How To Start A Hair Salon Business In Nigeria 2023

The hair salon business in Nigeria has gained prominence over the centuries as plenty of people now see the need to participate energetically in the business.

The competition is so fierce that some people merely survive it. Day after day, people are falling off the hair salon business as they cannot compete with their business counterparts.

Nevertheless, there are still people who are generating mouth-watering revenues from the hair salon business.

The difference is how they started the business because the beginning of everything determines the end.

In this article, I will show you how to start a long-lasting hair salon business that will generate the kind of revenue you long for.

Hair Salon Business In Nigeria

Almost everybody in the world is particular about their looks because looks give the first impressions about people.

Looking good shouldn’t be a choice, but a necessity; that is why hair salons are situated at every corner to give us that decent look we yearn for.

The hair salon business in Nigeria is good and very lucrative. Nobody ventures into it the right way and regrets it as people now pay huge amounts of money to look good and attractive.

Moreover, in this 21st century, hair making is not only for the illiterates and low-class people, graduates and high-class people now see the need to run hair salon businesses.

The hair salon business is very competitive, you need to be skilled to remain relevant.

This article aims at showing you the right steps on how to start a hair salon business.

Things To Consider Before Venturing Into Hair Salon Business In Nigeria

  • The cost of opening a hair salon
  • The type of hair salon you wish to start
  • Finances for your hair salon business
  • How skillful you are
  • The class of customers you wish to serve
  • Your marketing plan

17 Steps To Start A Hair Salon Business In Nigeria

There are different steps on how to start a hair salon business in Nigeria. The steps listed and explained here are the best steps ever!

1. Choose Your Vocation

Before you even acquire some knowledge for your hair salon business in Nigeria, you need to choose your vocation. Choose the area you love.

You don’t need to do everything,  just be conversant with the few you’ve chosen and walk your way to success. Moreover, if you think you can handle every area of the hair salon business, it’s also a good thing.

The different areas of hair salon business are:

  • Fixing of hair
  • Braiding of hair
  • Making of fixed wigs
  • Making of braided wigs
  • Washing of hair
  • Treating of hair, etc.

2. Get the hair making skill

It is important to get adequate and proper training if you want to succeed in your hair salon business in Nigeria.

Venturing into the hair salon business half-baked without knowing how to perfectly make different hairstyles will make you lose your customers to your competitors.

The hair salon business requires you to be very skillful and smart because your work will speak for you and market your business even when you are not there.

Moreover, it does not matter Whether you want to employ staff to run the hair salon business for you or you want to do it yourself, what matters is to have enough knowledge of what you are doing; this will help you make decisions and know the strategy to apply to stay in business.

You also need to ask questions, go to the different hair salons and make inquiries, do your market research very well, it will help you.

3. Have The Necessary Experience

Experience, they say is the best teacher. After acquiring hair-making skills and becoming a hairstylist, it is necessary to have working experience. This will help you know how to go about your hair salon business.

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Study your employee, know what he/she has done right and what he/she has done wrong, it will help you avoid unnecessary problems at the initial stage of your business.

4. Create A Business Plan

The absence of a business plan before starting your hair salon business is the beginning of your failure.

A business plan will point you in the right direction and shade off every unnecessary distraction that may make you lose focus.

A good business plan guides you through starting and managing your business. It is the tool you’ll use to convince people that working with you or investing in your business is the right choice.

Your business plan depends on the size, format, and goals of your business, it is important to choose the right business plan for your individual business needs.

There is no right or wrong way to write a business plan. What’s important is that your plan meets your needs.

Hair Salon Business Plan In Nigeria Format

  • Executive summary
  • Company description
  • Market analysis
  • Organization and management
  • Services
  • Marketing and sales
  • Funding request
  • Financial projection

5. Get A Business Name

Imagine existing without a name. Your name is your identity, likewise your business. People know your business name first before they know you.

Your business name must pass information about your business and must be short and captivating. There is hardly anywhere you see a hair salon without a name.

The business name will distinguish you from your competitors and make you unique.

If you cannot think of any business name, you can consult a business expert or seek help on the social media platform.

You can also use online business name generators like Shopify, Business Name Generator, Oberlo, and BNG to generate your business name.

The hair business name generator provides instant suggestions in three simple steps:

  • Think of a word that best describes your hair business
  • Enter it into the name generator space.
  • Click on the “generate names” button

After doing this, the name generator will display numerous names for you to select from. Learn why your business needs the perfect name, and how to find it.

6. Register Your Business

Registering your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission has a lot of benefits to you as the business owner.

Apart from it making your business look authentic and making you operate as a professional, other benefits of registering your business name are:

  • Protecting your brand name
  • Preventing police harassment
  • Access to government loans
  • Customer trust
  • Government contracts
  • Facebook verification, etc.

Furthermore, before you can register your business name, you must have an account registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission-Company Registration Portal.

Secondly, would need to conduct a name search of the business. You can achieve this using your Corporate Affairs Commission-Company Registration Portal account.

Learn how to register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

Registration Steps For Business Name With The Corporate Affairs Commission

  • Check for availability of the Business name
  • Complete pre-registration form – CAC-BNo1 and upload relevant registration documents Online using Company Registration Portal)
  • Pay filing fee

Now registration of company name with Corporate Affairs Commission is end-to-end on the COMPANY REGISTRATION PORTAL (CRP) with electronic Certificate of Registration and Certified Extract of registration information.

You can register your business name without the services of the legal practitioner, Chartered Accountant, or Chartered Secretary.

7. Set Your Budget

When you know the type of hair salon you want to start, you will need to examine your finances. Hair salon expenses vary widely based on your business size and location.

For example, a home-based or street corner hair salon may only cost a few amounts of money but a large salon in an attractive location may cost a huge amount of money.

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If you want to set up a standard hair salon, then you need to expand your budget. Learn how to finance your hair salon business in Nigeria.

Things to budget for your standard hair salon business are:

  • A shop space
  • Wash hair basin
  • Standing dryer
  • Steamers
  • Mirrors
  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • Trimming scissors
  • Curling iron
  • Hair straightener
  • Rollers
  • Carts and trolleys
  • Fan/hair conditioner
  • Shampoos and conditioner
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Towels and towel warmer
  • Table with drawers
  • Generator for standby power supply
  • Relaxer
  • Television, etc.

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8. Determine Your Target Customer

Your business decisions will be shaped by the type of customers you plan on serving. Research the market in your area to know the services to offer your target customer.

If your target customers are old women, young women, high-income earners, working professionals, stay home mothers, children then make sure you provide services that will accommodate them.

By Determining your target customers, you will know how to set your hair salon business to satisfy them

9. Choose Location For Your Hair Salon Business

Having the right location for your hair salon business in Nigeria will play a significant role in your business growth.

A good location will make your business to be visible to people.

In choosing your location, you should have your target audience in mind. Moreover, It is not advisable to situate your hair salon in an area where there are many hair salons to avoid unhealthy competition.

Choose a high-traffic area, busy streets, or space next to places where people visit often, such as entries, grocery stores, markets, etc.

Choose an area with a constant power supply and a good source of water supply.

Also, be familiar with the area, know the local competitors, know how customers will get to the salon, make sure there is ample parking space and a restroom, ensure that there are no security threats.

10. Employ Professional Personnel

This isn’t compulsory, but you need staff to enhance your workflow and increase profitability. If you want your hair salon business to boom, then you need talented hands to assist you.

Make sure the people you hire have strong work ethics, good attitudes and are capable of retaining customers. You should also treat your employees well because how you treat them will determine their output.

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11. Get A Complimentary Card

To look professional, you need a business card with your contact details and business address printed on it. Offering your complimentary card to potential customers signifies that you know what you are doing.

You can keep some cards in your pocket or purse and hand them out when exchanging pleasantries with potential customers. Business cards can promote your business beyond where you ever think of and bring in more customers.

12. Publicize Your Business

Your business is meant to be seen and patronized by people. Do not keep a closed mouth, announce your business, make it known to people, talk about it like you’ve never done before.

Also, do not relent using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc to advertise your business.

Moreover, to accurately publicize your business, design and distribute attractive flyers, take professional pictures of your works, make short videos of your works and post them on social media platforms where there is a wide audience because people are moved by what they see and not what they hear.

Make sure you fiercely advertise your hair salon business online and offline respectively.

13. Do Not Overcharge Your Customers

Rome was not built in a day, so you cannot become rich overnight. it is not advisable to chase away your customers by charging them very high.

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Make your price moderate, do not cheat yourself and customers too, let there be a balance.

Moreover, moderate prices increase patronage and your availability in business. When your customers constantly patronize you and bring more customers to you,  then you are bound to make more money.

14. Maintain A Clean And Safe Environment

Cleanliness is next to godliness; nobody likes a dirty environment.  If you want your hair salon business in Nigeria to bloom and bear fruits, make sure your business environment is clean, safe, and relaxed for your customers.

Make sure you scrub the floor at all times, keep your towels, curtains, and combs clean, and disinfect every sharp object.

Make sure your customers receive professional services for constant patronage because What your customers tell others about your services will determine your growth.

15. Offer A Wide Range of Services

When you focus on one aspect of the hair salon business in Nigeria, you may not make enough money as you would make if you offered a wide range of services.

Aside from braiding or fixing of hair, you can offer other services like washing and relaxing of hair, hair treatment, pedicure, manicure, fixing of nails and eyelashes, etc. Many people prefer to do everything in one place to go to different places.

16. Have A Good Customer Relationship

The essence of opening a business is to make a profit and without customers, profit cannot be made.

Customers will determine your duration in business, so it is advisable to rather make more customers rather than chasing them away.

The way you relate with your customers will determine their level of commitment. It is good to have a good relationship with your customers, make them feel valued and appreciated, and focus on giving them the best experience.

Always reach out to your customers by collecting their contact information and send them updates on new products/services, and any special offer you have for them.

Do not compromise your standards to avoid falling out of business.

Consistency is the key to a successful business. It is one thing to establish a business, it is another thing to grow it. To grow and expand your business, you have to be consistent.

Neglecting your business will make people see you as being unserious. Dedicate time for your business even if you have staff working for you.

Do not assume a secondary position in your business because your staff will not handle your business as you.

17. Create A Hair Salon Blog Or Website

This is not compulsory, but to keep your customers engaged, you can own a blog or website where you post things about hair—new hairstyles, new hair products, advice on how to take care of hair, etc.

You can also talk about existing hair products and why they should use them. There is no how you will follow these steps that customers will not come begging you to take their money.


The hair salon business in Nigeria is very profitable if you start well. You must follow the steps on how to start a hair salon business explained in this article if you want to remain and grow in business.

I hope this guide on how to start a hair salon business in Nigeria helps?

Good luck in your hair salon business!

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