10 Best School Management System Software in Nigeria

Keeping a record of everything that happens in a school is a herculean task that takes a lot of time and energy, but with School Management System software, schools have become more structured and effective in no time.

School management system software is a management tool that manages the overall activities and operations of a school.

It simplifies daily school administrative functions by automating administrative tasks while connecting the various departments, including finance and human resources.

The function of the School Management System cannot be underrated as many schools in Nigeria, including tertiary institutions, are presently taking advantage of this tool.

However, if you want to incorporate a school management system in your school, read this article to the end to know the best School Management System Software in Nigeria.

Who Can Use School Management Software?

School Management Software is designed to help a lot of academic institutions organize their structure, curriculum, syllabus, finances, contacts, etc.

Management software is important for every school whether it is a small private institution or a prominent school. School Management Software can, among others, be beneficial for schools such as:

  • General Educational Institutions
  • Cram Schools
  • K12 Schools
  • Colleges
  • Sports Academies
  • Music Schools
  • Dance Schools, etc.

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Benefits Of School Management System Software

School Management System Software should not be underestimated, it has served a lot of purposes, and below are the benefits of using School Management Software in your school.

1. It Saves time

Administrative tasks are time and energy-consuming, but with the help of School Management Software, instructors carry out these tasks easily.

The software helps them carry out tasks such as timetable creation, attendance management, parent-teacher conversations, payslip generation, online fee collection, transportation, and so on.

The software also helps in generating different types of reports to help teachers and principals save money and time in the process.

2. It Helps In Report Making

The very benefit of school management software to school supervisors and leaders is that it helps in generating different kinds of reports, thereby saving time and energy.

3. It Helps In Closing The Communication Gap

The school management system helps school authorities communicate effectively with parents and guardians by using Short Messaging Service.

However, most school management software now contains mobile applications, which make communication more trustworthy.

The information is sent as a push notification, and it also allows parents to communicate with one another.

4. It controls the data of students

The software helps in maintaining and managing real-time data of students until the day the students leave the school.

The school management system software gathers and preserves all students’ data, such as attendance, instructor notes, and different other information related to the students at the school.

5. It Helps In Timetable Management

Developing time table in school is one of the most time-consuming operations in a school, so
the timetable module in the school ERP system helps in the creation and management of different types of timetables.

Teachers and leaders may create timetables using a simple drag-and-drop interface. The timetables that are generated will be offered as a school timetable, a teacher timeframe, a class timeline, etc.

6. It provides safety for students

School administration software works simultaneously with attendance and student bus monitoring technologies such as biometric systems.

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Using these two, the location of kids will be visible to parents in real-time through mobile  applications.

It provides SMS information on the student’s presence in or out of the timing and location of the vehicle on the map.

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School Management System Software in Nigeria

School management system software is created to ease administrative work in schools and also bring teachers, students, and parents together.

School management system software is very organized, once you register your school, every department in the school will have its interface for managing its activities

It helps administrators to have access to all information with ease. However, tutors will have access to all students’ attendance and curriculum, and students will have access to the class and test learning  paths.

However, below are the 10 best School Management systems Software in Nigeria.

1. Educare

Educare is one of the best school management software in Nigeria. Its beautiful design and instinctive interface save time and provide more satisfactory insight into student performance, attendance, etc.

Educare has varieties of tools that help improve students’ intellectual and emotional growth. It is very versatile, it has integrated communication tools that enable interactions between faculty and students, and between schools and parents.

Educare has many features that can be utilized by parents, tutors, and school authorities.

However, the educare app employs all modern IT-based technology to bring its users full control and flexibility in every part of school management.

Educare finance helps schools manage their finances, and also enables schools to create, customize, design, and distribute report cards effectively.

It helps administrators to create different kinds of timetables with drag and drop options in the timetable feature.

However, the news feed feature of Educare facilitates the creation and publication of school news, and with the attendance feature helps school authorities to track students’ physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Educare helps automate schools’ HR processes for increased productivity, and monitoring.

It unites students and teachers through an intuitive forum to enable easy communication and performance analysis, including, Class-wide View, Contacts, Custom Roles, Enrollment, Enrollment History, Attendance, Biographical Data, Calendar, and Rosters.

2. MySchoolCloud

MySchoolCloud is one of the best school management system software in Nigeria, it effectively simplifies and automates the daily tasks of schools.

This software is easy to implement and use, and it gives school leaders access to data anywhere and anytime.

Using the MySchoolCloud Student Management System, schools can register students with different types of related details.

The library feature of this software enables schools to manage a complete library online. It helps them handle the Addition of textbooks, and the issuance of books to the students.

The Dashboard feature of this software has a  reliable search bar that enables school leaders to search students’ information.

With this software, schools can rapidly take students’ attendance by using a mobile device, a computer, or a tablet PC.

MySchoolCloud timetable module has been helping schools and colleges of different sizes schedule and manages timetables. Other features of MySchoolCloud include

  • Examination
  • Human Resources.
  • Payment Method
  • Inventory
  • Message System
  • Homework
  • General Setting
  • Institute information in detail.
  • Collect Fees
  • SMS Gateway
  • Hostel
  • Hostel module
  • Languages
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Transport
  • Computer Based Test ( CBT) Module
  • Exam Module
  • Books And Library
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SAF SMS is one of the best School Management System Software in Nigeria, it has Powerful features that make it easy to unite students, teachers, parents, and schools.

This School Management Software helps schools ease administrative resources and simplify finances to save costs.

SAF SMS enables real-time updates across the school with powerful data analysis of staff and student population, finances, attendance, events, and meetings.

It helps in finance management such as budgeting & budget analysis, Petty cash, ledger, expenditure, and revenue reports.

However, this school Management System helps Keep the health records of all students secured.

4. School Software Pro

School Software Pro is also one of the best school management system software in Nigeria with a Mobile App for Primary, Secondary, Colleges, Polytechnics, and universities.

It has more than 57 useful features to Teach, Learn, Examine and Manage.

This software enables parent-teachers collaboration. It helps students to unite with other students through text, audio, and/or video at any time, Invite and build group/sessions as needed.

School software Pro handles all the processes in an institution from the admission of new students to graduation, making transfer certificates and transcripts, and even managing old students.

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5. Nortify

Nortify simplifies every level of the admission process, it is one of the best school management system software in Nigeria.

With Nortify, parents can register and enroll their children in schools from the comfort of their homes by just filling out the forms provided online.

However, this software helps in keeping students’ detailed information such as academic records and performance, financial records, medical records, etc. up to date.

However, this management system software has many features such as smart students performance analyzer which helps in analyzing students’ performance over a period of time

Smart Fee Manager which helps in checking all financial transactions and records of the school easily and accurately. It simplifies fee setting, collation, reconciliation, reporting payments, and, tracking and driving debts. 

This management software has a Smart Data Management feature that helps in collecting all the students’ information for easy retrieval. 

Nortify has a Smart Messaging feature that provides excellent communication tools to connect schools and children to parents and guardians.

The automated scheduled messaging platforms help school leaders to send messages to parents and be certain that they are received.

6. Schoolcube

Schoolcube information management system helps schools to solve the problems of
parent-student-teacher relations, resource optimization, infrastructure, security and

Schoolcube portal provides simplified reports and analysis with tables and charts, therefore improving effective resource management.

The software has an Academic Records Management feature which helps to track and analyze students’ academic history through class and subject offered, charts, score cards, and transcripts.

It has an instant Messaging and Notifications feature which parents and school staff can easily communicate with one another through bulk short messaging service (SMS),
Emails, Newsletters, Internal Memo, and Live Chat.

It also has the Fees Payment and Collections feature which helps the school authorities adequately manage finances.

This school management software has many other features including Secure and Reliable Storage, Schoolcube portal, Information Centre, Data Analysis, System Backup & Restore, etc.

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7. Edalaf SMS

Edalaf SMS is one of the best school management system software in Nigeria, it manages Portal for Teachers, Parents, students, and School Administrators.

This management system software has auto fees generation and auto mailing features schools can use to follow up on their account activities.

The software helps schools to design school admissions standards, and sell online forms to candidates globally; manage exams, messaging, admissions list, and other things from a single control panel.

With Edalaf SMS, you can set up CBT Exams for students in different classes on any subject, and  Exams are marked physically and results are available for teachers to use.

And schools can hold live online lectures with students from anywhere in the world, and teachers can put together videos, images, file sharing, and practice questions.

It allows school leaders to make video calls and schedule live meetings with other Staff or third-party agents.

With the management software, you can manage all visitations with track records;  keep an excellent School Journey Management (SJM) system for the School; manage day and boarding activities of your school;  and manage staff registration, responsibilities, appraisals, promotions, and disciplinary records.

Edalaf helps schools to manage library books, trace their location and keep records of borrowers and time of return.

8. Edves

Edves is one of the Largest Education portals for K-12 students, teachers, administrators, and parents in Nigeria.

It facilitates Digital Teaching and Learning with an easy-to-use, secure School Management Software that consists of all school needs.

This school management software addresses distinctive problems with capturing data, paperwork, etc.

This School Management Software enhances productivity in schools, by providing easy-to-use templates to use and work.

9. SchoolShell

SchoolShell helps schools to manage, study and keep track of their students’ learning performance effectively termly and annually.

Students can easily interact with one another through a live chat, and teachers can also collaborate through live chat too.

With SchoolShell, students’ registration and admission process is made easy, such that students can register from the comfort of their homes, make payments online, access the payment history with ease, and easily check their results online.

SchoolShell helps in easing school administrative work such as handling and managing students’ files and data, fee payment processing and management, and compiling and computing of students’ results.

SchoolShell is one of the best school management system software in Nigeria, it enhances learning, solves administrative challenges for schools, and closes the educational gap for parents.

10. Schoolit

Schoolit is one of the smart, and simple school management system software, it helps school leaders run theirschool smoothly and effectively.

With Schoolit, you can choose from thousands of community-made templates, integrations, and events, and modify them to your satisfaction.

However, schoolit products include Schoolit UBE, Schoolit College, Schoolit Multischool.

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