May 21, 2024
how to pass IELTS in one sitting

This is a complete guide on how to pass IELTS in one sitting.

IELTS is an examination that makes people shiver because of the rate of failure recorded and the huge registration fee.

Despite the high rate of failure, there are people who still pass this examination in one sitting and are doing well for themselves in the countries they migrated to.

You do not need to study English to pass the IELTS examination, with the right approach and strategy, you can clear your paper in one sitting.

This article on how to pass IELTS in one sitting will help you pass IELTS examination in first attempt. Read to the end and you would be glad you did.

About IELTS Examination

The International English Language Testing System(IELTS) is an international official test of English Language proficiency for non-native speakers of the English Language who want to migrate to core English speaking countries.

It was established in 1989 and is handled by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English.

The sole essence of the test is to assess your reading, writing, listening, and speaking of the English Language.

It is a test to know if you can comfortably live among the native speakers of the English language. The test is written four times a month and 48 times a year.

IELTS examination comes in a different format, there is IELTS Academics, IELTS General Training, IELTS for UKVI, general training for UKVI, IELTS Life Skills.

If you are writing IELTS as a student, you would need to inquire of your university, college, or school of the test that is appropriate for you before registering.

Moreover, If you are applying for a working visa, it is advisable to know the IELTS format that applies to your organization before booking the test.

Interestingly, IELTS is recognized by over 10,000 organizations in 140 countries worldwide.

It recognizes both British and American English in terms of spelling, grammar, and choice of words.

IELTS has been developed in close consultation with academics, professional bodies, and immigration authorities, it’s approach is recognized as being fair, reliable, and valid to all candidates

IELTS prices vary in different countries, and there is no fixed fee for taking the test.

IELTS requires some amount of time and dedication to scale through. The fee is huge and failing it can be depressing, that’s why we’ve come up with tips on how to pass IELTS in first attempt without much stress.

Guide On How To Pass IELTS in one sitting

Passing IELTS in one sitting is not magic; it depends on you and the value you place on the examination.

If you are indifferent, this guide will not be of help to you. Moreover, below are the ways on how to pass IELTS in first attempt.

1. Start Early To Prepare

Early preparation will save you from troubles and a last-minute rush.

When you start early to prepare, you would have time to go through all your materials, ask questions, and thoroughly practice your exercises.

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You can dedicate a minimum of 6 weeks to intensively prepare for the IELTS examination.

Moreover, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the requirement of each examination as it is of a disadvantage to cram past questions.

However, strive to understand their question-answering strategy.

2. Understand The Examination Structure

it is of no value to prepare for the IELTS without understanding the examination structure.

Understanding the structure of the examination will enable you to know how to prepare for the examination without stress.

To understand the structure, and the type of question to expect, it is crucial to go over mock test papers, and equip yourself for the IELTS with free practice tests and answers.

Attempt to answer the questions and time yourself so you can rate how fast you are, and then improve and develop your examination technique.

Moreover, the mock test paper enables you to understand the test format, experience the types of lessons you will be asked to carry out, timely test yourself, review your answers, and compare them with model answers.

If you are conversant with the pattern, you will be able to answer the questions more confidently when you take the IELTS exam. You can download the mock test here 

3. Practice Each Section Separately

Do not try to study every section at the same time. Set aside time for each of the sections and judiciously stick to it.

You can start with the reading section, then go over to the listening section, writing and speaking. You have to study  every segment with aiding material.

Do not just prepare haphazardly, take your time and do not cram anything; study to know.

4. Use Genuine materials To Practice For IELTS

Do not be tossed about or get disappointed by using the wrong materials to prepare for the test.

Since every applicant is desperate to pass the test, fraudsters might come up with fake material and courses to defraud you.

Always be sensitive and ask questions. Go to the IELTS site and take note of the recommended materials to study.

IELTS organizers have provided IELTS support tools on their website for candidates. The IELTS support tools contain all you need to start preparing for your IELTS.

Also, look for genuine textbooks and study material in bookshops and authentic online stores. You can also take genuine IELTS courses from genuine online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, etc.

6. Practice Writing

The English language is not static, and writing styles vary. By reading novels, newspapers, and blog posts, you can learn about the different ways the English language is utilized.

To improve your writing skill, it is crucial to practice writing every day, because you would be required to write two essays in the test.

Write using a variety of sentence structures and vocabulary. You can also use online tools like Google Docs. FocusWriter,  Grammarly, Hemingway, etc. to improve your writing skills.

When you write, do not keep it to yourself, always ask friends or tutors who are knowledgeable in that aspect to read and score you.

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Moreover, endeavor to rewrite corrected essays and take note of the mistakes you made.

7. Practice To Become A Good  listener

Many people find the listening section difficult because of the difference in accent but thorough practicing will aid you.

It is necessary to listen to different audio clips online, BBC news reports, interviews, podcasts, commercials, etc. to be familiar with the different accents and tones.

Try to listen to a variety of English accents including American, Australian, British, Canadian, and New Zealand for a better understanding of the language.

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8. Practice Reading

Improve your reading skills by reading newspapers every week. You’ll find articles of the same length and complexness as those you will be given in the test.

Read good novels and articles to help improve your reading speed and vocabulary. If possible, always read loud, try pronouncing your words correctly.

It is also necessary to identify reading techniques and implement them.

Moreover, the main reading technique to apply for IELTS is skimming and scanning. Scanning will help you get specific points by looking at the whole text without reading everything.

Further, having great reading abilities can enable you to interpret and find meaning in everything you read.

however, before you commence your reading practice, set your reading goals, preview the texts, apply key reading techniques, take notes while you read, and apply what you read by summarizing.

9. Practice Speaking

It is vital to thoroughly practice English speaking skills before writing IELTS.

One of the biggest obstacles to developing English speaking skills is confidence and the best way to overcome this is by practicing.

You can practice by seeing a movie with subtitles. See it many times, read the subtitle, listen to how the characters pronounce each word and imitate them.

You can also Record yourself telling stories about your ordeals. Afterwards, Listen to the recordings and judge your grammar, accent, and pronunciation.

You can also participate in public speaking events and also endeavor to be thinking in English.

It is also advisable to speak to someone fluent in English, who can give you sensible feedback and tell you where you need improvement rather than just practicing alone.

Moreover, speaking English every day with your friends and family will help you build confidence and make you comfortable with the language.

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10. Be consistent in your approach

Consistency makes you perfect and produces the best result. To ace your IELTS you must be dedicated to your practice. Constant practice will help you build confidence and be familiar with all sections of the test.

11. Enroll in IELTS Program

Enrolling in IELTS program is one of the best tips on how to pass IELTS in one attempt.

Sometimes, studying alone is difficult and stressful. If you experience difficulty in studying alone, it is advisable to enroll in an IELTS preparation class or take an online course.

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These courses and classes will help you study fast and smart.

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12. Eat Healthily

To properly study for IELTS you have to eat healthily. Healthy eating will boost your ability to understand what you are reading very fast.

Healthy food like berries, citrus fruits, dark chocolate and cocoa products, nuts, eggs, avocados, fish, etc. trigger better grades, better memory, alertness, and fast information processing.

It is also important to get a good night sleep before the exams to keep you refreshed.

13. Read And Reread Instruction

Why many people fail IELTS is because they fail to read and understand the instructions.

Instructions are guides to writing exams, so do not rush to start answering the questions, take your time.

Moreover, do not be overconfident, endeavor to be yourself when taking the speaking section, and speak in the accent you are used to.

14. Read The Assessment Criteria

Reading the assessment criteria is one of the best tips on how to pass IELTS in one sitting.

it is crucial to understand what the examiners are looking for in the Speaking and Writing tests by reading the assessment criteria. Read and understand it before taking the test.

Additionally, be wary of false and negative rumors about the test, they are there to distract and build fear in you.

Official IELTS Practice Materials

Reading the tips on how to pass IELTS in one sitting is not enough, you can also benefit from a wide range of IELTS preparation books and materials created by some of the world’s leading English language specialist. Below are some of the genuine materials you can study.

  • Free online IELTS practice tests
  • Free IELTS preparation webinars and IELTS Study Pack
  • IELTS preparation courses from the British council
  • IELTS on computer preparation
  • IELTS for UKVI and Life Skills practice tests
  • IELTS books and study guides
  • Barron’s IELTS Super pack.
  • Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module: How to Maximize your Score.
  • Collins English for IELTS.
  • Focus on IELTS Foundation: Foundation Coursebook
  • Cambridge IELTS Academic Students Book with Answers with Audio; Authentic examination papers
  • Cambridge IELTS General Training Students Book with Answers with Audio; Authentic examination papers
  • Official IELTS Practice Materials 2 with DVD
  • Cambridge Grammar for IELTS; Students book with Answer and Audio CD
  • Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS Advanced Band 6.5+ with Answers and Audio CD:
  • Top Tips for IELTS; General Training Paper Back with CD-ROM
  • IELTS Life Skills A1 With Answers
  • Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7
  • IELTS trainer


Passing IELTS is your mindset first before preparations, so always have a positive mindset.

To pass your IELTS in one attempt, you must judiciously go through this article on how to pass IELTS in one sitting.

That is all on how to pass IELTS in one sitting.

I hope this guide on how to pass IELTS in one sitting helps.

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