Top 10 Best Road Transport Companies In Nigeria

This article contains a list of the top 10 best road transport companies in Nigeria.

Road Transport is the most used and common means of transportation in Nigeria because it is available everywhere and cheaper than other means of transportation.

Road Transport companies in Nigeria have been on the increase of recent which makes it a highly competitive business.

This is shown in the type and nature of vehicles used to attract and satisfy customers. These companies are specific in the regions they operate, it may be within a particular state or across different states.

The most important thing for you to know is that these Road transport companies were established to make traveling especially long-distance journey stress-free and comfortable.

People travel every day but trust me you do not want to travel in those rickety buses where passengers are tightly packed together with poor ventilation and an uncomfortable and dusty seat.

I am pretty sure you want a stress-free ride that is comfortable and properly ventilated, evenly spaced passengers, and very neat.

If you are looking forward to enjoying a very interesting and comfortable journey, this guide will help.

List Of The Top 10 Best Road Transport Companies In Nigeria

There are about 100 registered Road Transport Companies in Nigeria, below is the list of the top best 10 Companies.


This is one of the leading Road Transportation Companies in Nigeria. It offers first-class services and rated one of the safest Road Transport Company in Nigeria.

Currently, it is operating in Nigeria and Ghana, with the headquarter located in Benin city, Edo State.

God Is Good Motors (GIGM) was founded by Edwin Ajaera in the year 1997 with a vision set on becoming the dominant player in the Road Transportation sector in Nigeria.

The services rendered by God Is Good Motors includes:

  • Inter-State/ City Transportation services
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Pick- Up Services

There are presently 34 bus terminals that serve about 14 areas across the states in Nigeria.

GIGM is a technology-driven company as they have a mobile application and website where transportation booking can be done online.

Learn more about God is Good Motors prices to various locations in Nigeria.


Chisco is an outstanding company in the Transportation sector with bases all around countries in Africa like Nigeria, Togo, Ghana, and Abidjan.

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Their vision is to be the preferred quality supplied chain organization from the African continent with a global presence.

They have about 28 locations cut across all the states of the Nigerian Federation. Chisco services focus on:

  • Passengers transit services
  • Dedicated Bus services
  • Advertisement/ Branding on its terminals and passengers luxury Buses.

Chisco was established by Chief Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu (MFR) in 1981. It is a reputable brand that understands the needs of its client and delivers excellent cost-effective service using a highly motivated and component workforce.

Booking can be done online through their website, so no call for stress.

This Transportation company provides their customers with well-furnished and comfortable buses fully equipped with air conditioners, Televisions, and many others.


Young Shall Grow Motors is a popular Road Transportation Company that started operations traveling from Enugu to Onitsha in the eastern part of Nigeria.

Over the years Young Shall Grow Motors LTD has expanded having branches and terminals in Nigeria and other West African countries.

With about 1000 fleets of buses the company transport thousands of people daily across the country.

Young Shall Grow Motors was founded by Chief (Dr.) Vincent Amaechi in 1972 with the vision to become the market leader in Transportation and Logistics in Nigeria and the West African coast offering the best services.

The headquarters is located in Lagos State. It is one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria.


Associated Bus Company, also known as ABC Transport is a trustable and most reliable public Transport company in Nigeria, known to deliver the best in people and goods transportation.

It was founded in Nigeria by Frank NNEJI in the year 1993 but now visible in other African countries like Lome, Ghana, and Cotonou.

It provides the best reliable, efficient, comfortable, and professional services for its customers, making it one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria.

ABC Transport operates in different terminals within and outside Nigeria. Some of the services provided by ABC Motor Transports include:

  • ABC Executive Express
  • Shuttle Services
  • Sprinter Services
  • Cargo Express
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Cross Country Limited is a first-class transportation company operating in Nigeria. It provides transportation for people and goods in public and private vehicles.

It was incorporated in the year 2001, when it started as a small-scale transport company but has presently grown and gained international recognition as one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria that operate over 500 fleets of vehicles.

It has the largest transportation network and serves more than 26 destinations in Nigeria and some neighboring African countries.

Cross Country head office is located at 345 Muritala Muhammed Way, Yaba, Lagos State.


This is a transport company that conveys passengers and goods from city to city within and outside states in Nigeria.

Ifesinachi Transport LTD provides its passengers with a clean and conducive environment, a separate seats for each passenger, fully air-conditioned buses, smooth and comfortable journey.

It currently has more than a thousand vehicles for transportation, it allows for group booking and this can be done online. Hence, Ifesinachi Transport is one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria.

Services offered by Ifesinachi Transport LTD include:

  • Charter Services
  • Round Trip Services
  • On-Board Entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Haulage

Ifesinachi Transport LTD was founded by the late James Ogbonnaya Ifesinachi in the year 1965. It offers services to passengers 24/7 at lower affordable ticket prices.


Peace Mass Transit is one of the popular road transportation companies in Nigeria. Transportation is made easier and faster with Peace Mass Transit.

Peace Mass Transit is a company that provides affordable and reliable transport to people. Peace Mass Transit was founded in the year 1994 by Dr. Samuel Onyishi.

Their vision is to use all available resources to become the largest and most efficient road transport corporation worldwide.

Presently Peace Mass Transit has over 2000 buses and conveys over 30,000 passengers daily. Apart from Peace Mass Transit Transportation, they also operate Peace Mass Transit E-commerce, Peace Mass Transit Logistics, making peace mass one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria.


GUO Transport is dynamic transport, and one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria, that provides safety, comfort, and timely transportation to their customers.

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GUO Transport was founded in the year 1980 by G U Okeke Transport Services Limited. GUO serves more than 200 destinations across Nigeria and other African Countries.

Service rendered by GUO Transport include:

  • Charter Services
  • Hotel/Airport pick up
  • Round Trip services
  • Haulage

Their vision is to be recognized among current and prospective customers as the model of excellence in the transportation industry through the integration of innovative business and consistent emphasis on customer satisfaction.


Benue Motors is a Transport Organization that has been doing very well since its inception. It started with a fleet of only ten buses but has gradually risen and gained more recognition in Nigeria.

Presently, Benue Motors is one of the biggest and best road transport companies in Nigeria with about 900 vehicles under its fleet.

Benue Motors is a government-owned transportation company in Nigeria, that was founded in the year 1988.

Some of their services offered by Benue Motors includes:

  • Bus Flight
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
  • Vehicle Charter
  • Fuel Dump
  • Best Customer
  • CARE Services.

Benue Motors is an open, trustworthy, and honest transport company that provides passengers with the best quality services.


Bonny Way Motors is one of the best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria that offers the best to passengers.

Bonny Way Motors Nigeria LTD was founded in the year 1998 and since then it has been doing great.

It provides services in City Transport, Warehouse, Haulage, and Couriers. The Buses are fully air-conditioned and provide passengers with maximum comfort.

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Bus Flight can be booked online to make the process simple and faster. Terminals are available across the states of the Federation and it is also affordable for all.

That’s all on the top 10 best road transport companies in Nigeria.

I hope this helps?

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