How to Create an App for Your Retail Business in Nigeria

If you have been running your business for some time now or maybe are even new at this, and you feel like you are still not reaching your goals and targets, have you considered getting an app for your business?

In 2021, more than 101 million Nigerians, 48.12% of the populace, are using their mobile phones to access the internet. By 2026, this number will be around 59.7%. If you look around, everyone is on their phone.

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, all those social media apps are cashing in on users’ time spent scrolling through their apps.

Several businesses have opened their eyes and figured out how to bank on this, and have incorporated apps that make their products or services easily accessible.

With technology taking over, everyone is shopping more online than physically, for almost everything. Now, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, less contact with people is the way to go, making apps even more convenient. T

his digital age requires that your business be available on different platforms to reach all your potential customers.

Take, for example, the giant retail chain Pick n Pay. They are eyeing Nigeria’s underserved market. The business will avail it’s services through social media, their website with Pick n Pay online shopping, and a delivery app that they’ve just acquired from Bottles.

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This proves that it is important to always find ways to keep your customers engaged through various media.

So, we are now going to help you with ways on how to get your app running.

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Identifying the missing factor in your industry

The mobile app market is doing very well in Nigeria, so it is something that you need to remain competitive. However, there are things that you have to consider and determine before jumping ahead.

Start by identifying problems that your industry is facing and try to develop solutions that can help the consumers through your app.

These solutions need to be new, creative, and different to draw more customers to you. Another important thing to note is identifying your target market. You need to know the audience you are selling to and if they really use apps.

Coming up with the app model

Before you rush to get an app developer who will design the app for you, you need to have a set of rules of how you want your app to look. You need to come up with the look, feel, and experience of the app. It needs to go along with your brand and capture the potential client’s eye.

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The app should also be easy to manoeuvre and be accessible on different phones. Attention to detail is necessary as this app will be a reflection of your business, so everything needs to be perfect. Glitches do happen, but you must make sure that these are avoided once the app is up and running.

Getting Started

So, you now have your goals set up and are ready to get your app going. You can now find a website to build your app. There are so many platforms that can help you build the perfect app yourself so finding the best option for you should not be too hard.

The other alternative you could utilise is finding an app developer to help build the app. Finding someone professional who has built apps for businesses like yours could prove more worthwhile as you’ll end up with a more polished app.

Ready to go

Once your app is ready, do make sure to test it out before making it available to your potential customers. Iron out all glitches and present a working app that’ll make people want to keep using it.

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Technology is altering the way we do business, so either you jump onto the bandwagon or get left behind. Create an app or get one professionally made for your business in order to capture the attention of potential customers and to remain competitive in your industry.

Apps are useful because once downloaded, customers can easily view your products and make purchases instantly.

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