May 22, 2024
how to effect change of receiver name on MoneyGram

This is a detailed guide on how to effect change of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction.

Moneygram is a means of transferring money between people who reside in two different countries or continents even.

Most times individuals try to send money to friends, families, loved ones but such a process can be very hectic and sometimes impossible, but the presence of such platforms as Moneygram enables them to make such transfers with ease from their country to another country.

As efficient as Moneygram is in money transactions between countries, certain issues may hinder the successful flow of transactions between persons in different countries. Such issues include:

1. A scenario that can hinder the process of cash transaction via Moneygram is when the receiver’s details on his Identity card does not conform or match the details of the expected receiver on the Moneygram database.

What this means is, presenting a form of identification that differs from the initial details of the receiver or beneficiary would make the process of receiving the cash impossible.

Such measures are put in place to prevent fraud or paying the wrong receiver.

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2. The beneficiary or receiver is given a certain limit to the amount he can receive within a time period via this process.

So if he exhausts that transfer window before that given time period, he will not be able to receive any cash transaction until the beginning of a new transaction period with set limit issued to him again.

What this implies is that the beneficiary has reached their limit from receiving new funds for that transaction period.

Hence, they will no be able to receive any more funds until the period is over.

If you are facing any of the above issues, you will have to effect change of receiver name on MoneGram transaction.

Hence in this article, I will quickly show you how you can effect a change of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction.

How To effect Change of Receiver Name on MoneyGram Transaction

Effecting change of receiver or beneficiary name on Moneygram transaction is important to ensure the successful transaction of cash from the sender to the receiver.

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In such cases where the receiver or beneficiary details are different from the details on the form of identification to be presented for withdrawal, it is important to take the following steps to effect change of receiver name on the Moneygram platform.

To effect change of receiver name on the Moneygram transaction, follow the steps below.

  • Head to the Moneygram office or the office of the Moneygram agent that handles the transaction.
  • Present your valid identity card and your Moneygram reference number for transactions.
  • Explain to the agent in detail about the problem you are facing concerning the transaction.
  • The agent would forward the details of the identity card you presented in a mail to the appropriate Moneygram office to enable them to resolve the problem on their database.

As soon as the above process is completed and the problem resolved, you will be notified by the agent. Then you can proceed with the initial transaction that was halted.

Change of Receiver Name on MoneyGram: Money Gram Refund

Due to some of the problems mentioned above, the beneficiary may not be able to receive the funds. As a result, a MoneyGram refund will be issued.

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However, you will have to contact them via their phone number for this to be effected. When you contact them, you will be asked a few questions to make certain that the remittance was initiated by you.

After this, an 8 digit reference number will be given to you, different from the initial one you have.

You are required to go back to the agent location who will then credit you back the amount refunded.

To contact MoneyGram on phone, call for a refund, call +17203625024. You can also visit the MoneyGram website for further assistance.

With MoneyGram, sending money to friends, families or loved ones from one country to another is made easier and possible by Moneygram.

That’s all on how to effect change of receiver name on MoneyGram transaction.

I hope this guide on how to effect change of receiver name on MoneyGram helps?

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