How To Make Money On Opera News Hub

This is a detailed guide on how to make money on Opera News Hub.

You might have heard a thing or two about Opera News hub. If you haven’t, no worries as you’ll learn sufficiently enough about “the what” and of course “the how to earn from Opera Hub“.

Opera Hub is an online platform where a writer, publisher or anybody can write and publish articles for free.

Opera news hub gives authors and writers the opportunity to share their articles with millions of users across the globe.

As a publisher on Opera news hub, you would reach out to be people both locally and internationally.

Opera news hub is an online media channel owned by Opera software, yeah! The same owner of Opera mini (browser).

Don’t be confused! Opera mini is a browser, while Opera news hub is a web you can access with the browser.

On Opera news hub, many stories and posts are shared to keep the audiences informed and educated.

Whenever you open your opera browser and you see news headlines, those are headlines from Opera news.

If you are a blogger, Opera news hub can give your blog traffic opportunities, as through posting on the hub, you can refer people to your blog and grow your own audience as well.

If you are one of those looking for ways to earn extra income or make money online, then this article on how to make money on Opera news hub will definitely worth your time.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to join Opera news hub, and how to link your Opay account with Opera news hub.

How Can You Make Money On Opera News Hub?

Opera News can fetch you a lot of money, however need to understand a few basic things first.

To earn steadily on the Opera News Hub, you need to come up with an interesting post.

A post that is not just a story, but something unique and engaging. This is because just posting anything doesn’t guarantee a huge reward.

You get huge rewards when your post attracts traffic, and it has engagements.

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Opera news hub takes a minimum word count of 150 words while you can write as much as possible.

Remember, it’s not just about writing. It is about writing engaging articles.

And if you don’t have the time to write for one reason or the other, you can still make money on Opera.

All you need to do is hire a writer and pay about 30% of what you earn per article. That way you’ll still have a passive stream of income.

But you need to be careful here, unless your writer is trusted so he wouldn’t be stealing other people’s work for you. Opera would not pay for such articles, and it is a crime under the law.

What are the steps to take to make money on Opera News Hub?

To make money on Opera news hub, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Create your account.

The first step to earning on Opera news, whether you’re writing or hiring a writer is to create an account.

To do so, visit the sign up page via this link

You will see a red button with ‘Login/ SignUp’. If you do, click on it.

You will be taken to the next page.

And if you are not taken to the page with the red ‘Login/Sign Up’ button, you would definitely land on the next page.

On this next page, you would have two options, Login via Facebook or Google (Gmail).

You have the choice of going with any of the two.

If you choose Google, you’ll be required to log in to your Gmail normally.

And if you choose Facebook, you’ll be prompted to continue using your Facebook account that is logged in to the device you are using.

And if no account is logged in yet, you will need to log in to Facebook as usual.

Please note that this wouldn’t make Opera post on your timeline but they will have access to the information you provided on Facebook, which is not harmful.

Next is to register other required details with Opera news.

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You would be prompted to complete these three stages so easily understandable.

  • Login account confirmation
  • Account information
  • Author Information

STEP 2: Add your account information

Signing up to Opera news hub requires your account information is appropriately filled.

Your account would be reviewed before it is approved, so be real!

The information required includes:

  • Username
  • The category you would write on. (Politics, Public Safety, Entertainment, Sports, Lifestyle, Relationship and Parenting, etc.)
  • Your profile picture
  • Biography

You would also need to enter your Opay number, which is the number you used for your Opay account registration.

This means if you don’t have an Opay account before, you need to create one.

STEP 3: Create OPay Account (if you don’t have one).

This step is needed only if you do not have an account with Okay before.

You need an Opay account because Opera will pay you via the account.

Again your details should be filled, as your payment will be denied if your information is not appropriate or found incorrect.

Steps to create an Opay account:

  1. Download the Opay app via the Google Play Store
  2. Sign Up with your valid phone number without the first “0”.
  3. You’ll need a phone verification by entering a code that would be sent to the number you provided.
  4. Next, you will need to Login with your password.
  5. Then, you need to enter your personal info correctly.
  6. Next is your payment pin setting. Choose a pin you’ll remember, or keep it recorded somewhere.
  7. Verify your email via the email address you provided.

STEP 4: Link Your Opay account to Opera News hub

Again, if you have an existing Opay account, you can skip step 3 above.

With that settled, you need to link your Opay account to your Opera News hub account to enable your payment.

Here is how to link your OPay to Opera news.

  1. Log in to your Opera News account
  2. From your dashboard, click Account and scroll down to where you see CONTACT INFO.
  3. Click OPAY ACCOUNT. You should see a pop-up page that is titled ‘Update your Opay account’.
  4. Enter the phone number you used for Opay number in the space provided on the form.
  5. Click on Update. And that’s it.
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With these 4 easy steps, your Opay account will be linked to your Opera news account.

So, Opay would serve as your payment gateway where you would withdraw your earnings when you start making them.


Yes, you’re set to go live!

Publishing your article is next, but this would be after your account has been approved.

Remember, the account will be reviewed and Opera has the right to either accept or reject an account.

But if you follow the right steps, there is no cause for alarm.

To publish your first article on Opera news, click the ‘create’ button from your Opera news dashboard.

You can easily find your way around the platform and get conversant with the Opera environment.

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If you share your thought of becoming an author on Opera news with a friend or family, you may be told the pay is not worth the stress.

But if you have exciting articles, creative writing skills, or if you’re willing to learn and improve yourself, you can make a fortune from Opera news.

All you have to do is to write an article that will attract engagements. Because the more engagement your post gets, the higher your page.

That’s all on how to make money on Opera news hub. I hope this article on how to make money on Opera news hub was helpful?

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