How To Get A High GRE Score (Working Strategy)

This is a detailed guide on how to get a high GRE score.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is one of the examinations that gives some people goosebumps.

There is no examination that is too hard to pass after adequate preparation and following the right steps.

Thorough preparation precedes success and this article on how to get a high GRE score will help you pass your exams without stress.

About The Graduate Record Examination

GRE is a standardized examination required for admission in many graduate schools in the United States of America, Canada, and a few other countries.

It was founded in 1936 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

GRE is owned and conducted by Educational Testing Service (ETS), a world’s substantial private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization.

The examination aims to evaluate candidates’ verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking.

GRE spans different areas including algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and vocabulary sections.

The examination is however offered as computer-based exams administered at testing centers and institutions owned and approved by Prometric.

The three areas of concentration in the GRE are analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

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Analytical Writing

The analytical section evaluates candidates’ abilities to

1. Express complex ideas simply and effectively

2. Support ideas with suitable reasons and examples

3. Analyze claims and support evidence

4. Maintain a well-focused, understandable discussion

5. Control the components of standard written English

Furthermore, the Analytical Writing category expects you to provide focused responses based on the tasks presented, so you can properly demonstrate your skill in directly responding to a task.

You can get analytical writing question types and analytical writing sections to help you study and pass GRE.

Moreover, the analytical writing section of the GRE comprises two singly timed analytical writing tasks which are analyzing an issue task and analyzing an argument task.

Analyzed an issue task examined your ability to think critically about general interest topics and to simply communicate your thought about it in writing.

Analyze an argument task evaluates your ability to understand, analyze and evaluate arguments and to simply communicate your evaluation in writing.

Verbal Reasoning Section Of The GRE

The verbal reasoning section examines your ability to

1. Interpret and draw conclusions from discourse, reason from incomplete data, and identify the author’s assumptions and views.

2. Understand numerous levels of meaning, such as literal, figurative, and author’s intent.

3. Choose important points; distinguish major from minor or irrelevant points; summarize text; understand the structure of a text.

4. Understand the meaning of individual words, sentences, and entire texts; understand relationships among words and concepts.

Moreover, the verbal reasoning section of the examination contains three types of questions which are reading Comprehension, text Completion, and sentence equivalence.

You can get verbal reasoning question types and verbal reasoning section which includes sample questions with explanation tips, and practice them.

Quantitative Reasoning Section Of GRE

The quantitative reasoning section evaluates your capacity to:

1. Understand, interpret and analyze quantitative data.

2. Solve problems using mathematical models

3. Apply basic skills and elementary concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis

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Check out quantitative reasoning question types and the quantitative reasoning section which includes sample questions with explanations for practice.

Additionally, the GRE general test offers different test locations candidates can choose from.

Requirements For The Registration Of GRE

To register for GRE, it is necessary to note the following

1. know the examination procedures, registration options, and examination fees to know if you are capable of paying.

2. Read the reschedule and cancellation policies.

3. Read and understand the Identification requirements. You are expected to report to a test center with a valid and acceptable ID, and it must match the first and last name you used when creating your account to register for your exams.

4. Decide when you would like to take the test; go to the seat availability section to choose your preferred date and location.

5. Endeavor to allow sufficient time for score reporting when scheduling your test so you can meet the admissions deadlines for the schools to which you are applying.

6. Create an ETS account to receive up-to-date test center information because not all test centers are open on all dates.

7. Determine the graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors you want to get your scores.

Moreover, when you register for GRE general test, it is advisable to signup for the search service in your ETS Account.

The search service allows graduate, business, and law schools, fellowship sponsors, and other organizations that participate in the service to communicate with candidates about admissions, scholarships, fellowships, and other educational opportunities.

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Steps On How To Register For GRE Online

To register for your GRE follow the steps below

1. Log in to your ETS account or create an account.

2. On your My GRE home page, select Register/Find Test Centers.

3. Verify your email address, then continue.

4. To select your test appointment, confirm your time zone, or select a new one.

5. Choose the two months you would like to take the test and select an available test date from the calendar.

6. Select an available time for your test, and click “Register for this test.”

7. Follow the directions to continue your registration and pay for your test.

Once your registration has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from ETS confirming your test choice, test date, test center, or link to launch your at-home test, and score recipients.

Moreover, you can take the test at a Prometric test center or take it at home.

If you are taking the test at home, you must meet equipment and environmental requirements.

And if you are taking the test at a test center, you must register at least two days before your preferred test date.

Best Steps On How To Get a High GRE Score

These steps on how to get a high GRE score cannot be effective if you do not implement them. It is important you follow these steps to increase your GRE score by ten points

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1. Be Motivated

This is one of the ways to get a high GRE score. Motivation is a driving force to success. When you are motivated, you are charged to succeed, therefore, to ace your GRE, you must be motivated and determined to pass the test.

Motivation makes you consistent and focused in your studies. It helps you to set your goals and work towards achieving them.

2. Set Your Target Score

This is another way to get a high GRE score. It is important to set your target score when practicing for the GRE test because every program in the university has its set score for the test.

It is important you research approved scores for every program you want to apply to, create a list of the preferred GRE scores, and practice consistently to meet the desired score.

Take a practice GRE to know how much work you need in practice.

Taking an actual GRE is the best way to figure out what your weaknesses are and how to tackle them.

Moreover, ETS offers power prep practice tests to help you prepare for GRE general test.

The practice test helps you to be familiar with the various question types, and testing tools, including the on-screen calculator.

It is important to practice your test-taking strategies, such as time management, by taking a test under timed conditions.

3. Thoroughly Know The Test Format

It is important to thoroughly know the test format so you do not become stranded on the day of exams if you want to get a high GRE score.

The GRE is made up of two analytical writing sections, two verbal reasoning sections, two quantitative reasoning sections, and two unscored sections that could be either verbal or quantitative.

You must be conversant with this format and also know that GRE greatly rewards accuracy, and so you must be precise in answering your questions.

4. Practice All The Sections

Dedicate your time to practicing all the sections of the test if you want to get a high GRE score

To tackle the quantitative section, make a list of all the mathematics topics you are not conversant with and practice them.

By intently studying your mathematics, your knowledge of mathematics will be widened.

You can access the mathematics workbook on Amazon or watch YouTube for step-by-step explanations. 

Practice your verbal reasoning by reading good language books, novels, magazines, etc.

You should also perfect your grammar by making use of free grammar resources online, watching news and seeing quality movies.

5. Know What Works For You

You own yourself so you must figure out the reading method that works for you if you want to get a high GRE score.

It is important you identify how you study and how you learn.

Some people learn better when they write things down or read by themselves while others need to hear the information to understand.

Figure out the best method you can retain information and create a solid study plan to get started.

6. Use The Right Study Tools

It is not just enough to study but to study with the right study materials.

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The best study materials you can use in studying for your GRE are the official EST materials. Their practice tests and questions are likely what you will see on test day.

You can also take GRE courses on Udemy to understand and gain more knowledge if you want to get a high GRE score.

7. Avoid Cramming For The Exams

Cramming isn’t beneficial for preserving what you’ve read, so you have to avoid it if you want to get a high GRE score.

If you used a few days to cram everything you would have read gradually, not only would you burn out, you’re likely to get a lower score.

Read gradually and intensely to understand everything and build your exams taking stamina.

8. Correct Your Mistakes

When you make mistakes on practice questions, you need to know the correct answer and correct them immediately because the more closely you can identify your errors and correct them, the less likely you are to repeat those errors.

You can also have a jotter where you evaluate every single question you got wrong and be cautious not to make the same mistakes again.

9. Use Your Time Wisely

Time is an expensive commodity you need to manage well if you must get a high GRE score.

Spend your time studying the appropriate materials and at some point pause to assess yourself to know whether you are getting what you are practicing or you are whiling away time.

Moreover, when studying, you need to know how much time you can spend on each of the questions and compare it to the Time allotted for the test.

10. Get Help

If you find it difficult to study alone, you can attend GRE classes online or offline.

You can pay someone knowledgeable to tutor or seek help from someone who has written the test before.

11. Take Care Of Yourself

You need to take good care of yourself while preparing for the test if you must get a high GRE score.

Always have a good night’s rest and eat nutritious food with protein and complex carbs.

Moreover, a day before the exams, be sure to pack your bag with all of your essential needs—your approved ID, water,  snacks, and anything else you may need.

Moreover, do not forget to eat a good breakfast before going to sit for the exams.

12. Stay Positive

Be positive because the best way to get a good score is to believe in yourself.

Believing in yourself will give you the confidence to tackle the questions without fidgeting

Finally, visit the test center a day before the actual test to know exactly how to get there and what traffic may be like.

That is all on how to get high GRE score, I hope it helps.

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