Top 23 Best Business Schools In Nigeria 2023

This is a detailed list of the top best business schools in Nigeria.

It is important for people who intend to advance their business knowledge academically to attend a Business school.

You can agree with me that while in the University, only a few areas on the surface are been touched and that doesn’t guarantee a successful career in business management.

Amongst a long list of Business schools springing up every day in Nigeria are the Business schools that have been accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) of Nigeria.

These schools provide deep courses on Business management and devote their time to training the students in order to gain a Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

If you are looking for the top best business schools in Nigeria, this guide will help. In this guide, I will be listing the top best accredited business schools in Nigeria.

List of Accredited Business Schools In Nigeria

Below is a list of Accredited Business Schools In Nigeria.

1. Rome Business School Nigeria

Rome business school is one of the best business schools in Nigeria.

Rome business school is known to be one of the most popular business schools in the world. This is proven by its existence in more than 150 countries of the world.

The institution which is a member of Planeta Formación y Universidades, an international network created in 2003 has stretched its width into Africa and has one of its most relevant branches in Nigeria.

Rome business school is fueled with the vision of taking a standardized business education that is globally recognized to the basic level of human society.

This is why the institution offers courses that are carefully arranged with the global business standard in mind.

In pursuit of this vision, the institution grew to the shores of Africa and was established in Nigeria.

Rome Business School Nigeria serves as the source of a globally accepted business education for Nigerians.

The institution was birthed to cater to the business educational need of individuals irrespective of class or origin, and it employs some basic strategies to achieve its overall international aims and objectives.

One of these strategies is the provision of adequate facilitation and guidance for students (MBA and Master’s Degree).

Another important one is that while the aims of the provided business courses are of international standard, the method of application models the demands of Nigeria’s business sector.

The Nigeria economy and other factors surrounding business in Nigeria are taken into consideration.

Unique Features of Rome Business School Nigeria

The standout features of the Rome Business School Nigeria include:

1. A High-class Tutelage/Training Offer: The institution offers a High-class training offer that exposes students to international experiences and in turn instills courage in the soul of the students.

You will be branded into a hotcake business person irrespective of your area of specialization.

2. Modernized Methods And Systems Of Training: The institution boasts of providing courses that are relevant to the modern world.

The training techniques employed take care of advanced managerial trends, and it includes exposure to technology.

3. Provision Of Professions Tutors: Students are trained by Professional teachers and coaches from various universities.

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The majority of them are university lecturers, and some who are not, are highly qualified professionals that have proven their worth over many years of active and professional service in business themselves.

4. Career service:  A set of personalized services designed to help our students to access or develop in the job market (internship opportunities, a CV review, and inclusion in our database, job interview management support, networking with companies, managers, and professionals).

5. Access To Alumni Community: Rome Business School has produced many Professionals since its inception who are now members of the Alumni Community.

Students are open to relate and network with these experienced members to aid their growth and development through sharing of knowledge and ideas.

6. Outstanding Content of Study And Materials: It has been pointed out earlier that the courses offered in Rome Business School Nigeria are carefully designed and are in fact, tailored to suit the demands of Nigeria’s economy.

Remember that it is also designed to fit into the global standard of business education.

7. Flexibility In The Study Methods: The institution provides a flexible learning structure that enables candidates to cope well with their learning as well as other professional or personal engagements outside the school.

This is why there is the provision of Master’s courses, specialization courses, and many other short courses for students’ convenience. Also, there is the opportunity to choose between learning on campus or otherwise.

8. Practical Teaching Methods: The teaching methods project drills and exercises that are practicable by students, thereby livening up their learning experiences even while still under tutelage.

Rome Business School Nigeria Website Details

2. Lagos Business School

The Lagos business school is situated in Lekki, Lagos. It was set up by the Pan-Atlantic University in Nigeria which has grown in popularity and size over time.

It offers several certificate programs that include Executive MBA programs, Doctoral programs, and so on.

The Lagos business school is also known for its online programs that are accredited by the National Universities Commission.

3. The Executive Business School

The Executive Business School was created in the year 2007, and it is one of the best-accredited Business schools in Nigeria.

It is located in Lagos and offers various courses in business management both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

4. Delta Business School

This is a great option for those who intend to extend their knowledge in Business Management and also gain post-graduate certificates in Business.

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They are located in Delta state and have been around for years with a great reputation for top class training in Business management.

5. Fate Foundation

The Fate foundation is a business school that has raised great entrepreneurs over the years and it’s quite popular for its unique approach to business management. They are situated in Lagos and occupy a large landmass.

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6. University Of Lagos Business School

University of Lagos Business School is ranked amongst the best-accredited business schools in Nigeria.

This business school is set up by the University of Lagos. They have a reputation for producing some of the best minds in Business management who control most of the top business firms in the country.

7. Unicaribbean Business School Nigeria

The Unicaribbean business school in Nigeria is a great business school with top-class learning facilities.

They are popular with affiliations with several international universities especially in America and in Nigeria they are located in Lagos state.

8. West Africa Business School

This business school is one of the top accredited business schools in Nigeria and in Africa at large. It has branches in several West African countries including Nigeria; and operates a very transparent system of learning.

9. Integrated Business School

The Integrated Business School is also one of the best-accredited business schools in Nigeria that ranks top amongst the rest in terms of learning.

They are located in Kaduna state with a large academic landmass when compared to most Business schools in Nigeria.

10.The Bowell Business School

This business school is quite popular in the western part of Nigeria and it is one of the best business schools in Nigeria.

They have been accredited by the National University Council of Nigeria for exceptional learning facilities and in-depth training of their students.

Bowell Business School has branches in Ondo and Lagos state respectively.

11. Business School Netherlands

Business School Netherlands was created in the Netherlands and has branches in Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Lagos Nigeria respectively.

They have grown massively over time with more programs been introduced and creating an opportunity for more scholars to be produced.

The Business school Netherlands has produced great leaders in Business as well as owners of top businesses in Africa.

They have grown affiliations in various countries such as the Czech Republic, Nigeria, Turkey, China, South Africa, and a host of others.

12. Jos Business School

Jos Business School like the name indicates is located in Jos, Plateau state and they have grown over the years with their graduates playing major roles in the Nigerian business sector.

13. Zaria Business School

Zaria Business school is amongst the top business schools in Nigeria with a widely recognized certificate.

They operate a top-level educational facility that enables its students to gain deep knowledge of Business management.

14. Concord Global Business School

Concord Global Business School is a business school in Nigeria that draws its standards from various top business schools in the world, which has made it one of the top business schools in Nigeria.

15. ESUT Business School

ESUT business school is formed by the Enugu State University of Technology. The school is located in Enugu State, Nigeria.

ESUT business school is one of the top business schools in Nigeria. The school has been accredited by the National Universities Commission.

16. Ibadan Business School

Ibadan Business school is located in Ibadan, Oyo State. The school is one of the popular business schools in the western part of Nigeria.

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They may not be as sophisticated as a lot of Business schools in Nigeria but they are accredited and offer a great atmosphere for advanced learning in Business.

17. International School Of Management

The International School of Management is one of the best business schools in Nigeria.

The beautiful thing about the International School Of Management is the fact that they offer various management courses and not just Business management courses.

They operate online courses alongside the on-campus courses, thereby making it easier for distant students to acquire degrees in Management.

18. Obafemi Awolowo University Business School

The Obafemi Awolowo University Business School is located in Ife. It is one of the best business schools in Nigeria currently.

They have produced a good number of Businessmen and women in Nigeria. Obafemi Awolowo University business school is a birth child of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

19. University Of Ilorin Business School

This is a business school that is located in Kwara State, Nigeria, and is known for its quality delivery.

They have a standard learning environment that makes it conducive for the students.

20. Kaduna Business School

The Kaduna business school, like the name implies, is located in Kaduna, Nigeria. They have a standard facility for learning and offer one of the best Business management training in Nigeria.

21. UNIZIK Business School

The UNIZIK Business school is located in Anambra State, Nigeria, and it’s a product of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Anambra state.

They operate a wide range of professional Business courses and produce a certificate that is highly respected in Nigeria.

22. GPE Business School

GPE Business School is located in Enugu State, Nigeria, and they are one of the best business schools in Nigeria that offer respectable Business management certificates that enable its students to get employed anywhere in the country.

23. MSME Business School

The MSME Business School is a business school that ranks amongst the accredited business schools in Nigeria not just because of their great educational facilities but also the in-depth training they give to the students which goes a long way to produce world-class Business Managers.

24. African Business School

The African Business school is one of the top business schools in Nigeria and has a good relationship with several international universities both in the United States of America and in the United Kingdom.

This gives you a certain level of guarantee that you will be getting nothing short of the best in terms of in-depth knowledge of Business Management or Business administration.

The African Business School is situated in Abuja.

That’s all on the best 24 Business Schools in Nigeria. Note that these are all accredited business schools.

I hope this guide helps?

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