of games for free without sign-ups.

Keep in mind that NFLWebcast does not host the content, which means you’ll be redirected to other sites.

7. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is one of the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free with core point on allowing it users to watch NFL games live through TV streams via the website.

The streaming links on Stream2Watch have been proven to be reliable and high-quality and for accessibility, you will need to create a free account.

Stream2Watch rounds up links from other sites and platforms, providing quality NFL streams which makes the site a decent option.

You also have access to sports like, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, boxing, and cricket as well.

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8. SportLemonTV

If you’re into minimalism, SportLemonTV has a simple, old-school site and interface.

Once you’re on their homepage, simply click their US Football tab. Note that, even with ad-blockers on, you might have to deal with aggressive popup tabs for various services.

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If you’re waiting for your game to start, SportLemonTV also has plenty of other sports to choose from. They provide live streams for boxing, hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, and plenty more.

For your NFL games, just check out the streams about fifteen minutes before kickoff.

9. NFLBites

The NFLBites website was created by the original founders of the subreddit r/NFLStreams and it is one of the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free.

Streams on this website go live for about half an hour before kickoff, and also there’s a table of reliable streams to choose from as provided by the site.

These games are broadcast from streamers around the world with their own websites.

Though the site claims its streamers are well-vetted and selected, and the homepage itself is secured, but consider getting a VPN, a solid free VPN is better than no VPN.

10. BuffStreams

Buffstreams is a straightforward streaming site and one of the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free. The top of its homepage displays, Live games which you can click to see what games are happening or click Upcoming to see what’s on the day’s schedule.

If you want to search by sport, simply click any of the icons, also this website offers live streams for UFC, WWE, basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, and boxing, among others.

You can watch streams in standard definition via the site, but to get access to HD, you’ll be redirected to sign-up and registration windows.

11. BossCast

BossCast is another solid choice and among the best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free.

This site provides access to channels like ESPN, ESPN 2, FOX, the NFL Network, and NFL RedZone.

These channels cover primetime and local market NFL games, figure out your team’s channel.

The homepage provides a rundown of all the day’s matchups and upcoming games as well as covering plenty of NBA and NHL games and even streams of all the Sky Sports channels to access the UK market.

These best Websites To Watch NFL Games Online Live For Free is sure to guarantee you access to American television networks and the NFL broadcasts Thursday Night Football, Sunday games, Sunday Night Football, and Monday Night Football on certain sports channels.