This is a detailed guide on how to correct NYSC date of birth, and NYSC course of study.

If you wish to learn how to correct your NYSC date of birth, and NYSC course of study, this guide will help.

Correction Of NYSC Date Of Birth

A lot of prospective corps members ask themselves this question “how do I change my NYSC date of birth?.”

This has been one of the major causes for worry among prospective corps members. Age is just a number they say, but it is more than just a number for individuals who desperately want to serve their country.

Reasons For NYSC Change Of Date Of Birth

There are so many reasons why prospective corps members want a change in their date of birth.

Below are some of the reasons why Corpers correct their date of birth.

1. A mistake in their date of birth submitted to NYSC

NYSC management gets each prospective corps members records directly from two bodies which are the higher institution they attended and the Joint Administration Matriculation Board (JAMB).

This is done automatically to get some of their data already uploaded on their online portal.

If the mistake is in the month or day of birth, it may not necessarily call for worry because they will still be eligible to serve, but If the mistake is in the year of birth and the mistake increased their age to above 30 years, they will have to follow the steps available to effect a change in their date of birth, if they wish to serve.

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2. They are truly above 30 years of age and want to reduce it to a lower age to enable them serve their country

Some prospective corps members get to know about the mistake in their date of birth on time before their biodata is forwarded to the NYSC management.

They find out when their school posts the mobilization list for all students to cross-check their records.

In this case, quick action can be taken by reporting the mistake to the school. Their date of birth will then be corrected before it is forwarded to the National Youth Service Corps.

But if on the contrary it is not discovered till the online mobilization registration, keep calm there is still no cause for worry.

Mistakes are inevitable, that is why there is always a way for correction to be made.

Ways To Change NYSC Date Of Birth

There are two ways to change NYSC date of birth:

  1. Through the NYSC portal
  2. Through Jamb Regularization

1. Correct NYSC Date Of Birth Via NYSC Online Portal

What you have to do is to follow the steps for date of birth correction that will be opened on the NYSC portal after the online mobilization registration.

To effect NYSC change of date of birth on the NYSC online portal, follow the steps below.

1. First of all, purchase a WAEC results check pin from a vendor.

2. Visit the NYSC portal on

3. log in to your NYSC dashboard with your e-mail and password.

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4. Click the “Resume Registration” link

5. Click on the “Change date of birth” button.

6. A page will pop on your screen showing a form. Fill the form and submit your details.

Things to take note of.

1. The WAEC pin should be purchased from a trusted source e.g a bank.

2. The e-mail and password needed is the one you used during your NYSC online registration.

3. Before clicking on submit, the data filled on the form which contains your date of birth should be properly cross-checked.

You may be wondering why a WAEC check pin is needed, it is used to correct your date of birth by transferring your data from your WAEC profile to your NYSC profile.

This means if there is still a mistake in the date of birth used in your WAEC profile your date of birth cannot be corrected and that is what will be used by NYSC to determine your eligibility status.

2. Correct NYSC Date Of Birth Through Jamb Regularization

This is opened for students who did not gain admission into the University through JAMB or students who have one or more issues with their admission process.

JAMB regularization is a compulsory process for all prospective corps members who did not gain admission into the university with JAMB.

Hence, students that didn’t gain admission through Jamb will apply for Jamb Regularization to ensure that their admission record with jamb tally with their admission record with their institution.

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Jamb Regularization provides students with the opportunity to own a Jamb registration number which will be needed during NYSC mobilization.

Hence, when submitting your details to jamb for regularization, you can then use the opportunity to fill in the right date of birth.

Learn more and begin your JAMB Regularization for NYSC, with our detailed JAMB regularization guide.


How To Correct NYSC Course Of Study

Was there an error in your NYSC course of study? You can easily request a change of course of study on the NYSC.

To change your course of study on NYSC, follow the steps below.

1. Visit the NYSC portal on

2. Login to your dashboard using your e-mail and password

3. Click on the ‘correction of course of study’ link

4. Select your course of study

5. Click ‘send request’

That’s all on NYSC change of date of birth, and how to change your NYSC course of study.

I hope this guide on how to correct NYSC date of birth and NYSC course of study helps?