How To Correct Name On NYSC Website

This is a detailed guide on how to correct name on NYSC website

It is 100% possible to correct your name(s) on the NYSC website, if there is a mistake in it or if the name(s) that appear on your statement of result is different from the one uploaded on your National Youth Service Crops dashboard.

This is a very important aspect to effect a change if the need arises because You will not be registered on camp, if there is a difference in the name uploaded online, that appears on your dashboard and that of your Statement of Result.

Did you make a mistake when filling your form during the NYSC registration period or Jamb registration or regularisation?

If yes, I am very sure you have been beating yourself up due to unending worry. Keep calm, we all make one mistake or the other, no one is above it.

The good news is that there is a way to apply for correction of name on the NYSC website. The National Youth Service Crops has created a way to change Spelling Errors, Rearrangement, Addition, and Removal of names on the NYSC website.

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In this article, I will be showing you the procedures to correct name on NYSC website.

Procedures for correction of names on NYSC website

Change of names on NYSC can be done after the online registration on your dashboard. you will be requested to log in with your email address and password used during the online registration.

Although correction of names is done through your school however, you will have to request for name correction on your NYSC dashboard.

To correct name on NYSC website, follow the steps below.

1. Visit the NYSC website via:

2. Login to the NYSC dashboard using your user name and password

3. Click on “Apply for correction of names

4. Click on the options, addition or removal of name(s). Fill the required field

5. Submit by clicking on place request

6. Wait for approval

You should also contact your student affairs division for necessary actions. The request to replace, add or remove name(s) will be received by your schools student affairs office, and the changes will be effected. The name (s) is later forwarded to NYSC for further necessary actions.

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If there is a spelling mistake in your name or your name is not properly arranged, you can follow these steps below to change it.

1. Visit the NYSC website via:

2. Login in to the NYSC dashboard using your username and password.

3. Click on Apply for Name Correction. Fill in the required fields.

4. Click on Place Request to submit, and wait for approval.

Your names will be successfully corrected and updated if you followed the steps above.

Now you are familiar with the steps to correct name on NYSC website. Hence, if you find yourself in this situation, or you know someone who does, you now know how best to resolve it.

How To Correct Course Of Study

If you also wish to learn how to correct course of study error on the NYSC website, this procedure will be helpful to you.

1. Visit the NYSC website via:

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2. Login to your dashboard with your e-mail and password used during NYSC registration.

3. Click on the link for Correction of Course of Study.

4. Select Course of Study; and

5. Click SUBMIT and wait for approval

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There are a lot of other things you can also correct through your NYSC dashboard, these include wrong date of birth, wrong photograph, wrong sex, wrong state of origin among others.

And the steps or procedures to correct them are just as simple as that of name correction.

That’s all on how to correct name on NYSC website. Feel free to check out all our NYSC tips, guides and information here.

I hope this guide helps?

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