May 21, 2024
This is a detailed guide on the top highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

This is a detailed guide on the top highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

A lot of people in Nigeria believe that there are no high paying jobs in Nigeria, but that is not true, as there are still jobs out there that pay very well.

Nigeria is one of the most hit countries by poverty in the world, however, there are high salary earners in Nigeria that are living an affluent life and are not politicians.

These jobs are available across many fields. You just need to look beyond your eye level to see them and this guide is the force you need to pull you up for a better insight.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Which job(s) has the highest salary in Nigeria?

I will like to say again that aside from engaging in politics, there are still many jobs you can take and get paid highly in Nigeria.

You could be working with the government or a private sector or even be in businesses. It doesn’t stop how much you can earn.

Although, some of these are top professions and are competitive to some extent.

Some of the factors that will stand you out in the competitive market are your skills, your educational field of study, your experience, and sometimes your personality.

A few examples of these professions are:

  • Surgeon/Doctor
  • Aeronautical Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Sailor
  • Pilot
  • Investment Bankers and
  • Dentist

It is a raw fact that these professions offer exciting benefits and working conditions to their professionals and of course a high pay in wages and salaries.

Let me take you through exploring these jobs, their final rewards in wages, and how you can access them to become a highly paid professional too.


Being a surgeon is a very classy profession that comes with a huge financial reward in Nigeria.

In medicine, a surgeon is a physician who performs surgery.

Surgeons are doctors that are specialized in the evaluation and treatment of patients whose conditions may require undergoing surgery.

In addition, they take on medical treatments that call for changing of the human body.

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Surgeons also lead a surgical team of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgical assistants in performing surgery treatments.

How much do surgeons earn?

Surgeons earn between ₦400,000 and ₦2,500,000 monthly.

How do you become a Surgeon?

To become a surgeon, you will need to be vast both in scholastic and professional education of medicine.

The minimum requirement is to study Medicine and surgery in an approved Nigerian University averagely for six years. Check out the top best universities to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria.

After which you will go for a year horsemanship and NYSC.

Surgeon no doubt is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.


The oil sector is the sector that generates the highest revenue for the economy of Nigeria.

And workers of the sector are greatly rewarded. Working in the oil sector gives you an edge in having a high income.

This also makes it a competitive field. But it is still accessible.

Petroleum engineers are the people that oversee and execute the extraction of oil.

A petroleum engineer creates the plot and method for extracting oil and gas.

They are tasked with figuring out how much oil and gas there is in a reservoir. And also the most suitable method to extract it.

How Much Does A Petroleum Engineer earn?

Petroleum engineers earn relatively between ₦200,000 and ₦1,000,000 monthly, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria

How To Become A Petroleum Engineer.

To have a chance at becoming a petroleum engineer, you will need to study petroleum engineering for five years in Nigerian universities that approve the course.

3. Aeronautic Engineering profession.

Aeronautic engineering is a greatly competitive profession in Nigeria.
One of the reasons being that the required University course is not offered by too many Nigerian institutions.

But Aeronautic engineering pays really huge.

How To Become Aeronautic Engineers Earn?

Aeronautic Engineers is also one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria, as they earn between ₦350,000 and ₦700,000 monthly.

How To Become An Aeronautic engineer.

To become an Aeronautic engineer, you will be required to study aeronautic engineering in the university. Once again, not so many universities offer the course.

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But you can find it in:

  • KWASU, Ilorin.]
  • LASU, Lagos
  • FUTO, Owerri
  • Airforce Institute, Kaduna. And a few other institutions.


I want to believe you wouldn’t be too strange to who a lawyer is and what they do.

A lawyer is also sometimes referred to as an attorney, a barrister, a legal advisor, a prosecutor, or a defense attorney.

How To Become Lawyers earn?

Lawyers earn between ₦150,000 and ₦1,000,000 a month.

How To Become A Lawyer

To become a lawyer, you must acquire a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) from accredited universities in Nigeria.
It is a course that runs for a duration of five years.

After this duration, you will spend an extra one year at the Nigerian law school after which you will become a certified member of the Nigerian Bar.  See also, the top best universities to study law In Nigeria


A pilot is a professional that is in charge of controlling the flight of aircraft.

Pilots are paid relatively huge sums because of how delicate their job is.

They are trained to control all the movement of either airplanes, helicopters, or other aircraft and the lives of the passengers depend on them.

How Much Does A Pilot earn?

Pilots earn ranging from ₦200,000 to ₦3,000,000 monthly based on rankings, making pilots one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

How To Become A pilot

Like every other profession I have mentioned above, becoming a pilot needs you to be skilled in the field. But unlike the professions above, you don’t just walk into any University to be trained as a pilot.

You may be enrolled in a flight school, or a college or trade school program.

You can also get trained by an airline. Or you could join the military.


Another high-paying job in Nigeria is chattered accountancy.

Chartered accountants are professional accountants that manage the financial stability of businesses and organizations. They provide financial expertise to inform and propel the management of such businesses and firms.

How Much Does An accountant earn?

They earn between ₦150,000 to ₦1,650,000 per month.

How To Become A Chattered accountant.

To become a chartered account, you must obtain a professional certificate from ICAN, ACA, or other professional bodies. And this course usually lasts for 3years.

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A pharmacist is a medical professional that is concerned with the preparation, creation, and dispensation of medications.

They supervise the production of medicinal drugs that are later prescribed by doctors.
They ensure every drug store complies with government regulations and policies.

How Much Does A Pharmacist earn?

Pharmacist earn between ₦150,000 and ₦800,000

How To Become A pharmacist

To become a certified pharmacist, you will undergo a 5-year study to obtain a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B.Pharm) in a university. Learn how to start a pharmacy in Nigeria.


Software developers are professionals that develop computer software Programmes.

How Much Does A software developer earn?

A software developer earns between ₦134,000 and ₦400,000.

How To Become A software developer

You may obtain a degree certificate in computer science but it is not mandatory. Then you can get yourself skilled in software development on a regular basis.


Telecommunications engineers are skilled in the management of data gotten from voice calls, video calls, and texts.
They work in telecom companies and they map out, design, and install telecom equipment that enables better services.

How much does a telecom engineer earn?

A telecom engineer earns between ₦200,000 and ₦1,000,000 monthly

How To Become A Telecom Engineer

The least requirement is to obtain a degree in either electrical electronics or computer Science to give you an opportunity.


Investment bankers work in investment banks, hedge funds, commercial banks, and more.

They help companies and governments to raise capital by issuing stock or by borrowing money.
Investment Bankers also act as advisers and middlemen on mergers and acquisitions.

How much does an investment banker earn?

Investment Bankers is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. Investment bankers earn between ₦300,000 and ₦500,000 per month.

How To Become An investment banker

Becoming an investment banker does not have any specific degree requirement.
Irrespective of your course of study, you can pursue a career in investment banking.

That is all top highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

Hope this was helpful?

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