How To Start A Clothing Business In Nigeria 2023

One of the most profitable businesses to start in Nigeria is the clothing business.

However, clothing business is not an easy business to set up because many people have failed in this line of business.

Nevertheless, with the right information provided in this article on how to start a clothing business, you can set up and run your business successfully.

Clothing Business in Nigeria

 The clothing business is one of the fast-rising businesses in Nigeria as clothing is one of man’s basic needs.

We need clothing to survive the harsh weather condition, to adorn ourselves, and to protect ourselves from diseases.

Man’s desire for clothing is insatiable as different designs pop up in the clothing industry on daily basis.

However, there is an intense hunger for quality clothes and the ability to satisfy this hunger makes you a millionaire.

Truthfully, the clothing business is very lucrative and investment in the business is a worthwhile investment.

However, the demand for clothes will still be very high because clothes lose their effectiveness and intensity over time.

Nigeria is known for organizing various events and colorful attires people wear add beauty to these events.

Moreover, as long as these events keep taking place, the demand for clothing will keep increasing.

Clothing manufacturers are very keen on producing different beautiful clothes to entice the general public.

The ability to look for beautiful clothes to gain customers’ attention will aid in your business growth.

Despite the huge engagement in the clothing industry, there are still opportunities for you to make money if you are passion-driven, creative, consistent, motivated, and unique.

If you are serious about starting a clothing business in Nigeria, then read this article to the end to gain more insight.

Steps on How to Start a Clothing Business in Nigeria

There are many necessary steps to consider when starting a clothing business in Nigeria.

Below are the important steps:

1. Learn the business

It is of great disadvantage to venture into the clothing business without having adequate knowledge of the business. To thrive in clothing business in Nigeria,  you need to know everything about it.

You can get assistance from someone who is already in the business or you can browse and learn the business on YouTube.

Moreover, Ignorance will make you lose so much and become frustrated, so to avoid this you need to get informed before you venture into the clothing business in Nigeria.

Experience might be the best teacher but experiencing failure can deter you from forging ahead.

Moreover, Starting a clothing business is not like starting any other business, remember, different strokes for different folks, so learn its rudiment before you leap into it and crash.

2. Draft a Business Plan

It is necessary to draft your business plan before venturing into the clothing business. Your business plan will guide you through each stage of starting, growing, and managing your business.

Your business plan is the tool you’ll use to convince people that working with you or investing in your business is a wise choice.

Business plans can help you get funding or bring on new business partners. The things you should include in your business plan are:

  • Vital information about your business
  • Your business description—this should contain your mission statement, the history of your business, and your business objectives.
  • Your ideal potential customers as well as the actual and potential size of your market.
  • Your marketing strategy or marketing plan
  • Your product description
  • Your budget and a financial plan.
  • How to achieve your desired business goals, etc.
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By drafting your business plan, you would have a guideline to follow and a sense of direction. Moreover, businesses without a business plan tend to crash easily or become stunted

3. Determine The Type of Clothing Business You Want To Venture Into

To strive In the clothing business, you need to create a niche for yourself, determine what you want to be known for, and stick to it for success.

Do not get lost in the crowd by being indecisive. Be firm, and be inspired to do something different. Know your target audience and thrill them with beautiful clothing. The different types of clothing businesses you can choose from are:

  • Casual for women.
  • Casual for men.
  • Smart casual for women.
  • Smart casual for men.
  • Business casual for women.
  • Business casual for men.
  • Business professional for women.
  • Business professional for men.
  •  Children’s wear
  • Unisex
  • Spot wears,
  • Thrift clothing, etc.

Moreover, you need to venture into the clothing area that is high in demand to acquire customers and make more sales.

4. Define Your Target Audience

Your target audience is a particular group at which your clothing business is aimed. Before starting a clothing business, it is important to know your target audience and what they want.

Know how they reason, study their buying behavior and what impresses them to know the type of clothing to offer them. Your target audience can be young men, young women, old men, young men, youths, or children.

5. Choose A Good Location

Location is very crucial in the clothing business. carrying out a feasibility study will help you know how possible it is for your business to strive in a particular location.

Do a survey and make inquires to know if the location is suitable for your business. It does not matter how crowded the environment is or how beautiful it is, if your target audience is not there then there is no need to establish your business there.

Moreover, when choosing your location, choose a place that is easily accessible and known by people and riders.

6. Know Your Competitors

Plenty of people are venturing into the Clothing business in Nigeria, so it is necessary to know your competitors, how they run their businesses, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

Find out their price range and what they do to entice customers. All these will help you to prepare your business plan and effective market strategy.

To stand out amidst your competitors, you need to do what they are not doing and also be creative in all areas of your business.

 7. Source Credible Suppliers

Before you purchase your clothes for sale, you need to source credible suppliers, suppliers that will deliver the best to you at affordable prices.

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You can do a market survey and also seek help from those who have been in the business before you. Sourcing credible suppliers will help you buy right and at affordable prices.

The major places you can buy cheap clothes in Nigeria are:

  • Aba in Abia state
  • Eko\CMS in Lagos state
  • Garki market, Abuja
  •  Karimu market, Abuja
  • Wuse market, Abuja
  • Nyanya market, Abuja.

You can also import quality clothes at a cheaper rate from Turkey and China or you can buy them from online stores that ship to Nigeria.

The online stores that ship clothes to Nigeria are:

You can also get a fashion designer to sew and design Ankara ready-to-wear clothes for you if you are dealing in Ankara ready to wear.

Get a Business Name

A business name is the name of your business and it is an important part of your business and something you cannot do without.

Your business name is the first thing your customer will know before knowing you. Your business name will make you stand out from your competitors and make people know and buy from you.

Businesses without a business name are always seen as a scam, to avoid this, you need to generate a business name for your clothing business.

If you are confused or find it difficult to choose a business name, you can consult business experts or business planners to come up with an outstanding business name for you.

You can go on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and ask people to suggest a business name for you.

You can also request a suggestion of business name on Nairaland or use business name generators. List of business name generators you can use are:

  • Squadhelp Brand Name Generator
  • Online Brand Name Generator
  • Shopify Business Name Generator
  • Oberlo
  • BNG
  • BizNameWizCreativeBusinessNameGenerator
  • Name smith

These are steps on how to choose your clothing business name are:

  • Decide on what you want the name of your business to communicate.
  • Make it short
  • Make it easy to pronounce
  • Make it creative
  • Avoid odd spellings
  • Be conscious of translations
  • Make it easy for people to remember
  • Be unique.

Learn why your business needs the perfect name and how to find it.

8. Register Your Clothing Business

If you want your clothing business to be successful in Nigeria, you have to register it with the appropriate bodies that control businesses in Nigeria.

You will have to register your clothing business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to make your business legal.

The registration process is easy, if you provide all the required information needed for the registration, it will take just 48 hours to register your business name.

The CAC official filing fee for the registration of a business name in Nigeria is 10,000 (ten thousand naira only). Learn how to register your clothing business in Nigeria.

9. Purchase Clothes

After learning the clothing business, drafting your business plans, determining the type of clothing business you want to venture into, defining your target audience, carrying out a feasibility study on your business location, and sourcing credible suppliers, the next thing is to purchase your clothes.

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10. Add Price Tags to Your Clothes

The main essence of adding price tags on your clothes is to be conversant with the price so you don’t sell them at a lower rate.

Not adding a price tag to your clothes will make your customers fiercely bargain the price with you and make you sell less than how you bought them. Besides adding a price tag to your clothes will make you look more professional in your business.

11. Advertise Your Clothing Business

Although clothing is a necessity and people buy clothes every day, you still need to advertise your clothing business because you are not the only one in the business.

Your marketing strategy should revolve around your product, price, place, and promotion. A good marketing strategy will prolong your stay in the clothing business, generate revenues and expand your customer base.

You can market your clothing business on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for a wider audience. You can also sell it on online marketplaces like Jiji, Jumia, and Konga.

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12. Have A Good Customer Service

To strive in the Clothing business in Nigeria, you need to have good customer service. The way you treat your customers both online and offline will determine their level of trust in you.

If you treat your customers well they will be provoked to make their friends and family members buy from you.

13. Keeping with the trend

The clothing industry in Nigeria is evolving and things are changing, so you need to keep up with the latest trends to stay relevant in the market.

Moreover, to venture into the clothing business, you need to be a fashion lover, because your good dress sense will attract customers to you.

Cost of Starting a Clothing Business in Nigeria

The cost of starting a clothing business in Nigeria depends on the quality of clothes you want to sell and your location.

Moreover, if you want to start with cheap clothes, you can start with 500,000 Naira. But if you are going into selling quality clothes, you will need a large amount of money to start. Learn how to finance your clothing business in Nigeria.

The clothing business in Nigeria will continue to soar, so do not be discouraged by the vast number of people in the business, you can still cash out real good if you are determined.

That’s all on how to start a clothing business in Nigeria.

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