May 21, 2024
Computer School In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on how to start a computer school in Nigeria.

The global world is becoming more technology-oriented on a daily basis, and this has called for a shift in the acquisition of knowledge.

Information and Computer technology (ICT) has become very vital to every field of man’s life in every nation of the world.

Of course, Nigeria is not left out of this development.

Computer skills is a skill that is vital, important, and applicable to almost every sphere of life of Nigerians.

The aftermath of this has given importance and recognition to computer education and has even made it one of the most sought-after forms of education in the country.

As a result of this, starting a computer school is a lucrative venture and one that can not fail.

There are so many prospective students that will patronize your school as much as you have a quality educational standard.

In this post, I will show you the steps to start a computer school in Nigeria.

A step-by-step guide that will help you to establish a standard computer institution.

So if you have been asking “how do I start a computer training school in Nigeria” read on.

Importance Of Computer Schools In Nigeria

The use of computers in Nigeria has become essential, and as such gaining adequate computer training is very important especially for new users.

Computer skills are one of the most sought-after skills, and it is a skill that is required even for many employment opportunities.

In Nigeria today, students write exams like JAMB, POST JAMB, and some higher institutional exams with the use of computers.

Also, the advent of coronavirus in Nigeria increased the rate of having virtual classes, and business and professional meetings for executives. This is done over the internet, and it is done better with the use of computers.

Therefore, computer schools are very relevant in Nigeria.

You will only need to master how to run a successful computer training center in Nigeria.

Steps To Start A Computer School In Nigeria

The goal of this article once again is to help you decipher the best strategies to start a computer business center in Nigeria.

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There are some basic requirements, and of course an order of implementing or executing your plans for effectiveness.

Therefore Below are the steps involved in starting a computer school in Nigeria.

1. Get Skilled

A computer school has the sole mission of equipping its students with computer skills.

So let me pose this popular to you as a question that “how do you give what you don’t have?”

The first requirement for you to start a computer school in Nigeria is to get the skills, and there are three basic skills that are paramount to your smooth running of the institute.

These three are Technical skills, teaching skills, and management skills.

Let’s talk about each skill briefly to shed more light.

1. The Technical Skills (Computer Skills)

Going back to the cliche “you don’t give what you don’t have”.

Therefore, before you can start a computer school in Nigeria, you should be able to use a computer yourself.

I mean you should have the skills you’re about to start passing across to others.

Although, you can still start one if you are not skilled. You will have to employ skilled personnel to take charge of the institution’s affairs.

But if you won’t be able to afford to hire somebody, then you must have the skills yourself.

Be sure you can use computer programs and applications (not necessarily all but to a large extent) like Word Packages, Utility software, Graphic packages, Analysis packages, and so on.

2. The Teaching Skills

I know a lot of people that have brilliant ideas but are not able to pass them across to others in a clear and concise manner.

The result of this is usually confusion and an uproar if more questions in the mind of the listener(s).

I believe you wouldn’t want to give your new students a similar experience.

Therefore, you should get teaching skills.

Once again, you can get people who are trained teachers, but it may require a huge investment of funds.

So be it as it may, you must provide teaching skills in your school.

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And if you will hire teachers, ensure they have the technical skills first, else they might as well start as students with you.


Yes, you can help them get the Technical skills in addition to their teaching skills and they will make good teachers for you.

If you want to get the teaching skills for yourself, you can enroll for training and at the same time sharpen yourself by volunteering.

You can volunteer to teach a friend, some children around you, at your religious places of worship, and so on.

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3. The Management Skills

Let me begin by saying you can also hire somebody to take the managing role of the school, but you understand what it will take already.

If you will not be hiring a manager, then you should get management skills.

This will help you recognize how to manage people and resources simultaneously.

2. Raise The Required Startup Capital

One step to take before this is to have an estimate of what it will cost to start a computer training institute.

When you know how much you need to start a computer training center, you should go ahead to make the money readily available.

Make a list of your important needs, and be sure of how much they cost.

A few of what you’ll be needing are:

A center (it could be rented or built).

Furnishing of the center (Chairs, Tables, electrical plugs and sockets and etc.)

Sets of Desktop/Laptop computers. You should be getting more than just one computer to have effective training of students when they’re much.

Printers: you will need to do some printing and of course teach how to print.

A Generator Set: Relying totally on the Nigerian lower supply may fail you sometimes.

These are just a few of what you’ll need. Make extensive researches and get the money ready.

3. Get An Easily-Accessed Centre.

That was the first thing I said you need in the list above is to that you’ll get a center.

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After you have cited the structure you want, and you have raised the funds, you should get a study center.

You can either rent a shop temporarily to build a more permanent one later.

Or you can build it up at once if you have the capability.

Survey an area before setting up your center there.

Be sure it can be accessed easily, and it is close to the residential area.

4. Hire Competent Staffs

You may be wondering why you will need to hire staff again since you are already skilled.

You can teach and manage the institution at the same time in the early days when students are not too many.

But for effectiveness, you will need teachers to join you.

You may also need staff in other departments like accounting, cleaning and more.

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5. Register The Business with CAC

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the body in Nigeria that registers businesses to make it an official business that is legally certified in the country.

This will make your business to be recognized in Nigeria and will authorize you to issue certificates to students in the completion of their programs. Learn how to register your business with CAC.

6. Create An Effective Study Curriculum Or Manual.

There is a continuous advancement in computer knowledge.

Therefore, you need to have a study plan that is relevant to the world’s present demands.

The plan should cover basic computer packages and other professional courses.

You will also need to review this plan to suit the advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

7. Advertise Your School

Your business will thrive and continue to grow based on how known it is.

Marketing your business and bringing it to public notice will increase your own income.

You can make use of various mediums to get this done.

The use of fliers, billboards, social media platforms is a good way to start.

That is all on how to start a computer school in Nigeria.

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