This post will address how To Unlock An iPhone With A Chromebook. Yes, it does not add up, and literally may not work out but there are a few tips and tricks that might wow us.

Obviously, the Chromebook operates on chromium OS, which also allows you to install iTunes on it and then lets you connect your iPhone to it.

This trick suggests you return to your recovery options in iTunes and restore it back to factory settings, this should unlock your iOS device.

But before we proceed with more thoughts on the subjects as well as possible solutions here, it is important that we understand a few tricks and tips on how to use an iPhone with your Chromebook.

It may require some effort, to pull this off, but we assume your work, school project, etc is worth it. You just may end up glad you did.

Everything is settled on syncing, you will need to sync your Google diary from ChromeOS with your iPhone, sometimes location may determine how easy or difficult this may be.

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Google offers most of its important apps on iOS and opts to use Chromebook as the main device you will need Google Drive to become the main storage or you switch to Dropbox, while you can still use iCloud as a backup storage solution for your iOS devices

Having understood the concept captured above, here are some ways of how To Unlock An iPhone With A Chromebook.

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How To Unlock An iPhone With A Chromebook in 2 Attempts

Method 1

1. You will need to use an unlocking service, this is to help you to unlock the IMEI of your phone.

2. Unfortunately, there is no way this can be done for free except if you work for the carrier or you happen to be friends or relatives with know someone who does.

3. To unlock your phone with a Chromebook, try using an unlock service

Method 2

To unlock a disabled iPhone that is one which displays the message “iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes to continue”.

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If this is your case, then here is what to do. First, you need to understand that you cannot recover information from a disabled iPhone.

If you had enabled find my iPhone on your device(by default or any other means) Then, it is necessary that In order to get a working iPhone again you must remember your apple id and password that was last set up on your device.

If you have successfully figured that out, then you can go begin the recovery process.

Connect the iPhone to a computer running iTunes and then put the phone in recovery mode. Had there been iTunes available for Chromebooks then you will go ahead to use it, but there just isn’t now.

So, grab a different computer with iTunes. It does not need to be logged into, which means another person’s computer borrowed for the process will work out just fine.


Overall, it can be very helpful and convenient to use a Chromebook and an iPhone together, but only when it boils down to how To Unlock An iPhone With A Chromebook, it happens that there is just no sure and short precise way to do it.

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Though, there are other ways to have your iPhone unlocked again and resume full usage, completely eradicating whatever fear its lock may have initially instituted.

Above we have given you 2 possible solutions on how To Unlock An iPhone we hope it helps you out and saves the day both now and in futuristic times. We will also love to hear any hacks that have worked for you regarding how To Unlock An iPhone With A Chromebook.