Do you have the desire to school in the UK through a scholarship program? Have you heard of Chevening scholarship before?

Do you want to learn how to apply for  Chevening scholarship 2021/2022?

How about learning the winning tips to win Chevening scholarship? Well, if you can answer yes to any of these questions above, then this article was meant just for you.

Hence, in this timely article, I will take you through a detailed guide on how to go about all this, using a step by step approach, so that your dream of winning this famous Chevening scholarship will become a reality.

If you are ready, then let’s get started. However, you can just continue with this guide, and familiarize yourself with the application process, so it will be easy for you once the application portal re-opens.

If you are ready, then let’s get started.

What Is Chevening Scholarship?

Chevening scholarship is one of the UK scholarships that offers its winners’ fully funded scholarship programs to undertake their post-graduate programs in UK universities.

Even when there are lots of scholarship programs out there, Chevening scholarship has managed to become one of the most talked-about scholarship programs by international students.

The reason for this is not far from the fact that with Chevening scholarship, one need not worry over what to eat, where to live and how to pay their fees, as all these are officially taken care of by the scholarship because it is a fully-funded scholarship by the UK government.

Can you beat that? There is only a handful of scholarships out there that can boast of these.

Eligible Countries For Chevening Scholarship

It’s worthy to note that even when Chevening scholarship enjoys global recognition, it is not every country on earth that is eligible to apply.

Hence, it is pertinent to first determine whether your country is eligible for Chevening scholarship before applying.

Also, you should find out the number of persons that can stand a chance of winning this scholarship in your country because each participating country has a certain quota they can not go beyond, to enable equal distribution of this opportunity.

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To check the eligibility of your country, you may start by visiting Chevening official site through this link

Eligibility For Chevening Scholarship

Before applying for this scholarship, it is pertinent to first determine if you are eligible for this scholarship. Hence, you must meet with the following criteria below:

1. The applicant must be a citizen of an eligible country. Refer to this link to know if your country of origin is eligible.

2. The applicant must have completed his or her undergraduate program from a recognized higher institution.

3. You must be a graduate with nothing less than a second class upper division, which is popularly known as 2.1

4. You must have obtained a professional work experience of not less than 2 years from the date of your intended application

5. You must not be a person who has received any UK funded scholarship program before.

6. You must have applied to any 3 UK universities, and any or all these UK universities must have offered you an unconditional admission letter.

7. You must have applied for the English language test and must have met with the minimum cut off point, depending on the international examination that you chose to apply for.

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How To Apply For Chevening Scholarship 2021/2022

In this section, I will attempt to take you through a step by step guide on how to go about the application process of Chevening scholarship.

It could be a bit tedious though, but if you follow my guide carefully, you will eventually finish it and at least be happy that you did the registration yourself. Follow my guide.

You will first start by visiting the official Chevening website via this link. Once the site opens, click on the apply now button at the top right corner of the site as can be seen on the the screenshot below

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Screenshot 2 1

From the next page that loads, click on the country box to select your country, and also chose your level, either a fellowship or scholarship.

After which you can click on the search button as can be seen below.

Screenshot 12 1

From the next page that appears, scroll down to the place where you see apply, click on it to load the next page.

Screenshot 3 1

From the next page that comes up, click on the new to the system to key in your details, as can be seen on the pics below.

Screenshot 4 1

From the other page that comes out, fill in your correct details in the appropriate boxes provided for them, tick the agree box and hit the submit button to proceed. The screenshot below could serve as a guide.

Screenshot 5

Once you hit the enter button, the Chevening application portal will thank you and remind you that a link has been sent to your email, awaiting your confirmation.

Open your email and click on the link sent to you from Chevening to proceed.

Screenshot 6 2

Once you click on the link in your email, another page pops up, asking you to activate your account by providing your password. Provide this information and hit the submit button. See the screenshot below.

Screenshot 7 1

From the next page that comes out, check your personal details and add some required information as you deem fit from the page.

After this, click on the validate account button at the bottom of the page to proceed. See the screenshot below. Please make sure to save first before clicking on the validate profile

Screenshot 8

After this, click on the link that appears next to view your home page. The clicked link will take you to your Chevening home page as can be seen below.

Screenshot 9 1

From your my application page, click on the available open awards link to take you to the open award pages. Once you click on that link, it will show you the Chevening awards that are available for your country.

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Click on apply at the right-hand corner of the page to proceed to the next page. See pics below

Screenshot 10 1

Answer the few survey question from the page that comes up and hit the submit button to proceed. In th next page that pops up, answer the few pre-quiz questions there and hit the submit button to proceed.

The next page that comes out is the main page where you should do some serious work. As you can see from the pics below, there are 5 top columns on this page.

The first is your background, the second is your essay section, application information, terms and condition, and lastly, upload documents and submit. review all these and submit your application.

Screenshot 11 1

For a detailed guide on how to write Chevening essays, please refer to our article on that, so as to stand a better chance of being shortlisted for this scholarship.

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Once you have done all this, click on the save button and submit your application to Chevening. Please note that the most important factor in all these is the essay part of it.

Hence, you must write it with all seriousness. And in that, I strongly recommend reading our guide on how to write a winning Chevening scholarship essay.

That’s how far we intend to go for this article on how to apply for a Chevening scholarship. I hope you enjoyed reading this article?

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