10 Best Note Taking Apps For MAC

In this article, we will be enlightening you on the 10 best note taking apps for Mac available for your utility in the market today.

We can agree, that note-taking is a relevant and handy skill necessary for us all and very much useful in saving the day of even the most retentive memories among us.

For instance, a brilliant point was mentioned in the lecture hall and you quickly penned that on your note-pad for future reference and it turned out that at your study time, this had opened your understanding of the course that initially had sounded abstract.

But again, note-taking is beyond just scribbling down a point randomly it is more. There is effective note-taking, which can guide you on how to write down notes accurately for referencing, easy understanding, documentation, reminders, etc among others.

Well, gone are days when we struggled to take notes manually, though we still do out of choice, or only to cover quick short notes.

This strategy though still helpful and effective had many downsides, away from being challenging. It was slow-paced, had many common errors in spelling and grammatical construction, was limited to the writer in most cases, etc.

Technology had long brought us remedies for the stress and challenges of note-taking and has made us more productive in note-taking.

This article confirms the compilation of a list of 10 Best Note Taking Apps For MAC that can be highly efficient, save time, get mobile, stay organized, and ultimately relieve while encouraging its users to continue their usage of them to achieve their note-taking goals.

Most of the note-taking apps have sterling features and support good MAC note-taking experiences and give room to share these notes with others, as well as have easy-to-use features that allow you to keep all your information organized and accessible at all times, including more features (such as add images and videos, record audio, and group your notes into projects or notebooks, etc) that ensure your note taking is satisfactory.

So let’s get right to listing these 10 Best Note Taking Apps For MAC and we encourage you to download any one of these best note-taking apps for mac today!

There are a lot of the best note-taking apps for college out there, but which one is the best? We hope this article will help you find the best note-taking app for mac and windows to help you stay organized and keep your notes safe and easy to access. If you’re looking for a great note-taking app that you can use to capture and organize your thoughts, look no further, we have got your answers right here.

There are multiple note-taking apps available in the market and we will discuss all the top ones. Each one has its own unique strengths, but they all share some common features. For example, each app allows you to. You can also share your notes with others using the app’s sharing feature, or use it as a reference for later on when you need to remember something specific.

List of the 10 Best Note Taking Apps for Mac Today

Below is a list of the 10 best note taking apps for Mac available today.

1. nTask

nTask is one of the 10 best note taking apps for MAC. It provides a very simplified way to create and take notes, organize and share with others.


One sterling feature of nTask is its ability to focus on collaboration. nTask gives room to multiple people to work on the same document at the same time, rather than heaping the task on one person.

This helps ensure that there is more eye for details that may have been missed and that correction is made.

Also, this gives access to the latest information and allows team members to smoothly transition between tasks without interruption.

It is an excellent choice for class, work, or any other type of corporate study.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that does not need any special help for a user to navigate and create notes.

It has a wide range of formatting options that help with lengthy note-taking and eases the writing of complex sentences.

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It is efficient for anyone who needs to take quick notes.

The nTask app has various formats of storage and does it automatically as you type, so you have access to them anywhere anytime.

Notes can also be shared with team members, friends, colleagues, etc via options like email, social network platforms, or other mediums with easy integration.

Notes can be edited and added to other topics or fields like meetings, tasks, issues, risks, and projects.

Also,  another good quality of the nTask app is that it is free to use without subscriptions.

Though it has a premium version and the subscription plan is $2.99 monthly.

2. macOS Notes

There is no better way for notes taking on a Mac than use the macOS note-taking app.

The macOS is one of the 10 best note taking apps for Mac and has very amazing features since it updates by Apple.

Mac permits it users to access the Notes app simultaneously while still running other apps and websites in the background, making it convenient for research and multitasking.


The macOS notes have seamless syncing across all devices that improve its effectiveness, and your note-taking experience.

Allows for shared collaborative notes, and hashtag note categorizing.

Also, on the macOS notes, you can organize your to-do list creation, and have them implemented across all of macOS (this implies that you can highlight any text and save it to a note.)

Also, the macOS note app is Free with no charge or subscriptions.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is another note-taking app that permits you to organize and have access to notes created at any time, this makes clickup one of the 10 best note taking apps for MAC.

ClickUp also has a unique ability to capture and save all your thoughts in one place. It works smartly for students, and pretty much anyone, who wants to be organized at any time.


It is a great note-taking app, and one that makes it easy to stay organized and keep all your thoughts in one place. It’s efficient for students, busy professionals, or anyone who wants to be more productive overall.

Making a note on ClickUp is quite easy all you need do is create a new note by clicking on the plus sign at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

This opens up a blank document you can either type your thoughts or just paste text from other apps and websites into this space and edit them if you want.

You can use the app’s built-in pen optionally to write down your ideas

It also sets a timer to remind you of spending too much time taking notes, and the app will automatically pause when your time is reached and is great for multi-tasking!

ClickUp note-taking supports the Markdown writing format used on websites and in emails. This way, your notes are easy to read and interpreted by others.

Also, another important feature of ClickUp is its bulk editing ability, here you can easily copy or paste multiple notes at once.

You can also export notes as PDFs so that they maintain their style and enable original print out.

4. Monday.com

Monday.com is one of the 10 best note taking apps for MAC. This software helps you easily create notes and keep track of your progress during the week.


Monday.com gives you swift and easy access to all your notes from the last week, helping you to tailor your search and get back to where you left off.

It is made of templates that don’t just support easy note-taking but also incorporate a time management system that helps you to stay on schedule.

Monday note-taking application is ideal for people who have plans for the week and wants to stay organized, updated, and productive throughout the week.

It supports sharing your notes with others, for easy references and contributions all in a secure form.

It comprises of a secure sharing tool that enables you to share your notes with others and still maintain privacy.

Also, has a search bar that makes you narrow your search to a specific note you’re looking for.

Also, has the ability to create folders and help you organize your notes by subject matter, topics, priorities, and project.

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You can add other items to your notes like images, recordings, videos, etc.

5. Notion

Notion is a name that cannot be skipped when talking about the 10 best note taking apps for MAC.

Notion, gives you the license to put your ideas, and other forms of thought into writing with amazing features such as syncing across devices, dropbox integration, and rich text formatting.

On Notion, files or notes can also be shared with others.

Notion is an excellent choice for those who have diverse subject matter to handle and keep tabs on all at once.

It’s easy to use and has a ton of features that make it a great choice for students, business professionals, and anyone else who needs to be organized and efficient while they work.

The app has pen and pencil support, that allows you to make notes, create outlines, and make sketches or other drawings.

Shared notebooks are available on Notion, where your thoughts can be shared, and appreciated by friends or mentors when they get to see your work.

Notion note-taking apps support the importation of files from other sources.

Also, Notion is free and gives you access to unlimited pages and blocks, as well as access for five guests,  sync across devices, and API access without paying a dime.

Though, to unlock more file space, collaborative workspace, etc you will have to upgrade to the $4 Personal Pro plan or $8 Team plan for full access.

6. Evernote

Evernote is another proficient note-taking app that gives users the right to save any type of document for later retrieval.


The unique features of Evernote include: adding notes, and photos, making drawing sketches, etc.

It works for MAC devices both Macbooks and iPhones and the best part is it’s free to use.

Evernote ranks as one of the 10 best note taking apps for MAC. In 2017 alone, the app had about 255 million users worldwide.

One of the greatest perks of Evernote is that it can decipher various file types, making it easy to migrate notes or from other apps.

It has a variety of features, including the ability to add notes, draw sketches, and add photos. Evernote can be used on both desktop and mobile devices, and it is free to use.

Also, Evernote is great for both quick short notes like on an excursion or seminar or lengthy descriptive write-ups of personal projects.

Evernote can also help your organizational skills, and also support sharing your notes with others by sending them links or via social media features.

Evernote is synced across all your devices, for easy access to your notes from anywhere you are.

It has a wide collection of templates that makes note-taking easy and fun.

Evernote also supports other files such as images, audio, and web pages to your notes, which makes working very productive.

You can add tags to enable your search for specific notes to appear at ease.

Evernote is customizable, so you can personalize its looks to soothe your style.

For personal use, Notion doesn’t cost anything. You’ll get unlimited pages and blocks, access for five guests, the ability to sync across devices, and API access without ever paying a dime. If you’re looking to add additional file upload space, unlimited guests or collaborative workspaces, upgrades to the $4 Personal Pro plan or $8 Team plan are always an option.

In addition, users can embed images and other media to keep their notes precise and aesthetically pleasing

7. OneNote

This is a wonderful note-taking app, developed by the one and only Microsoft, OneNote when (opened in a new tab) is designed to give users the same impression as a high-quality physical notebook.


OneNote has tabs that can switch between pages without ambiguity. These tabs may be color-coded to ensure tidiness and blending with cognitive skills when reading and writing or typing in this case.

What makes OneNote literally very unique and exciting is that it is 100% free, everything is supplied at the note-takers fingertips.

OneNote offers the ability to embed just about anything, like images, audio, and other forms of media as well as organize them however you choose for later use.

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OneNote also supports sharing it with others.

It is aesthetically pleasing, with OneNote you can turn your notes into something that mimics a magazine, presenting it in a style that’s more admired as a visual presentation than an ordinary notebook.

Pricing: $70/yr or $7/m

OneNote is not free but encompassed in any Microsoft 365-day plan. It is priced at $70/yr or $7/mo.

if you have Word, Excel, and Powerpoint already, chances are you’ll just need to download OneNote, free.

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8. Teamwork

Teamwork is a useful note-taking tool that helps team members to track and share their ideas as they work on a project.


It helps to increase communication, participation, and team spirit among team members, while still keeping everyone on track.

Teamwork note-taking tools help team members to keep track of deadlines and tasks, and ensure, organizational skills and compliance.

Automatically keeps a record of all conversations in a chat or meeting notes.

Keeps a history of all notes for later review

Allows you to share notes directly or via other mediums with other members of your team, which can boost inspiration.

9. Google Keep Notes

This app might be considered as one of the 10 best note taking apps for MAC and Android devices and a pretty impressive alternative to Evernote.

As a Google product, it works great with other Google tools and helps you organize your thoughts in a very neat space.

It also comes free,  with a Google account!

Google Keep notes sync with all your devices so that you can have access to whatever you need at any time.

Google Keep notes have a search functionality bar, that helps you search for any work you had previously saved and locate them easily

Google Keep notes allow users to capture, edit, collaborate, and share notes with any device.

Users can arrange their notes with labels and colors or backgrounds for better organization.

Google Keep notes, allows users to add images, make sketches, audio, etc as part of their versatility.

It also offers reminder features for note-taking so that your schedules are well managed.

Transcription services where voice memos can be recorded and translated to text are part of google keep notes features.

These and more qualify Google Keep Notes as one of the 10 best note taking apps for MAC in modern times.

10. Goodnotes

Goodnotes is another incredible note-taking app that performs a number of functions that qualifies it to fall in our ranking of the 10 best note taking apps for MAC.


With goodnotes ideas and other invaluable data can be captured easily while working.

It is fantastic for note taking during lectures, or meetings, and is supported on either Mac or Windows computers.

A modern user interface that’s simple to navigate and fits perfectly on a Mac screen.

Advanced editing tools that allow you to easily add images, videos, and tables to your notes.

One of the great things about Goodnotes is that it’s simple to use – needless to learn complex formatting skills, just type in your thoughts and the app will sort out the rest.

You can also share your notes with other people if you want, or simply keep them private if you prefer.

The ability to make sticky notes for quick access to them at any time is supported.


This article has captured the 10 best note taking apps for Mac and Windows and promises to be helpful to you. All the apps listed above have been well researched and the features narrowed to function on each to ensure that they are as efficient, and simple to use with optimal performance.

We also added a section at the end where we have listed some of our favorite apps that have been helpful in all our classes so far, too!

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