May 22, 2024
Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the Top Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria.

One of the greatest means of expanding your financial capability in our world today is entrepreneurship.

It gives you more money and at the same time more freedom.

Before now, entrepreneurship may have to do with you having a business or a craft to sell.

But things have really changed, and life has become much easier through digital skills, online businesses, and many others.

However, one of these easy ways of earning more money and gaining more free time is through network marketing.

Although there are other means of making money via the marketing of goods, if you have chosen to go into network marketing, this is for you.

In this post, you will know the top good network marketing companies in Nigeria.

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a type of business where you sell products through a network.

This is also called multilevel marketing (MLM).

It is a model where you purchase the product of a network marketing company for your personal use.

By purchasing this product, you will be registered as a network marketer and you earn profits when someone else buys through you.

How do Network Marketing works?

If you are Mr. A, and you bought a product from XYZ limited, you will be registered as a network marketer.

When Mr. B buys a product through you, you will earn some profit.

If another man Mr. C also buys through you, you earn more profit again. And this continues whenever someone buys a product through you.

Now, the second part is that when Mr. B bought his own product, he is also registered but he will be a level under you.

The same thing applies to Mr. C and every other person that buys through you.

When you now have people under you, people will also buy through them. Let’s say Mr. E bought through Mr. B, three things will happen as follows:

  • Mr. E will become a registered marketer who will also earn when someone buys through him
  • Mr. B who is under you will earn a profit because someone has bought through him
  • You, Mr. A, will earn an additional profit because someone under you earns a profit.
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This same thing applies to Mr. C who is also under you, and this is how your network builds up.

Therefore, when people are buying in your network they are helping you to make money even without an effort from you.

Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria

Network Marketing or Multilevel marketing (MLM) has been in existence in Nigeria for a long time now, and it is becoming more popular among Nigerians over the past few years.

There are many MLM companies in existence in the country.

I am aware that many of these companies paint the business so beautifully only to disappoint people that have started out with them.

But if you really want to go into this business, make more findings before you get discouraged by a friend’s storyline.

However, below is the best paying MLM companies in Nigeria.

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1. Max International

When we talk of good or best network marketing companies in Nigeria, Max international stands tall among the good rankings.

Max International began in 2007, and it is situated in the United States of America.

This company is a Multi-Level Marketing company that offers health products to keep the body healthy and free from sickness.

Max International provides an opportunity if a lifetime partnership through their network marketing.

Your continuous reward with this company is 25% of the price of the goods bought through you.

The networking system is understandable and convenient. Also, it is suitable for every category of people.

Visit the max International website here

2. Golden Neo Life Daimite (GNLD)

Golden Neo Life Daimite is another good and reputable network marketing company in Nigeria.

When I said network marketing or MLM has been in existence for years in the country, this is proof.

This company was established in 1958 and has improved the lives of many since then.

GNLD was formerly called NEO life international before it took its current refined name.

With their years of experience, you can safely call them the king of network marketing in Nigeria.

GNLD is a specialist in the provision of nutritional supplements.

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The company is one of the best network marketing companies in Nigeria.

Visit the Golden Neo Life Daimite website here

3. Trevo Nigeria

Trevo is another name when asking for which company is best for network marketing business in Nigeria.

Trevo was founded in 2010 and has provided huge financial income opportunities for their marketers in the country.

The trademark of their product is health, wellness, and fitness.

The product you will buy will greatly improve your health status, and financial reward will be like a huge bonus when you witness the result to others and they also buy.

Visit Trevo’s website here

4. Tasly World

Tasly world is a Chinese company that deals with health and pharmaceuticals network marketing.

The company was established in 1994, and it is one of the best network marketing companies in Nigeria.

Tasly’s MLM business has a fine strategy that will help you to build your network with ease and enjoy the dividend as the network grows bigger.

Visit Tasly’s website here

5. Oriflame

I can’t outrightly say Oriflame is the No. 1 network marketing company in Nigeria because each of the companies have their strengths and weakness.

This ranges from their product to their system, but Oriflame is one of the best paying MLM in Nigeria.

The company was established in 1967 making it one of the most experienced networking companies in the country.

Oriflame is based in Switzerland and they specialize in cosmetics.

This does not in any way suggest that the business of for females alone because they sell cosmetics.

The network marketing business is open to every interested person.

Visit the Oriflame website here

6. Longrich

Longrich is one is the most popular network marketing companies in Nigeria.

The company was founded in 1986 and has been in Nigeria do many years.

Longrich specializes in health and skincare, and their products are numerous in number.

Some of the products offered by Longrich are essential household Products like toothpaste, soap, green tea, napkins, oils, and many others.

Longrich’s MLM business moves really fast and is suitable for all classes of people.

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Visit the Longrich website here

7. Organo Gold

Organo Gold is another important name on the list of the best network marketing companies inĀ  Nigeria.

It is a company that specializes in a product that moves faster in the market.

Organo Gold specializes in Beverages and offers one of the most perfect MLM business opportunities to their marketers.

The company is a Canada-based network marketing company in Nigeria, and it was established in 2008.

Visit the Organo Gold website here

8. Alliance In Motion Global (AIM Global)

Alliance In Motion Global is a very popular network marketing company in Nigeria.

This company has many built networks that recruit new marketers and also show them how to build their own network.

While marketers finely market this business opportunity almost with no stress, it is important to know that some level of work is required on your own part.

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This is not limited to AIM Global only, it is the same fate with every other MLM company.

The largest your network the greater your reward.

AIM Global was founded in 1993, and it is one of the strongest network marketing companies in Nigeria.

Visit AIM Global website here

9. Boss International

Boss International is another network marketing company in Nigeria with a steady network system.

The company specializes in fragrance and beauty.

With boss international, you can earn income immediately after you register without having any network yet.

This company began in 2018, and it is based in the Philippines.

It is one of the best MLM companies in Nigeria for you.

Visit Boss International website here

10. Uno Premier

Uno premier is one other new network marketing company in Nigeria.

It offers one of the latest networking businesses in Nigeria.

Uno premier was founded in 2011, and it specializes in health and wellness products.

It is also based in the Philippines, and it is one of the MLM companies you can join in Nigeria.

Visit the Uno Premier website here

That is all on the Top Good Network Marketing Companies In Nigeria.

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