This post is structured to throw sufficient light and knowledge in guiding anyone to make great choices of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students or hobbyists.

Usually, as a student pursuing a degree in chemistry or any other science-related field. There is a tendency that sometimes you may be faced with challenges from a course outline that needs clarification, and sometimes these clarifications may not be gotten from a colleague, friend, or lecturer over-seeing that course probably because these people are for some reason unreachable.

In cases like this, you will be required to opt for other means of study that could help you understand and fundamentally break down into smaller details how a particular concept, chemical element, or bond works.

Also, finding other means to understand what was talked about in class, as well as handle your assignments, research papers, and class activity solely and to the best accuracy to earn a good grade is what this article looks to discuss.

In today’s digitized world, where many forms of study materials can be found only with a few clicks on your computer and a good internet receiver.

It is quite easy to avail yourself of academic resources but a conglomerate of resources on the internet is not what you need to address your specific chemistry needs.

This is because it is one thing to have access to a wide variety of information but another to have access to the right information that addresses your individual need.

For instance, what a professional laboratory scientist will be searching for on the internet is different from what a fresh chemistry undergraduate will.

For reasons like these, we have compiled this post on 5 best free chemistry apps for students to help you narrow your searches and easily choose from an inexhaustive library of resources to what really matters for you as a student

Apparently, even in the world of apps, they are some that stand out as the 5 best free chemistry apps for students who look or are currently studying chemistry as a course in tertiary institutes.

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Also, this article is specifically making a list of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students. We are aware that education can be very expensive and with most students limited resources, it is only ideal to be introduced to various apps that can help students learn chemistry without necessarily with a price tag.

Yet, still delivers quality insights to cracking up into bits the in-depth analysis of elements, molecules, atoms, and chemical reactions and to help them understand as well as confidently explore them as well as.

List of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students

Below is a list of the 5 best chemistry learning apps for students anywhere to check out!

1. Periodic Table 2021 – Chemistry

The Periodic Table 2021 is a user-friendly application and one of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students that contains a large amount of data on chemical elements, all for free and every student of chemistry needs a periodic table.


The application displays the entire periodic table To enable you to sort items into ten categories: Alkaline earth metals, Alkali metals, Other nonmetals, Noble gases, Halogens, Transition metals, semiconductors, Lanthanides, Actinides, and Metalloids.

The Periodic Table 2021 is endorsed by the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and has a long form.

It also features a solubility table as well.

When you click on an element, information that is constantly updated displays.

For more information, direct links to Wikipedia exist for each element.

Provides matrix of solubility data.

Most elements have an image.

It also has user-friendly search functionality that enables you to easily find an item.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.8

2. Chemistry

This is another excellent chemistry-learning app that allows students to find any chemical reactions and also learn to solve chemical equations with one or multiple unknown variables., making it one of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students.

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The application also has Mendeleev’s Periodic Table (you can simply tap a chemical element in the table to find more information about it.), the calculator of Molar Masses as well as the Solubility table.

This app assists you to decipher equations of chemical reactions even if the right or left part is unknown.

It also helps users to further understand organic and inorganic chemistry by displaying the discovered reactions in a usual and ionic form. It also draws organic chemistry formulas.

And, in the calculator of molar masses, enter a chemical compound correctly, and it will show molar masses and percentages of elements.

Moreover, the Chemistry application has the following tables, all for free, proving it to be one of the most reliable and ranks among the 5 best free chemistry apps for students.

  • Electronegativities of the elements
  • Reactivity series of metals
  • Molecular masses of organic substances

Price: Free

Rating: 4.2

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3. Chemistry Pro 2021 – Notes, Dictionary & Elements

Chemistry Pro 2021 is amongst the 5 best chemistry learning apps for students and is available on Android devices. The app among other numerous qualities provides free chemistry topics, definitions, and the periodic table.

It is a good app for students who seek to study, refresh their knowledge, prepare for exams and get better clarity on a particular topic.

In addition, this chemistry learning application is designed to sufficiently address all levels of chemistry from basic primary education to college levels.

It also has a user-friendly and clean interface that allows students to focus on particular areas in the subject.

The application also provides:

  • Detailed information about Chemical Elements
  • Over 20 vital chemistry Concepts
  • A solution to your homework instantly
  • Chemistry Dictionary with over 500 definitions
  • Knowledge about the history of great Chemists who invented chemistry
  • Dark theme for night sessions
  • Search for anything in chemistry
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Price: Free (in-app purchases)

Rating: 4.4

4. Chemical Suite Free

The Chemical Suite app is another Android-exclusive app but also one of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students. It supports a comprehensive periodic table with distinctive display options and has an element localizer based on its properties, a molarity calculator, an atomic weight calculator, and a unity converter.


The application allows you to download an inorganic and organic formulation tutorial on more than 40 topics with examples to complement this practical part.

The application consists of chemistry-related educational tools, such as:

  • Detail of elements, more than 30 properties for each element (general and physical properties), history, etc
  • Periodic Table with visualization settings
  • Unit (such as temperature, mass, length, etc.) converter tool of more than 30 magnitudes
  • A search engine of elements filtering by their properties values
  • Gas laws utils
  • Complete listing constants with a search engine
  • Properties graph
  • Natural and radioactive isotopes
  • Balance chemical equations
  • Trend graphs
  • Percent ionic character calculator

Price: Free

5. Chem101

Chem101 is an incredibly fantastic four-walls engagement app and ranks as one of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students, particularly for college-level chemistry students.


The application comprises of a custom-built tool that encourages and permits students and instructors to quickly as well as intuitively draw Lewis structures on their devices.

Moreover, the chem 101 app, gives both students and instructors access to more than 250 built-in questions across topics such as:  Lewis structures, resonance, hybridization, sigma molecular geometries, VSEPR, pi bonding, and molecular polarity.

Also, the Chem 101 app allows users to create in-class or homework assignments, suitable for personal and group study, review problems, quickly find common incorrect structures to address student misunderstanding before exams, etc.

It is truly one of the 5 best free chemistry apps for students available in recent times.

Price: Free