How To Make Money As A Youth Corper

This is a detailed guide on how to make money as a Youth Corper.

If you are a serving youth Corp member in Nigeria, I’ve got good news for you.

Your youth service year is actually your first year in the real world. Believe me when I say this, ‘your true life experience just began.’

Because at this stage, most parents stay off you unlike when you were in school because you have also started earning.

As a corp member, your younger siblings or cousins will automatically feel they can ask you for some entitlements, and of course, they are not totally wrong. It is time to be more responsible and that is part of beginning a true life experience I mentioned earlier.

As a youth, you may have envisioned saving a large portion of your allowance to start something meaningful after the service year as there is no assurance of jobs in Nigeria at this age.

As responsibility now hits your vision, you’re disturbed, divided, and short of ideas on how to manage your finance.

This is very understandable. And all this is never a problem, you just need additional information and you’ll begin to soar above those responsibilities and into your dreams.

Before we move on, let me quickly remind you that your life is your responsibility. And whether you fail or succeed, the first person to be blamed or praised is you.

Okay, do you know you can save up to 90% of your allowance as a youth Corper?

Do you know you can become independent?

Do you know you can be financially free?

Yes! And I will show you how.

Nigeria today is hit with a very high rate of poverty, but I’ll always say with the right knowledge and information you would not be caught unaware.

How can you save up to 90% of your allowance as a corp member?

The simplest answer to this question is for you to become go into entrepreneurship.

Doing this will not only help you pull through your service year but if you would press the right buttons, you are most likely going to continue with this after your service year and for as long as you wish.

If you would need me to explicate what entrepreneurship is, Entrepreneurship the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

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You’re taken aback by the word “risk”?

Keep calm, risk doesn’t mean what we’ve seen it to be.

Risk is actually an opportunity.

Besides, taking on risk is risky, but not acting is riskier.

As an entrepreneur you can’t do without risk you only need to learn how to minimize it and use it to your advantage.

The next question could be,¬† ” how then do I begin?”

That’s good for pace-setting, as I will be showing you how to make extra money during service year.

Ways To Make Money During Service Year

There are various businesses you can do as a Corp Member and make extra money during your service year.

Below are 7 ways to make money as a Youth Corper.


Starting a blog is one of the surest ways to make money online at this time. And as a youth Corper, you’re not left out.

A blog is simply an online platform where you share news and other articles to inform and educate people. This site, is a perfect example of a blog.

Having a blog, you can earn multiple folds of your allowance as a Corper. And one thing that is sure is that your earnings will continue beyond your service year.

Your blog may focus on a particular niche that interest you or that you have knowledge about. It could be entertainment, news update, agricultural post, technology, jobs, sports, etc.

You may also love to not be limited to just a single area of interest, then you can combine more than one niche.

Blogging would make you rich, but it will require you to learn and master the art.

To start blogging, you will need to create a well SEO optimized WordPress blog that can help you grow your blogging career as fast as possible.

If you need a well-designed SEO optimized blog, we can help you create one for free. Learn how to qualify for our Free Blog Set-Up Service here.


Private lesson is a business that has come to stay as we have many parents that have little or no time to spend with their children to treat the kids’ homework after school.

So they opted for employing a tutor, and that is where you come in as a corp member.

Although, this is a job take would attract scrutiny as no parent would condone a tutor that can’t influence the knowledge of their wards.

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So you need to be up to the task.

But I tell you, if you are sure of your capability, you’ll be swimming in money, especially if you can take core subjects like mathematics English and Sciences.

Other subjects can be marketed, too.

Again, just master the art!

You can make enquiries from outgoing corp members about the parents of the students they take so they can connect you to them and you’ll replace them when they leave.


Agriculture is another great business one can do as a corp member. If you have agricultural knowledge, then you’ll earn more than you yearn for here.

Agricultural practices would fetch you cool cash as a corp member.

You can rear fishes. This does not need you to build a pond if you are not financially buoyant for that. And it may not be advisable if you wouldn’t stay there beyond your service year.

An option that works very well is to make use of a big drum, and the experience would just be like that of the pond.

Again! Find people you can talk to around. Make researches on how to start fishing and you’ll love it.

You can also go into poultry farming, or grow crops.


Another way you can make money as a youth Corper is by writing. Of course, you are a graduate before you could be a corp member and with that, it is expected of you to be able to write.

Although a writing career is beyond the general knowledge you would have gotten from school, you can still start with what you have and improve your writing skills by reading books and attending writing classes online.

You can write about your experiences, write stories (fiction and nonfiction). You can also write about your field, publish your book, and sell it to secondary schools.


Starting a dropshipping business is another best way to make money as a Youth Corper. Dropshipping Business requires you to sell the products of a company at a price you desire and make profits.

You serve as a middleman between the company and the user, without owning an actual store.

The joy of this is that you don’t need a store, shop or office and you can work at your own convenience.

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You only have to take the picture of the product you’re selling and out it up for customers to see maybe on an e-market or your social media. And you get your commission when a customer buys through you.

Learn how to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria.


Freelancing is an easy way to make money as a Youth Corp member. You only have to render your services for people who would in turn pay you for the services.

You get to work with people both locally and internationally by freelancing, and it’s a chance to get you experienced.


If you have some professional skills beforehand, then you’re a step ahead in making extra cash as a Corper.

Make it be known in your PPA whatever it is you can do, as this is another splendid way to make money as a Youth Corper.

From Barbing to Fashion designing, Bead making, Graphics design, Photography, Web design, even laundry business if you can wash and iron.

There are several other businesses you can venture in to up your money making rate in your service year. Popcorn selling, ice cream selling, stationery and even doing handy jobs.

Simply put, the ways to make money as a Youth corp member are unlimited. If you love making money online, then you can check our detailed guide on the top 10 best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

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That’s all on how to make money as a Youth Corper. I hope this guide on how to make money as a youth corper in Nigeria was helpful?

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