May 22, 2024
Best Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

There are many ways to make money online in Nigeria. Sadly, not many people know of them.

The internet is a pool of wealth that is open for anyone to get in and fetch as much money as possible. The interesting fact is that the internet is always available and it will continue to be.

If you are looking for how to make money online in a legit way, this guide will help.

No matter who you are, where you are, what you do, and your financial condition, there is always a place for you to explore on the internet to earn money on a regular basis.

In this guide, I will be showing you the 10 best ways to earn money online.

Let’s get started.

Best Ways To Make Money Online Nigeria

There are many online businesses you can do and make money in Nigeria.

However, I will limit this article to the 10 best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

1. Freelancing

Being a freelancer is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria. You are a freelancer when you offer your skills to different clients in return for money.

As a freelancer, you are not actually attached to a particular employer, as you can choose who to work for and when to work.

If you have skills in content writing, web development, graphic designing, etc, freelancing would be a good deal to make.

There are various platforms where you can sell your services as a freelancer and make money:

Most freelancers are really making some cool money online providing one sort of service or the other in order to be paid.

You know, most people visit the internet because they are in need of a solution to a problem.

It is freelancers that mostly provide many needed solutions, and they are handsomely rewarded for it.

If you are good at editing other people’s works, writing professional CVs, web designing, and any other services, visit any of the freelancing websites listed above, register with them, and start providing these services.

There are a lot of people out there who need your services. Find them today via the internet and start making your money.

2. Social Media Management

Are you social media savvy? Are you very creative with content? Social media management could be a turning point for you to make money online.

Social media management is one of the untapped and failproof ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Many small businesses and celebrities who obviously are interested in building and maintaining a social media presence could actually employ you to be managing their social handles.

This however requires that you have knowledge about a wide range of social platforms.

To start a career and make money as a social media manager, start by showing off what you can offer through your own social profiles.

Network with people, tell people what you do, and if you are really good at it, getting clients will not be an issue.

3. Start an Online Class

Starting an online class is another top way to make money online in Nigeria

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If you have good knowledge about a field or area of life and can teach it very well to others, then you can actually make money from it as an online.

Being an online tutor is an interesting thing to consider. Many people are in the quest to knowing new things so you can exploit that chance and make money.

One of the ways of going about it is to create a YouTube channel and post your videos there. Learn how to make money on Youtube.

You can also register with platforms like Udemy as a tutor. People will subscribe to learn from your wealth of knowledge, and you will be getting paid.

Let’s not even go too far. You can use WhatsApp and Facebook groups to begin. Simply write a piece of what you what to teach, and why they need to learn it.

Create a WhatsApp or Facebook group and attach the link to what you have written.  Then post in on your WhatsApp status, Facebook timeline, and groups. Encourage your friends to share it too.

People will follow the link to the group you have created to see if you really have the knowledge that you claim you have.

At this juncture, don’t charge them at first. Give them free basic training, let them have an idea of what you can do, and what they will benefit from your online class.

Then, you can now tell them to pay for the advanced class. Remember, for as a starter, you don’t have to attach a high fee to it.

Do this and watch the money rolling steadily into your bank account.

4. Start A Blog Site

Another legit online job that pays is blogging.  Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

By blogging I mean creating a website, writing quality content that will be bringing in traffics from Google and other search engines to your blog, and monetizing your site.

There are many ways of making money from your blog. One of the popular ones is Google Adsense.  Google Adsense is the largest Pay Per Click Ads network in the world.

However, there are other Pay Per Click Ads Networks that also pay very well that you can also use to monetize your blog.

Aside from Ads Networks, you can also make money from your blog through Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing is discussed below in this article in detail).

You could also sell your products on your blog, and be making money. This site is a typical example of a blog.

Believe me, there is nothing that could be as sweet as making money online via blogging. This is one of the best online jobs in Nigeria that pays daily.

You will simply be making money as people visit your blog.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that blogging is a highly paid online business, one thing people fail to tell you is that blogging is not a ‘get-rich-quick’ escapade. It requires much input and patience.

What I mean is that blogging is not the quickest way to make in Nigeria. However, it is very lucrative if you are patient and can put in your best.

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How about that, sounds interesting right? If you need a blog just like this, we offer a free blog setup service. Learn more about our free blog set up

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also another legit online jobs for students in Nigeria that pays daily.

You may own a blog, but having difficulties in either getting Adsense approval or Adsense verification.

If this is your issue, then worry no more as you can start earning heavily via affiliate marketing. What then is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting and leading sales to a company’s product and getting some commissions in reward. It is one of the great ways to earn money online.

This simply means the marketing of other people’s products or services for the purpose of earning certain commissions when somebody makes purchases through your affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is not just for bloggers alone. One could promote his affiliate products using social media or by advertising them.

However, if you own your own blog as I mentioned above, then it is an added advantage to you because you can monetize your site by placing your affiliate links on your blog.

To become and an affiliate marketer, you have to register with a company that runs affiliate marketing programs.

Many e-commerce sites and online shops run affiliate marketing programs.

Check out the best 15 affiliate programs suitable for Nigerians with good commission.

Your earning capacity is really as much as you want it to be.

6. Selling Products

Gone are the days when people dwell so much on physical shops. One major setback of selling on physical shops alone is that you will have limited customers?

There are many ways you can sell your products online. You can sell your product on Facebook and Instagram or even an e-commerce site.

In Nigeria, there a lot of e-commerce websites that you can always sell your products. Examples are Jumia and Konga.

One advantage of selling with these websites is that millions of potential buyers will see your products and most likely patronize you.

Preferably, you can create your own online store and be selling your products from your store directly.

Learn how to start an online store in Nigeria.

7. Drop-Shipping

Dropshipping involves selling third-party products to customers from a dropshipping company. 

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

You will not have to see the products, but customers make orders through you and you send their requests to the drop shipping company who’ll now deliver the product to the customer.

You gain from the difference between the actual cost of the product from the amount you sold it to the customer.

Creating an online shop is one of the best ways to get started with Drop Shipping. You can get your own online shop at Shopify, Ecwid, and so on.

Learn how to start a Dropshipping business in Nigeria.

8. Sell Your Designs

You can start making money online instantly in this regard if you are very creative.

Do you know that you can make stunning designs, upload them online, and sell to the persons that need those designs?

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In this regard, one good site that comes to mind is Printivo. With this site, you can create any kind of design, from clothing to housing to any other thing you can think of and upload on the Printivo marketplace.

Here is the deal, once any member of Printivo makes a purchase of your design, you instantly get %15 of the total cost of it.

That is a very amazing marketplace to showcase your creative ideas if you ask me.

So, the question I would like to ask you now is, are you creative in any area of art, that you want to showcase to the world?

If yes, then Printivo could be the best place that you can start making some online money from.

9. Become an Online Property Agent

You already know who a property agent is, or maybe you are even one. Property agents are really making some cool cash.

A property agent is one that connects a potential buyer of a particular property to the seller. The property could be land, house, room to let, etc.

The persons that do this kind of business are mostly making money offline.

Have you thought about carrying such a service online where you will have assess to many customers?

If you have not, then you have been missing a lot, as you can make much more money as a property agent online than just doing it offline.

The best site to start from in this regard is Property Pro and Jumia House.

The only thing that you are expected to do is to register with these sites at an agent and start scouting for an available property that you can advertise on these sites. The profit you can make from this online business is massive.

10. Publish Books Online

Another best way to make money online in Nigeria is by publishing books.

There is no generation past that can equal this present generation in the search for information.

We have all become so addicted to assessing information that most of the time, we are ready to pay any amount just to have access to the information that we need.

The stream of income that one gets from the writing of books and articles is mind-blowing.

In Nigeria, one of the major sites that allows young writers the opportunity of publishing their books and scholarly articles online is Okadabooks.

One good feature of this unique Nigeria website is that you can monetize your article and books.

What this means is that, when a person downloads or buys your published article or books online, you instantly get paid.

That is all on the 10 best ways to make money online in Nigeria.

I hope this guide on the 10 best ways to make money online in Nigeria was helpful?

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