Best Oceanography Schools in Nigeria

This article is resourced to vividly reflect the available yet best oceanography schools in Nigeria that you might want to take advantage of.

Are you a student and searching for an exclusive school where you could study oceanography in Nigeria?

A school where you can relate with like minds, joggle through the world of tertiary education and be challenged favorably without bias.

Are you a parent looking for the best oceanography schools in Nigeria for your child’s sterling educational success?

A school where he or she can get quality lessons in this discipline of his or her choosing as well as a serene and supportive environment with dedicated and exceptional professionals to guide him or her throughout studies.

Do you always want nothing but the best? Hence, searching for the best oceanography schools in Nigeria where you can further your studies and obtain a master’s degree?

Well, you are no doubt at the right place. We have carefully resourced, among the numerous tertiary institutions available in the country and those who actively have oceanography as a department or faculty, and have concluded that the following listed ones are the best oceanography Schools in Nigeria.

5 Best oceanography schools in Nigeria

Below are the top choices in Nigeria to consider when looking to study oceanography as a discipline and have a certificate that will be recognized anywhere in the world. They include:

1. Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR)

Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research (NIOMR), is the first major ranking to consider when searching for the best oceanography schools in Nigeria.

It is a multidisciplinary marine research institute and a prime institute for oceanography and marine Sciences.

The school was established in 1975 and is located in Victoria Island, Lagos State.

They have research departments such as

  1. Oceanography
  2. Marine geophysics
  3. Aquaculture
  4. Fisheries resources
  5. Biological
  6. Biotechnology
  7. Product technology
  8. Product development
  9. Marine geology
  10. Physical Oceanography
  11. chemical oceanography.
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NIOMR is also a focused institution on achieving sustainable exploitation of Nigeria’s marine resources through the collection, analysis, and provision of scientific data and information to promote the development and utility of scientific products.

NIOMR also serves as a home to excursions from students of schools and colleges that offer marine-based courses.

3. Global College of Marine and Technology

This is another great and surely one of the best Oceanography Schools in Nigeria, that through its training and its available departments in the tailored course outlines in oceanography and other marine-based courses, has stood out as one of the best institutions in the country.

The Global College of Marine and Technology is based in Ughelli, Delta State.

Also, all the available departments are laced with specialized courses that efficiently prepare their students for employment in not just oceanography and marine fields but also to fill in positions within the oil and gas sector.

3. Maritime Academy

The Maritime Academy of Nigeria is a well-known institute and the only oceanography and marine exclusive academy located in the southern part of Nigeria. Precisely, situated in Oron, Akwa Ibom.

The maritime academy has fly-high records as one of the best oceanography schools in Nigeria, and It was founded in the year 1979.

The certificates offered by the school are called a National Diploma certificate (ND) and also a Higher National Diploma program (HND) as well as a PGD in marine meteorology and oceanography.

The average duration of the ND courses is 2 years.

In addition, other marine-based courses like nautical science, coastal resources management, hydrology, hydrography, and some engineering courses are also offered in the school.

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4. Federal College of fisheries and marine technology

The Federal College of fisheries and marine technology is yet another name among the best schools of Oceanography in Nigeria.

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The school’s financing has been greatly supported by funds from the Federal Government of Nigeria and also by the World Bank.

The Federal College of fisheries and marine technology also issue the national diploma (ND) as well as higher national diploma (HND) certificates to students after their programs which is usually within an average duration of 2 years.

They offer professional and part-time programs in oceanography and marine-related courses.

Some of their focal departments include Fish management, boat driving, Fisheries, and maintenance with a 3-9 months duration.

FSF&MT further offers mandatory safety courses that last from 1-5 days to help cultivate safety arms in students. The course durations may vary depending on the system.

5. Delta school of marine technology

Delta School of Marine Technology is an interesting, enthusiastic and definitely, one of the best oceanography schools in Nigeria cherished by many.

The School was established in 2006 with the clear aim of becoming a world-class maritime academy, that can comfortably compete with its overseas counterparts.

The Delta School of Marine Technology, they have and offer oceanography as an exclusive course of study as well as other marine-based courses.

Also, they offer courses in corporate areas such as engineering, industrial safety, business, and environmental management technology.

Eligible candidates are expected to have had at least 5 credit passes in their West African Examination Council popularly known as (WAEC) in the following subjects.

These include English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Agricultural Science. These should have been obtained in not more than two sittings.

Another necessity is taking and meeting the desired cut-off mark in an aptitude test, which is usually conducted after which successful candidates are screened and then finally admitted.

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The degree awarded after your program at the Delta School of Marine Technology is a National Diploma and this is usually a two years duration course.

Also, if you proceed to further your studies in the sane institute you will obtain the higher national diploma (HND) certificate. Though, however, this does not apply to all courses.

Typically, the programs that are offered in this institute are designed to provoke creativity and highly innovative students that can make a living and also contribute positively to the Nation’s Economy.

DSMT further offers some professional courses in areas like fisheries, ship management, boat driving, and engine maintenance. These courses have short durations that last between 3 – 9 months

They also make high-quality research work and excellent consultancy services for maritime and maritime allied industries.

At a wider overview and rating, the college is known to have attracted top professionals (both local and foreign) from the oceanography and other versatile marine industries and this has also stimulated great development in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.


From the above list of best schools of oceanography in Nigeria, we believe that your search will be both targeted and efficient for your precise studies.

There is no contest or room for doubt, we only recommend the best oceanography schools in Nigeria for you to have a quality education to help you stand confidently with any student from the same discipline abroad.

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