Top 10 Publishing Companies in Nigeria – Best Book Publishers.

This is a detailed guide on the top 10 Publishing Companies in Nigeria.

Read on to discover where to find quality publishers in Nigeria.

If you are an author or you are aspiring to be one, you wouldn’t want to get your books published by quacks or unprofessional publishers.

As this can hamper the success of such books.

A professional and trusted publisher is what your book needs to be very successful.

The era of the belief that Africans do not read books is packing off gradually. And to give your book a high edge in the market, the best publishers will help your cause.

Before you read on, please note that this list is not ranked based on any criteria.

All the companies on this list have their strengths and you can safely use either.


Below is a list of the 10 best book publishing companies in Nigeria.

1. Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd.

Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd is one of the oldest book Publishers in Nigeria.

You’ll agree to this because the company was established as far back as the year 1969.

Presently, Literamed Publications is Nigeria’s leading Children’s book publisher.

Their very popular brand is “Lantern books”, which has grown to be so popular all over the country and across some West African countries.

Their Head office is at Lantern House, No 1, Morrison Crescent, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja, Lagos.

The company also has a branch in Accra, Ghana.

If you have an interesting educational book for children, the best company you should give your publication work to is none other but Literamed Publications Nigeria Ltd.

Visit their website at

2. Grace Springs Africa Publishers

Grace Springs Africa Publishers is a Christian publishing company.

Grace Springs Africa Publishers is one of the most popular publishers in Africa.

The main aim of the company is to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And this they do well in their outstanding publications of books and book-related materials.

They offer quality services and at a relatively low price. Also their publishing service is really great and sublime. They are truly amazing.

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They are located at Ilupeju, Lagos Nigeria.

Some of the inspiring works they have done that have impacted lives are:

  • Glorious Legacy
  • How to overcome masturbation.
  • Make your marriage romantic
  • Marriage
  • Rest
  • Quotes on Marriage

Visit their website at

3. Cassava Republic

We’ve all heard over and over that there was a when Africans do not read books.

When African authors then began authoring books, there was a challenge as their books were being published and read abroad only while keeping citizens in the dark.

To resolve this, the Cassava Republic was borne and it has successfully improved upon the state of African books and authors.

Cassava Republic was established in 2006 and has recorded huge successes in book publication since then.

They focus more on fictional publications.

They have been publishing books authored by Nigerians both for local and international market.

Their headquarters is at Abuja, Nigeria.

Visit them at

4. Black Tower Publishers

Black Tower Publishers is one of the outstanding publishers in Nigeria.

They are focused on publishing Christian-based literature and materials.

Black Tower Publishers have a very brilliant band inspiring mission, which is to discover, polish, and publish both known and unknown authors in Nigeria and even beyond.

As an author of Christian books and literature, Black Tower is a place you wanna be.

They have an efficient team of workers that goes beyond publishing your work only, and also helps the sale of the work.

The wouldn’t leave you to yourself after the publication but also help you see how to dare better with your books.

You can find them at Black Tower Publishing House, Plot 1, GRA, Awka, Anambra State.

Visit their website at

5. University Press PLC

University Press PLC is another company on the list that has published popular books in Nigeria.

The company is also one of the earliest publishing companies and it was founded in 1949.

In the beginning, the company was under the name of Oxford University Press Nigeria.

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The company is trusted because of its wealth of experience and the competent workforce they have.

The company has received numerous awards for its exceptionality. One of these awards is the Nigerian Book Fair Trust Award.

6. Kachifo

Kachifo is home to many African authors and their services are one deserving of accolades.

the company came into being to tell African stories to the other parts of the world at large. Bringing global awareness to African stories and African way of life.

Kachifo was established in 2004 and has featured the works of many prominent indigenous writers.

The Company is still flying high in its vision. They present the best of contemporary African ideas to people locally and globally.

They are located in Lagos, Nigeria.

Visit them at

7. Book Craft Africa

Book Craft Africa has been publishing books for over twenty years now.

And the list of their publications has become so long to start counting.

Book Craft Africa is the publisher of many books by the very popular African author, Late Chinua Achebe.

They also published a memoir of Professor Wole Soyinka in 2016.

They have published books for many authors in Nigeria and Africa to avoid a too long list of names.

They are located at 23 Adebajo Street Kongi Layout, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Also visit

8. Evans Publishers Limited

Evans Brothers Nigeria Publishers Limited is a publishing company that has thrived and still continues to thrive in the publishing industry.

One of the qualities that stands them out is the development of high-quality educational and curriculum-based books.

Evans is committed to lifting the standard of education and they have so provided helps by developing excellent books and inspiring teachers.

Unarguably, Evans Brothers Nigeria Publishers Limited stands tall as one of the leading publishing companies in Nigeria.

You can visit their website at

9. The New Gong

The New Gong is another publishing company that offers quality services and can be trusted.

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Finding its way to this list is credited to the impressive publishing services the company has offered over time.

The new gong publishers provide more than just a few mass media services.

Their publication includes books and magazines. And they also offer image publishing, provide photographs and illustrations for both print and online publishers.

The New Gong hosts a range of top authors in Nigeria.

They will offer you nothing short of a quality publication.

They are located at The New Gong, 11 Abiona Close Off Falolu Road Surulere, Lagos.

Or visit their website at

10. Parrésia Publishers Ltd

Parrésia Publishers Limited is a Nigerian publishing company that is also like a household name in the publishing industry.

I mentioned earlier that this list is not necessarily based on who is the best among the companies listed.

Therefore, Parrésia Publishers Ltd is not the least by coming tenth is this list.

Parrésia Publishers Ltd is aimed at publishing great books for the consumption of Nigerians and the whole world.

They have a team of intelligent and efficient professionals that are always working together to achieve the sole aim of the company.

The company was founded in 2012 and five years later in 2017, it was described by The New York Times as one of “a handful of influential new publishing houses” in Africa in that decade.

Parrésia Publishers Ltd company is truly one of the leaders in the publishing industry in Nigeria.

The company publishes all types of genre.

Their marketing firm also will greatly help authors in the sales and promotion of every book they publish.

The headquarters of the company is located in Ikeja, Lagos.

That is all about the ten best publishing companies in Nigeria.

I hope this is helpful.

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