How To Prepare And Pass NECO 2023/2024 In One Sitting Without Cheating

The National Examination Council, NECO is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate In Education in June/July, and November/December respectively.

NECO is one of the examinations people fail woefully.

Regardless, it is possible to write and pass your NECO in one sitting without cheating if you follow the right steps on how to prepare for the NECO examination in this article.

Things To Know About NECO

NECO is an alternative for those who couldn’t pass WAEC, sometimes people do combine WAEC and NECO to seek admission to the University.

NECO was established in Nigeria in 1999 to take over the duties of the National Board for Educational Management which was created in 1992 by the Ibrahim Babangida administration.

Visit their website at to register for your NECO examination and check for other information.

NECO Examinations

The Following Examinations Are Conducted By NECO yearly.

  • National Common Entrance Examination (NCEE)
  • Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)
  • Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE)

NECO Registration Fees

  • SSCE Internal Registration Fee for NECO is nine thousand eight hundred and fifty Naira (9,850.00)
  • SSCE External Registration Fee for NECO is nine thousand eight hundred and Fifty Naira (9,850.00)
  • BECE Registration fee is four Thousand Naira (4000.00)
  • NCEE Registration Fee is Two Thousand Five Hundred(2,500.00)

Why People Fail NECO

There are many reasons why people fail NECO. Some of the reasons are:

  • Laziness
  • Lack of early preparation
  • Lack of reading instructions carefully
  • Addiction to social media
  • Dependence on expo
  • Reading casually/bad study habit
  • Studying without past questions and syllabus
  • Not attending classes and tutorials
  • Answering questions the wrong way.

NECO Registration Requirements

  • You must be in the senior secondary school in a private or public school.
  • Know the subjects you want to register
  • Have the registration fees.
  • Get a personal email address and know the password
  • Know your date of birth.
  • Have a personal phone number.
  • Know the correct spelling of your name (Surname, First name, and Middle name).
  • Know your local government and state of origin.
  • Know your residential address.
  • Prepare for the examination.

How To Prepare And Pass NECO In One Sitting Without Cheating

The following are the steps on how to prepare, write and pass your NECO examination in one sitting without cheating

1. Remove All Negative Thoughts From Your Mind

If you want to successfully write and pass your NECO in one sitting without cheating, you need to remove all negative thoughts from your mind.   

You have to start believing that you have passed the exams already even before writing it.

Positivity brings success, so be positive at all times because you are the product of your mind.

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There are no locked doors, there are no impossibilities, if only you believe in your mind you will succeed, you will succeed.

2. Never Think Of Cheating

When you start thinking of cheating even before you register for the NECO examination, you will not be able to read. And if you do not read for the examination, you will either fail or cheat to pass.

Sometimes, why people cheat is because of insecurities, they feel they can not write the examination by themselves.

Never think of cheating if you want to write and pass NECO examination. Moreover,  NECO has warned that candidates should not cheat, anyone caught will be punished.

 3. Prepare A Good Study Timetable For NECO

It is important to have an effective timetable to help you manage the time you spend on each subject. Time table is what will tell you what to read at a particular time.

Having a study timetable will help you to develop good study habits and establish good study methods which will ensure that you study all the subjects.

Make sure you follow the timetable, never miss any time from the time you set for your study.

Make proper use of your time, never waste any second.

These are some of the questions you should answer when drafting your NECO study timetable.

  • What’s your study plan?
  • How many days do you have left to prepare for NECO?
  • How many hours do you want to study per day?
  • What are the subjects you are not good at and the subjects you know very well?

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4. Prepare For NECO With The Best Textbook

It is necessary to prepare for NECO with the best textbook to avoid failure. Plenty of people fail NECO not because they did not prepare, they prepared with the wrong textbooks.

Some of the textbooks many candidates study for NECO are not comprehensive enough and they end up reading unnecessary things that will never appear in the examination.

Further, avoid the use of key points. Key point will make you fail your NECO because the topics there are not fully explained to your understanding.

Moreover, you may be wondering how to get the right textbook for NECO. Unlike JAMB, NECO does not release the list of recommended textbooks to read for the exams.

There are two ways to get the best textbooks to study for NECO:

Use The Recommended Textbook For Jamb

 These days, NECO and JAMB exams are not too different. Their standard seems to be almost the same. If you use the recommended textbooks for JAMB to prepare for NECO, you will pass excellently.

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Ask People Who Passed NECO Without Cheating For Textbooks

 If you know someone who passed NECO without cheating, you can ask them for the names of the textbooks they used. Make sure you ask more than one person to be sure. You can also ask those who passed WAEC.

5. Start Reading Now For Your NECO Examination

The best time to start reading for your NECO examination if you want to write and pass is before you register for the examination.

Do not wait until the date of the examination is fixed before you start reading. If you start reading late for your NECO examination, you will not cover the syllabus, and you will not read well which will affect you.

6. Use NECO Syllabus

It is very important to use the NECO syllabus to prepare for your NECO exams. The NECO syllabus contains a list of topics, sub-topics, and what NECO examiners expect you to know.

7. Attend NECO Tutorial

Attending the NECO tutorial is another key to pass the NECO examination. Some secondary schools will not teach you enough to pass the NECO examination and also, some teachers won’t complete the syllabus for WAEC or NECO.

So it is necessary to attend a good NECO tutorial center. There, can ask more questions on the topics you didn’t understand clearly in school.

8. Never skip Examples and Exercises

Almost 80% of students skip examples and exercises when they are reading, most especially in subjects like Mathematics, physics, etc.

Examples make you understand the topic while exercises are what you use to test if you understand the example. Make sure you practice many examples in your textbook to understand the topic you are reading.

9. Read NECO Past Questions

NECO pass questions are very important materials to read for NECO. It will help you to understand how NECO exam.

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Getting NECO past questions is the best thing you can do for yourself if you want to write and pass NECO in one sitting without cheating.

Just go to a bookshop and purchase different NECO past questions and start solving the questions, you will see how easy the questions will be on your examination day.

10. Read Your Books With Understanding

Do not read for the NECO examination as though you are reading a novel; read with understanding. Reading out of points is the major reason many intelligent students fail NECO.

Always calm down and understand the major points of each topic before moving over to another topic. Jot down key points in your jotter.

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Do not assume you know any topic. Some topics may look as if you already know them when you don’t, so read and reread them until you understand them very well.

Avoid procrastination, do not postpone your reading to next time, read according to the time on your timetable. Ask your teachers or tutors questions if you are finding any topic difficult.

11. Join NECO Group On Social Media

Joining NECO social media platform will help you know the latest news about NECO, you will also be able to ask other candidates questions regarding the examination.

You can join  NECO Facebook or WhatsApp group to interact with likes mind and also learn new things.

12. Be Consistent

If you want to pass your NECO examination, you need to be consistent in everything you do.

Keep on studying and learning every day. The only thing that kills consistency is procrastination, stop procrastinating and keep reading until you pass your NECO examination.

Do not just read a book once and dump it, always read and re-read your books.  Never stay a day without looking at your textbook, it is very important.

The more frequent you study, the more you understand, and the closer to success you will be.

13. Get A Good Sleep

It is important to get good sleep when preparing for your NECO exams. Sleep will relax and refresh your brain making it easy to retain what you’ve read.

Never force anything into your brain, read, sleep, and exercise, and your brain will be receptive to everything you read.

14. Eat Healthily

Studying time is not the time to consume all kinds of junk foods, it will make you lazy and tired. Eat vegetables and fruits more often.

Make sure you don’t skip breakfast or stay hungry for too long to avoid having headaches or falling sick. When you are sound and healthy, you will be able to read and pass your NECO exams successfully.


Passing NECO exams is not difficult if you follow the right methods mentioned in this article.

The way you read for NECO exams and what you read are the most important factors that will determine your success.

If you can cover everything using the right study techniques, you will pass NECO easily.

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