Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode | How To Enable And Disable Vanish Mode In Messenger

This is a detailed guide on Facebook messenger vanish mode – How to enable Facebook vanish mode and How to disable Facebook vanish mode.

It is a newly launched feature by Facebook.

In this post, you will learn about Vanish Mode in Messenger feature, how it works and how to use it effectively.

Social media platforms keep records of chats between users automatically.

And this is to a great advantage because many times users do like to revisit a chat they have once had with some of their friends for a reason or another.

Some people revisit old chats to get back valuable information.

Some other friends revisit chats because those chats are their favorites. Sometimes also because it is a chat between them and their favorite people.

But as good as keeping this record is, Some users would sometimes love to have some of their chats off the records.

Keeping it away from anyone’s reach forever, which could be as a result of diverse reasons.

Exactly why you should see what Facebook messenger vanish mode can do.

One of the questions I’ve seen people ask is if messages can just disappear on Facebook messenger.

And that would be my starting point.

Can Messages On Facebook Messenger Just Disappear?

If you want an answer to this question, the most straightforward one I can offer you is yes. Although with some conditions being satisfied.

I am not talking about terms and conditions that require you to pass any test. No!

This is rather about you making use of the Facebook messenger vanish mode.

When you use this feature, messages can disappear from your chat history permanently.

What Is Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode?

Getting your messages cleared up is so easy on some mobile apps because they enable the deletion of messages automatically right after you have viewed them.

And thankfully, Facebook messenger now supports this feature. Making it easier than it has ever been to clear up your chats with other users.

This newly launched feature is the Facebook messenger vanish mode.

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Facebook messenger vanish mode is a feature that gives your conversations end-to-end encryption.

This means, it secures your chat and makes it invisible to any third party aside from the sender and the recipient.

It also goes a step further, by automatically removing your messages permanently immediately after you have viewed such messages.

A Worthy point to take note of is that the vanish mode was not launched only on Facebook messenger.

It is also launched on Instagram.

Another sweet part of the story is that, it is not a must for you to use the feature if you wouldn’t like it.

You can easily disable it and enjoy your face experience like ever before.

How Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode Works.

You already know what the Facebook messenger vanish mode is and does. It’s time to take you through how it does what it is created for.

The Vanish Mode was launched to make chatting more safe and private.

It works as an opt-in feature.

This means that you have to switch into the mode yourself as a user.

And if a friend wants to chat with you via the vanish mode, you need to accept to do same. Then only is when you can be in the mode.

While in the vanish mode, screenshots of messages can’t be taken.

Remember the vanish mode helps to keep chats off-record.

If a user attempts to take a screenshot in the vanish mode, the other user will be notified and will become aware.

How To Enable Vanish Mode On Facebook Messenger.

To enable Facebook messenger vanish mode and to turn on the vanish mode means the same.

Just a few steps and you’re done!

  • Log in to your account on the messenger app.
  • Open the chat with your desired friend.
  • From the chat field, simply swipe up on your screen.
  • A screen that explains key features, and also has more details on blocking and reporting will appear.
  • You have successfully entered vanish mode.
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When you send a message, your friend will also need to opt in to the vanish mode.

How To Disable Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode.

If you would like to get rid of the vanish mode on Facebook, you can as well get it done.

And of course, very easily.

There are a few options you have if you prefer not to use the vanish mode.

1. Swipe Up

Like you swiped up in every chat thread to enable the vanish mode, you can also swipe up to opt out in each chat whenever you see it in the conversation.

There is a little difference to this on Android and on iOS operating systems.

If you use iOS, Swipe up and hold on your screen from the bottom of the chat until the circe fills up.

When the circle is filled up, let go of the hold.

For an Android user, In the chat thread, swipe up from the bottom of the chat until you see the Vanish Mode text.

When you see the text, hold on the place until the circle fills up and you can let go.

Although, this method only works on your own end.

That is, when you disable the Vanish Mode in your chat thread by swiping up, the vanish mode will be disabled for you only.

And if your friend who hasn’t disabled theirs sends you a message, you will be brought back to the Vanish Mode.

But you can send them a message immediately after you have opted out.

Probably a message to let them become aware that you would not like to continue using the vanish mode.

2. Use the vanish mode Button.

Another easy way to quickly opt out of the vanish mode is to make use of the vanish mode Button.

If you have enabled the vanish mode in a chat thread, you will see the button in question at the top of the chat thread.

The button has the text “Turn Off Vanish Mode.”

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When you tap on this button, it takes you out of the vanish mode.

3. Open chat with another friend.

The first two options above need your friend to also opt out of the vanish mode.

But if they are not willing to do,   you may choose to open up a chat with another friend who is not in the vanish mode.

4. Use an Older Version of Messenger app (Android users).

Vanish Mode works with the latest version of Messenger and will work on your old version if you update.

But using an older version may also keep you from using some other latest features.

5. Use Facebook on the web.

You can use the web version of Facebook and messenger instead of the mobile app.

Although messenger.com works better if you’re using the desktop site.

But web is an assuring way of avoiding vanish mode.

6. Use the Lite App

Presently, Vanish Mode does not work on Messenger Lite.

Messenger Lite is a good option if you want to avoid vanish mode.

When you log in your account on Messenger Lite, it will also turn off Vanish Mode in the full Messenger app.

Why Vanish Mode Is not available for you?

This feature has been rolled out in the U.S. and a few other countries.

Therefore if you can’t use it yet, this means it is yet to be available for your country.

But an assuring statement from Facebook is that the feature is been released slowly and soon, it will be available while worldwide.

That is all on Facebook messenger vanish mode.

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Hope this was helpful?

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