How To Verify Email Address Without Sending Email

This is a detailed guide to verify email address without sending email for free.

Have you ever tried to send an email to various email addresses and you find out your sent email didn’t get to all addresses you sent it to?

Have you experienced a similar situation but with just one email address instead of multiple ones?

Well, this could be frustrating because we all want our important messages passed across to every receiving email addresses.

These messages not sending is as a result of your sent email ‘bouncing’; which means there will be no further attempt to send the email. Most emails bounced because the email address you sent it to is invalid and could not be verified.

Every year, email lists diminish by 22.5% which means an email address could be valid and within a short time become invalid.

Lack of activity on the email accounts is the main cause of this diminishing. Also, some people set up temporary email addresses that would become invalid after the purpose for its opening has been achieved.

These and other causes of invalid email addresses like typographical errors necessitate the need to verify an email address before hitting the ‘send’ button.

So, if you wish to learn how to verify email address without sending email for free, this guide will help.

However, before I show you how to verify email address, let me first show you why you first need to verify email addresses before sending them.

Why You Need To Verify Email Address Before Sending An Email

To just anybody, sending an email to an email address that is not verified could be overlooked as it does not come with any consequences.

This is however not the case if you are in one way or the other involved in email marketing.

If you are an email marketer and you have been overlooking verification before sending emails, you have been doing yourself more harm than good.

Here are 7 reasons you need to verify email addresses before sending emails.

1. It helps your reputation

If most emails you send end up bouncing, your reputation ends up being damaged. This is because not only are email servers looking for bad emails, service providers are also checking your bouncing rate.

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If you send a lot of emails and so many ends up bouncing, you will face strict sanctions which could even include bouncing of emails sent to valid email addresses.

2. It will help you find typographical errors

It could be that the receiver actually has a valid email address but the email ended up bouncing because of a typographical error somewhere.

For example, you send an email to instead of This error can easily be avoided by verifying if the email actually exists or not.

3. Fishing out temporary or deleted email addresses

Some email addresses were opened on a temporary basis and would cease to exist once they are no longer in use.

While some could also have been valid but had been deleted by its owner. Verifying an email address before sending your mail will prevent sending emails to addresses that fall in these categories.

4. It helps you avoid hard bounces

A hard bounce is an error message sent to you by the recipient’s server, telling you something has gone wrong and your email could not be sent.

It’s not a good situation to be in when you get too many hard bounces because your emails could end up being filtered as spam.

6. Helps you save money and time

Sending a whole lot of emails that won’t be read by anybody would absolutely be a total waste of time.

Also, sending emails to verified email addresses only would do well to improve your marketing reputation and save you from losing a lot of money.

7. It helps you get the best results from your email campaign

You spend a lot of time trying to pass across a certain message or start a campaign by sending emails and it ends up being a waste of time because most of the emails bounced.

Verifying email addresses before sending would give you a better email deliverability rate which means there is more chance your email is received and read by the target audience of your campaign.

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Methods To Verify An Email Address Without Sending An Email

There are various unconventional methods of verifying an email such as using a dummy account to send an email first and see if it bounces or pinging the recipient’s email server for confirmation.

These are methods that work but defeat the purpose of not directly contacting the email address or its server.

Also, using a dummy email to verify if an email address exists is a way of sending spam messages to the recipient and it is pretty much not a good practice.

However, there are two ways to verify an email address before you send an email to the address.

  1. Using an online email checker to manually verify emails
  2. Using an online email finder tool

Using An Online Email Checker

This method is a free, fast, and straightforward method of verifying an email address without sending an email but it is not advisable if you have a lot of email addresses to verify.

You can search ’email checker’ on the internet, and you will find a host of websites where you can verify an email address, a good example is is free, does not require registration, and verifies an email in a matter of milliseconds. All you just have to do is visit, enter the email address you want to verify, and tap the ‘check’ button.

Within a second, the verification will be completed. If the email is verified and it exists, you will receive an ‘ok’ message while an unverified email address would return a ‘bad’ message.

Using An Online Email Finder Tool

You may have a very long email list and verify them one after the other using an online email checker but how feasible is this?

It is time-consuming and exhausting; you could even make typographical errors while inputting an email address, which could lead to the email not being verified by the email checker.

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Even though they are not free, online email finder tools come in handy when you want to verify email addresses in bulk.

They save time and also give you a higher deliverability rate, thereby ensuring your reputation is intact.

Below are some of the best online email finder tools to use and verify email address without sending emails.

1. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is a popular online email finder tool where you can upload your whole list or verify emails one by one

2. Hunter

The main aim of Hunter is to increase your deliverability rate and it does this by detecting and eliminating temporary, deleted, and invalid email addresses.

3. EmailListVerify

EmailListVerify is another very popular online email finder tool and it is trusted by big-name companies like Shopify and Rackspace. EmailListVerify has scanned over 5 billion email addresses and still counting.

4. NeverBounce

Launched in 2014, NeverBounce currently has over 100,000 clients including big companies like Uber, Dell, and Havard Medical School.

NeverBounce verifies bulk email lists and single emails by validating the server of the email address, removing duplicate emails and syntax errors. It also checks whether the domain of the email is live or not and finds out which email has been blacklisted.

5. Mailfloss

Mailfloss is an online email verification tool that is easy to use, gives a good price, and offers excellent support for verification of bulk emails. Mailfloss finds out which email address is temporary, invalid, or a duplicate.

6. Clear out

By removing temporary emails, duplicate emails, and sub-accounts, Clearout does a very good job in verifying emails. It also helps to eliminate various spam traps and emails from blacklisted domains.

That’s all on how to verify email address without sending email.

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