List of Newspapers in Nigeria and Their Owners

This is an article on the list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners, in it we will give some background information and facts on each newspaper company that is vital to consumers as well as the public at large.

We now live in an age where the means of disseminating information is increasingly electronic, but this digital age has not been able to successfully wiped off the relevance of hard copy newspapers. This owe to a number of factors one of which is the aged demography which still prefer to peruse the fascinating captures of events on the headlines of a newspaper.

Though, there is been a high decline of hard copy newspaper readers since the emergence of the internet but in other to move forward progressively as a country, it is important to look back.

Before, we specifically point our searchlight on the list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners, we will take a look at the history of news media in Nigeria, which we know date as far back as the 1840s when the European missionaries had founded community newspapers to propagate Christianity.

This initiative later gave rise to some of Nigeria’s founding fathers such as Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1937 to spearhead the first Nigerian newspapers which was titled West African Pilot.

The newspaper pioneered a general protest against the British colonial rule and eventually brought about the attainment of independence in 1960. This powerful influence and voice manifested by the paper led to the establishment of many more newspapers companies, in the 1960s.

Newspapers were usually distributed weekly on the recent happenings during the week in the form of a folded book of papers. The publication is typically based on subject and content of real-life events and had the most important and captivating of news displayed on its front page of the publication.

Newspapers usually were made to contain all sorts of interest and stories were published on local and national political issues as well as personalities, crimes, entertainment, society, business, sports as well as job vacancies.

Newspapers in Nigeria also contained editorial columns expressing the personal views of writers over an event and with such came criticism, obituaries; entertainment features such as puzzles, cartoon comics, horoscopes etc; and more recent papers included weather forecasts; advice, delicacies, ads display etc.

However, in this article we make a comprehensive list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners till date.

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List of Newspaper in Nigeria and their Owners

1. Blueprint Newspaper -Abuja

Blueprint is a Nigerian daily newspaper with head office situated in Abuja. Mohammed Idris is a head publisher for Blueprint. The newspaper began as a weekly publication over a decade ago, precisely May 2011, then switched to a daily paper in September 2011. The paper has two editions – the print edition published daily and the online edition which updates at its website as new events unfold.
Deputy editor: Bode Olagoke (online)
Editor-in-chief: Chamba Simeh

2. Business Day – Lagos

Business Day, is a popular newspaper in Nigeria and was established in 2001, making it an ideal choice on our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners.
It is owned by Frank Aigbogun, and it is also a daily business newspaper located in Lagos. It is currently the only Nigerian newspaper with a bureau in Accra, Ghana and as such circulates and serve both Nigeria and Ghana and has both daily and Sunday editions.
EditorTayo Fagbule
HeadquartersLagos, Nigeria

3. Business Hallmark – Lagos

Business Hallmark is also another Lagos published newspaper and as the name implies specializes in business, policy and finance related content.
The newspaper is owned by Prince Emeka Obasi and was launched online in March 2009 offering a mix of business related and general interest articles.
PublisherPrince Emeka Obasi (Editor-In-Chief)
EditorOkey Onyenweaku

4. Compass Abeokuta

Gbenga Daniel, a one-time Governor of Ogun State is the owner of Nigerian Compass which is a daily newspaper with National circulation in Nigeria.

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This newspaper company makes our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners, as it covers a number of niches, business news, politics and sports. The Compass newspaper has both weekday and weekend editions. 

Date Launched: 2008

5. Complete Sports Lagos

This newspaper is owned and founded by Mr. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase and like it name implies it is focused on sportsb both in Nigeria and the diaspora.

Complete Sports is a Nigerian daily sports newspaper and has its headquarters in Isolo, Lagos State. It was first published in 1995 and one of the oldest flagship newspaper of Complete Communications Limited and has grown to be one of the most widely read newspaper in Nigeria.
EditorMumuni Alao; Dare Esan; Kazeem Tijani
Sister newspapersSuccessDigest Extra

6. Daily Champion Lagos

The Daily Champion is one of the leading newspaper and it is readable in English Language and owned by Mr. Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu. The Champion is privately owned, and published in Lagos State.
In March 2011, the Executive Chairman and publisher of Champion Newspapers Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanw was one of the wealthiest of the Igbo tribe. The paper is widely read by many Nigerians and covers a number of subjects and events.

7. Daily Times of Nigeria

Folio Communications are the publishers of the Daily Times newspaper with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. A revered name on our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners.

It was founded in June 1925 and one of the longest newspaper in existence. In the 1970s, which happened to be the papers hallmark, it was one of the most successful locally owned newspaper business in the whole of Africa.

The paper went into decline after it was purchased by the government in 1975 and the remnant sold to a private investor in 2004. It is available both in print and online editions. 

EditorOmokioja Julius Eto

8. Entertainment Express

Entertainment Express is among the list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners, and was established by journalism masters in July 2011.

Awoyinfa and late Pastor Dimgba Igwe, centered on entertainment content in the category of music, movies and sports. While a few of the pioneer staff included the likes of Azuh Amatus (Editor), Femi Salawu, Ameh Comrade Godwin.

But, the paper folded up and migrated online in 2014 after the death of Pastor Dimgba.

9. Nigerian Entertainment – Lagos

Ayeni Adekunle is a Nigerian entrepreneur, a writer, and published author. He is also the founder of Black House Media Group, headquartered in Ikeja, Lagos and a key role in the Net newspaper publishing.

10. Guardian Lagos

Another popular newspaper on the lips and hands of Nigerians before the full overtake of digital media was the Guardians. A true reference on our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners.
The Guardian is a British daily newspaper founded in 1821 and called The Manchester Guardian, but later changed its name in 1959.
Along with its sister papers, The Observer and The Guardian Weekly, The Guardian is a division of the Guardian Media Group, owned by the Scott Trust and part of our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners, and so it’s owned by Guardian Media Group Felix Ibru, with circulation of 111,155 in (October 2020)
EditorKatharine Viner, Alan Rusbridger
AwardsThe Press Award for Newspaper of the Year

11. Independent Newspapers – Lagos

The Independent Nigeria is a crucial name when capturing the list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners. It is a daily published newspaper based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Independent Newspapers Limited was incorporated on July 2001 and commenced it operations in October 2001. The company publishes the flagship Independent newspaper and two other editions on weekends: (the Saturday Independent and Sunday Independent.)
Editor in ChiefDon Okere

12. Leadership News

Leadership News is another Nigerian newspaper that came to limelight dishing the absolute latest in breaking news across Politics, Business, Sports, Fashion and Entertainment news and others.

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It was founded in October 2004 by Sam Nda-Isaiah, who was both a pharmacist, businessman and politician, and the paper is published by Leadership Newspaper Group based in Abuja, Nigeria.

13. Mirror Global

Mirror Global encompasses of Mirror Online, the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People. All of which are published by MGN Ltd, part of Reach PLC.

Reach PLC is about the largest newspaper, magazine and digital publisher in Britain. It has a print and online portfolio reaching about 38.6million people monthly.

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14. Daylight Nigeria

Daylight is an renowned and excellent independent daily online newspaper published in Lagos, Nigeria, by Mattuxx Media Limited.

The Newspaper was founded in 2014, and Azuh Amatus (NGE), a multiple award-winning journalist is the publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Daylight and also the Chairman and Founder of Daylight Annual Leadership Awards (DALA), a scheme that rewards and celebrates excellence in leadership positions.

Not a quality to ignore when making a list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners.

15. Nation

The Nation is a must-mention in the list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners.

It is situated in Lagos and published by Vintage Press Limited.

It headlines and general reports brings you the latest Nigerian News Update, which spans across Top Nigerian news, entertainment, politics, sports, and the latest of fashion trends.

16. National Network – Port Harcourt

National Network, is another captivating and active daily newspaper publication that claims to cover headlines other newspapers cannot reach.

It is also widely circulated, and published by Network Printing and Publishing Company.

17. New Telegraph – Lagos

The New Telegraph is based in Lagos and chaired by Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu. The paper features prominent domestic and foreign columnists, as well as human rights lawyer Emmanuel Onwe.

The Telegraph Publishing Company are the publishers of New Telegraph newspapers. A very indulgent read on our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners.

18. Newswatch – Lagos

Newswatch makes our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners. It is proudly owned by Jimoh Ibrahim and Newswatch provides Nigerians with weekly updates of events in their news magazine published by Newswatch Communications Limited in Nigeria.

Newswatch’s weekly print run as high as 100,000 copies.

Editor: Bala Dan Abu

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19. P.M News

PM News Nigeria is a newspaper company that makes available thw lastest information  on Sports, Politics, Business, Entertainment and Lifestyle as it breaks forth.

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It is published by the Lagos Independent Communications Network Limited.

20. Peoples Daily Abuja

The Peoples Daily is a newspaper headline based in Abuja, Nigeria.

It was launched as a weekly paper in November 2008, and it became a daily in November 2009 and published by People’s Media Limited.

21. Premium Times – Abuja

Premium Times is a Nigerian media organization based in Abuja with a vision and mission to help strengthen Nigeria’s democracy, by advocating for best practices, cultural heritage, good governance, transparency and human rights, in line with the values expected of a modern democratic state through its articles.

Premium Times was founded in 2011, and it is published by premium times service limited to help spur the challenge of educational revolution, cultural rebirth, and economic development among Nigerian citizens.

22. Punch – Lagos

The Punch is a Nigerian daily newspaper located in Lagos State, and founded by Ajibola Ogunsola On the 8th of August, 1970.
Punch Nigeria was registered to serve Nigerians through publications in the form of newspapers, magazines and other readable media so as to inform, educate and entertain Nigerians and the world at large.
Publisher: Wale Aboderin

23. SaharaReporter – Lagos

Omoyele Yele Sowore is the owner of SaharaReporter Newspaper based in Lagos State.

This is an outstanding newspaper among our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners. With the growth and adoption  of digital content the newspaper also own a groundbreaking online news website to stay relevant in the digital world.

Also this encourages both citizen and journalists to report ongoing corruption and government malfeasance for due action as timely as possible.

24. Sun – Lagos

The Sun is yet another mouthful newspaper corporation that is publiahed by the Sun Publishing Ltd.

The paper stares the latest news, sports, celebrities, exclusives, showbiz, politics, business and lifestyle etc.

Editor-in-chief: Onuoha Ukeh

25. Thisday – Lagos

A public trust newspaper owned by Nduka Obaigbena and dedicated to the pursuit of truth and reason on a wide range of delicate matters affecting Nigeria as a whole.

They are published by ThisDay newspaper Ltd.

26. Daily Trust

This is a newspaper Corporation based in Abuja and a must add on our list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners.

Daily Trust is also one of the very few leading Nigerian newspaper that provides all the latest Nigerian news online both in printed formats and soft copies with coverage in breaking news, sport, business etc.

This newspaper is founded by Kabiru Yusuf and published by Daily Trust Foundation (DTF).

27. Vanguard – Lagos

Vanguard Media are the publishers of the renowned vanguard papers based in Lagos, Nigeria.

It is a daily newspaper established in 1984 by veteran journalist Sam Amuka-Pemu with three friends. The paper also has both prints and an online edition.
First issue date1983

Above is the list of newspapers in Nigeria and their Owners, including their publishers and current Editors-in-chief but above all what services they offer to Nigerians and their contributions to the development of the nation throughout their existence.

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