15 Best Ways To Get Paid To Give Advice in 2023

This article looks at the best ways to get paid to give advice which seems to be a common but interesting phenomenon exhibited by some people around us.

Have you ever been told that you are naturally good at giving advice that has helped someone walk through a challenge, make a decision, have a direction, etc in any field, whether academically, financially, emotionally, or otherwise?

Perhaps, you have been encouraged to get more professional, and transform your free advice skills acquired through rigorous observations of societal, environmental, human behavior, etc into a tool you can earn from.

It is true, that you can get paid for giving advice. Be aware that not everyone can go through seemingly endless minutes of adept listening to a person share his or her problems, an even lesser number can actually say something particularly smart and helpful guide at the end of a confused story.

Well, if any of the above describes your passion, then you should consider monetizing your talents and this article is to help you see several best ways to get paid to give advice and derive maximum satisfaction.

Apparently, with the high cost of living virtually everywhere around the world, it is only humane and smart-thinking to find more ways to boost our income and not fully lean on our major income sources only.

However, giving advice is one of the many careers or passive income jobs you can consider taking up and which you can also do not just in-person but as an online service.

Since we have established this fact, you are probably curious about what types of advice you can give, and get paid for.

Also, you can find jobs where you’re paid for your advice and your approach to life issues. Find these types of work and then dive into these opportunities to get paid for giving advice.

Meanwhile, we have compiled a list of the 15 best ways to get paid to Give advice. This is a pretty good start for you to consider taking a niche you are best at and working with that.

People are willing to pay for any form of service that proves meaningful to them in all kinds of fields. Let’s get on it!

List of 15 best ways to get paid to Give Advice

Below is a list of the best ways to get paid to give advice and these ideas are the right places to start.

1. Start A Podcast

One fast-growing and best ways to get paid to Give advice is to start a podcast.

It is important to outline that this is a means of making money but can be challenging. Particularly because podcast hosts make most of their money from sponsors, which requires a large audience to build.

Though, a podcast is a perfect platform to give advice on a certain niche and get paid, provided your audience grows.

2. Give Advice With Your Blog

Having a blog is probably one of the easiest and best ways to get paid to Give advice.

People are interested in learning anything that can help and improve their lifestyle, manage their careers, finances, health, families, relationships, academics, businesses, etc.

Basically, blogs are stocked with articles that are directly and indirectly advising and the owners earn from it.

The secret to blogging lies in growing your audience, it is one of the most direct and best ways to get paid to give advice and the more people you can help through your articles, the more you earn through display ads, affiliate deals, and even marketing your own products.

Here are many on-demand blogging niches where you can make money for your advice, including:

  • Finance (like this blog)
  • Development
  • how-to guides
  • Technology
  • Fashion
  • Food blogs
  • DIY blogs
  • Career advice
  • Digital marketing guides
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In addition, starting your own blog is very affordable! Get started by finding a domain name and hosting with a reliable company like Namecheap.

Then, you will earn in bits, and probably may take you years of blogging to earn lots of money. But, consistency makes it one of the most scalable ways to get paid to give advice.

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3. Give Advice On Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular and largest freelance marketplaces in today’s age and it has millions of freelancers with about 4 million active interested buyers.

On Fiverr, you can earn contracts for gigs like freelance writing, graphic or web design, programming, etc. Also, Fiverr also has some unpopular ways to earn passive income.

You can search for a particular niche on Fiverr, and possible options will appear with sellers offering advice on these topics. Some of these are fitness, health, productivity, video gaming, etc

And, some sellers may have dozens or hundreds of clients and set their prices to between $20 to $100+ for giving advice!

It takes time to find clients and get reviews on Fiverr, it is a good side hustle for some freelance advisors!

4. Start A YouTube Channel

Like a blog, YouTube is another great platform to take advantage of when considering the best ways to get paid to give advice.

YouTube is a very popular entertainment, educative, and highly diversified platform where people can make helpful videos for others to assist them with solving a problem. E.g cooking, sewing, life nuggets, etc.

You could make money on YouTube by giving advice in different niches like finance, career, and so many more niches.

5. Start An Online Coaching Business

When we speak of the best ways to get paid to Give advice, we are directly referring to coaching.

Are you skilled in mentoring a person to achieve a particular self-goal or are you skilled in a step-by-step approach that helps a person stay organized, disciplined, and focused on what matters?

Well, then you can make money online by adding a value to your services. People are more likely to be serious about anything they pay for and you could make your advised drawn up in sessions and episodes in whichever niche you wish to focus on.

Ensure that you give people a reason to want to hire and patronize your online coaching business.

Again, you need to pick a niche you want to give advice in, and growing a following will take even more time than selling somewhere like Fiverr.

But, you don’t pay fees to a middleman, and you own your entire coaching business, which counts for something.

6. Amazon Customer Service

When you think about the best ways to get paid to Give advice, think Amazon FBA or Amazon Flex.

This e-commerce giant is always hiring customer service agents so why shouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity?

A remote customer service agent is a job that can give you the opportunity to help Amazon customers with their questions and give bits of advice and solutions where necessary.

This virtual customer service role for Amazon can be both a full-time and part-time job.

They also have on-site roles if you prefer working from a call center. Also, according to information from Indeed, Amazon customer service jobs are paid  $17.60 per hour, which is above the U.S. minimum wage.

7. Answer Questions On JustAnswer

JustAnswer as the name implies is a platform that encourages you to profer solutions to questions asked, give advice, share knowledge etc on a subject on popular question-answer forums, and earn.

On JustAnswer, members pay a monthly fee to be able to ask JustAnswer whatever question they need answers to.

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Once a member leaves a question, JustAnswer matches that member to a verified JustAnswer expert who has the potential of providing an expert view on that question which ranks as one of the best ways to get paid to Give advice.

So, if that’s how you can make money as a JustAnswer expert, by giving advice and helping people from the comfort of your own home.

JustAnswer states that their expert can earn an average of $2,000 to $7,000 per month, which is quite generous.

JustAnswer has several popular categories, like:

  • Medical
  • Vet
  • Electronics
  • Taxes
  • Tutoring
  • Car
  • Home Improvement
  • Computer
  • Other

You have to apply to become a JustAnswer Pro, which involves meeting all the necessary JustAnswer requirements such as identification, SSN, and consenting to a background check.

But, once you’ve qualified and approved, you can set your own work schedule and earn money by sharing your professional advice with people who need your expert opinion.

8. Try Websites That Pay You To Give Advice

Another way to earn from giving advice is to work for various websites that pay you for helping people with the questions they ask on specific topics.

Some of the popular websites in this space include:

  • Arise–  On Arise, you can work as a customer service agent and remotely as an agent for different companies earning between $9 to $15 per hour.
  • LivePerson– This AI-powered chat company uses a mixture of AI tech and live chat agents to provide customer service staffing for other businesses and organizations.
  • Bit Wine– Bit Wine pays for your advice as a psychic, with leverage to set your own rates and availability, and common services like fortune telling, tarot card reading and giving general spiritual advice.
  • Keen– Akin to Bit Wine, you can become an advisor and give advice about dating, psychic matters, and general life questions on the platform. Also, you set your own hours and rates making it one of the best ways to get paid to Give advice.

9. Give Financial Guidance

Another popular niche to get paid for your advice involves working in finance, particularly as a financial planner or as a tax specialist/accountant.

A financial planner helps people with wealth management through the provision of investment advice for individuals or couples to plan for their financial future.

As tax specialists or accountants, they help clients prepare for tax season and may be in more specific areas of tax laws.

You typically need a degree for both of these jobs, but the pay is worth the time. The average financial planner earns about $65,000 per year! This makes it one of the, best ways to get paid to give advice and it needs advanced requirements for either job.

10. Give Dating Advice

You must have heard of therapists and some specialize in fixing relationships which can be one of the best ways to get paid to give advice.

Giving dating advice and getting paid for it is an extremely approved means of helping people and a legit form of income. Also, you do not necessarily need to be a licensed therapist to offer tidbit advice in some instances and questions thrown at you.

So, you can give dating advice on your blog or on websites like Fiverr and may close expensive gigs.

Additionally, you can also look for some accredited courses in relationship counseling to turn your passion into a certified skill and become a relationship counselor.

Believe it or not, you can even find these sorts of courses on Udemy if you don’t want to do a more serious, in-person course at a local college.

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Of course, it will take work to market your relationship counseling services, but you can start as an at-home counselor.

11. Apple At Home Advisor

Like Amazon, Apple also employs “at-home advisors” to render their professional opinion and advice to Apple users about specific product questions.

This role involves answering “questions about Apple’s products and services and enriching customers’ lives by offering assistance by providing answers to any challenges customers might have.

Sometimes, these advisors do not necessarily wait for an Apple customer to leave questions they initiate calls to them with questions or concerns, and responding to them will give them great insight into how to serve you better.

You also get to work from the comfort of your home in this role, without necessarily reporting at a call center and Apple provides:

  • Paid time off
  • Product discounts
  • Career growth opportunities

12. U-Haul

Another method to find the best ways to get paid to give advice is to become a customer service representative with U-Haul.

U-Haul offers moving and storage services to help people move into/out of a new apartment more conveniently.

Also, the company is known for hiring customer service agents, to assist them in answering all their booking questions as immediately as possible.

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13. Consulting

As mentioned, one of the best ways to get paid to give advice is to share your expertise with others on professional levels such as being a consultant either full-time or part-time.

Many people need consultations to handle their blogs and improve SEO, some need medical advice, and the like.

However, consulting is one of the best ways to get paid to give advice, because you can usually set your own rates based on a person’s problem and time consumed.

Consulting is quite diversified and seems to be in demand in almost all fields every day.

14. Liveops

Liveops is another good call when finding the best ways to get paid to give advice.

As a virtual call center company they hire customer support agents to service their worldwide clients.

What’s interesting about Liveops is that you set your own comfy work hours, and aren’t forced to work weird hours that allow you to render your service to any client from any time zone.

Liveops runs a background check that you pay for at $24.99.

They also insist that operators must have a headset with a microphone and reliable internet.

How much you make mostly depends on how many hours you work and the calls you receive. Their agents earn an average of $27,000 per year and this clearly makes up for the amount you spent on a review and fits in as a nice side hustle idea making it a great and best ways to get paid to give advice.

15. Become A Personal Trainer

Another option for the best ways to get paid to give advice is to turn your passion for fitness and helping others, into becoming a personal trainer to people’s fitness ambitions.

This is a very rewarding and fulfilling job as that is what you will likely feel when you see that your advice to clients can transform and make their lives better.


All the above-listed career types are some of the best ways to get paid to give advice and are also great as a side or full-time hustle.

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