May 22, 2024
Make Money On PalmPay

Have you heard of PalmPay through friends but have no idea what it really means, you are in for a total expository and a plus on how to make money on PalmPay everyday.

Not to mention, many more things you can do on the PalmPay app with enormous rewards, benefits, and ease.

This article has been resourcefully compiled to expressly enlighten you on how the PalmPay platform operates and answer questions like how you earn daily on PalmPay and more.

What is Palmpay?

PalmPay is basically a reliable and secure online banking platform that offers a wide range of financial services to users on its mobile app.

Palmpay is all about offering convenient and discounted transactions, utility bill payments etc and generally making our financial lives easier.

PalmPay is owned and managed by a reputable company “Transsnet”. Transsnet is a partnership venture between NetEase and Transsion Holdings.

Also, PalmPay has physical offices situated in Nigeria and Ghana. Nigeria’s head office is located at 20, Opebi Road, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

In Ghana, its head office is situated at 54, Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area in Accra, Ghana, so you can rest assured of safe dealings.

7 Unique Features on Palmpay

1. Discount charge on Transfers

Most transfers done to other financial institutions are free, while others are discounted in spite multiple times of transactions completed in a day.

2. Fast Transfers Completions

95% of the transfers done on the PalmPay platform are usually completed in about 5 seconds, and if there is any delay for about a minute they automatically make a reward to you for their delay.

3. Multiple Services

The app does not just offer a smooth e-banking experience or how to make money on PalmPay every day but other multiple services such as Virtual Top Up (VTU) services, TV subscriptions, Safe betting, and coupons among others.

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4. Low service charges

During transactions, of any of their services you can be guaranteed of low service charges one you can hardly get elsewhere as well as fast and secured user information.

5. User-friendly Interface

A catchy part of the PalmPay app is its easy-to-use interface for just about anyone with a basic knowledge of how to operate a smartphone, and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices alike.

6 Ways To Make Money on Palmpay

A unique feature of the PalmPay app is the ability to earn money on its platform daily. You must be wondering if it’s truly possible and if Yes, how does it work?

First, they are various ways to make money everyday on PalmPay mobile app while you use it for your financial transactions.

Here are what to do, to earn money on PalmPay everyday!

1. Referrals

PalmPay recognizes and encourages its users to refer their app to others (colleagues, friends, family, etc). These referrals aren’t for free, PalmPay recognizes and appreciates efforts.

Once the referred persons complete the necessary details required by the platform for account openings, you automatically get your reward in real cash, credited directly into your palmpay account and accessible for your withdrawal anytime.

The cash received for referrals differs with conditions but palmpay offers cash prizes from 500 naira to 2000 naira for referrals, with a good time frame for referrals and over 85%  auto-completed terms and conditions.

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2. Rewards, bonuses, and cashback.

On PalmPay, you can make several multiple transactions with other users, such as receiving funds into your account, withdrawals, settling bills, airtime recharge, etc.

All these transactions come with reward points, bonuses, etc, and these you receive after successfully completing some transactions and you can claim them.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Another sure how to make money on PalmPay everyday is by getting involved in the affiliate marketing offered within the app.

4. Awoof Moni

Awoof Moni is also a referral feature on the PalmPay app. Though, here you and your invited friend get a reward for transactions done.

5. Cash spree

There is still another referral feature called cash spree, that helps users to make money on the PalmPay app by inviting someone successfully.

Once the person honors your invite and creates a PalmPay account, you will receive a #300 reward, and the person you referred also gets a welcome bonus.

6. The Lucky Game

The lucky game involves playing with other users like a competition if you can get a lucky draw and emerge a winner.

Then, you can win discounts and coupons, airtime coupons, and lots of other different cash prizes.

To have an advantage and get the chance for a lucky draw, you should perform more frequent transactions.

7. N50 Grab deals

The N50 Grab deals on palmpay app is another means of subtly making money on palmpay everyday.

It operates like a daily mini-lottery for some products that are made available to buy on the app.

All you need do is bid N50 for the deal of the day and then a winner is randomly picked from all who place a bid. If you happen to win, then the item will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge.

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The best thing about this is that everyone who enters gets a chance to increase money as the N50 bid will be restored back to at least N60 in coupons.

8. Frequent promos

Surprised right? You are about to be, here it is like bill and financial app just got fun and sprinkles a bit of excitement by giving fun promotions every month.

How To Open A Palmpay Account

Below are the steps to create a PalmPay account.

1. Download the app

To join and stand a chance to earn money on PalmPay everyday, you will have to download the mobile app on your device. It is authentic and therefore available on the Google Play Store as well as on the apple Store.

2. Install app and sign up

Installation completed launch, and sign up. The signup requirements are quite easy, click on the Sign-up option and select your country code, then input your active phone number. This is because a verification will be sent to it for confirmation.

3. Verify your phone number

Type in the verification code sent to your phone number and wait for the next page to load.

4. Set up your pin

You should be required to set up a 4-digits pin at this stage. So, you will enter your preferred and peculiar 4-digit code you can easily remember, then tap confirm.

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