This is a detailed guide on how to Print NYSC call up letter.

NYSC call-Up letter is an evidence from the National Youth Service Corps Management that you are a prospective NYSC member who has been called to serve.

It contains important details needed by corps members to go about their NYSC orientation camp and program.

This letter is always sent to each and every prospective corps member through the NYSC portal after successful completion of their NYSC online registration.

Individuals are to log in to their dashboard to print out or download their Call-Up letter.

It has come to our notice that a lot of people find it difficult to print or download their NYSC Call-Up letter. If you are one of those, this guide will help.

In this guide, I will show you how to print NYSC call up letter.

Note – if you did not pay the amount of money requested during your online registration you will not be able to print out your NYSC Call-Up letter, hence, you will have to proceed to your school to collect it.

Steps to print Out Your NYSC Call Up letter

To print your NYSC call up letter, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the NYSC login page
  2. Login into the NYSC portal
  3. Click on the option to print Call-Up letter
  4. Click on the print Call-Up letter to download and print.

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Things to take note of.

1. To login to your portal you need to input your e-mail and password used during your online registration

2. You cannot download your Call-Up letter without a PDF Reader installed on your device.

3. Just like your green card, your Call-Up letter should be printed in color.

Are you confused about what an NYSC Call-Up letter looks like or you are probably mistaking it for another document?

It is important to check out a sample of it from your colleagues before printing yours out for clarity purposes. The information below can also help you figure out the document.

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Information contained in a Call-Up letter include:

  • State of Deployment
  • Date of Reporting
  • Officer – in – Charge
  • Address of the orientation camp

Surname, Other names, Call up number, State of origin, Institution, Course, Gender, and National Youth Service Address are among some other useful information in the letter.

Below is a sample of the NYSC call up letter.

NYSC call up letter

National Youth Service Corps Call-Up letter is an important document required to be brought to the NYSC camp but not the only document needed to be presented at the NYSC orientation camp. There are a whole lot of others.

Document Needed For NYSC Camp

The full list of documents needed for the NYSC orientation course is as follows:

1. Certificate or Statement of Result

On completion of your higher Institution education, a certificate was awarded to you. It proves that you are a certified graduate of the particular school.

Not all individuals always have their Certificate available at the time of the commencement of their National Youth Service, in that case, a statement of result can be used.

The Statement of result must contain the school stamp, degree, year of graduation, and so on. It is one of the important documents needed to be presented at the NYSC orientation camp.

2. Green Card

After your NYSC online registration, there is a print out slip for every prospective corps member. This slip is to show they have successfully registered, and it is called a Green Card.

It is printed out from your dashboard a few days after your online registration. It contains data such as Batch and year of service, Call-Up number, Personal data, Next of kin details, Education qualification, and Kit specification details. It is a required document for your NYSC orientation camp.

Below are steps on how to print your Green card:

  • Visit the NYSC portal
  • Login by inputting your e-mail and password
  • Click ‘RESUME’ to login to your dashboard
  • Click on the slip.
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Options for downloading and printing will appear on your screen, go for your most preferred choice.

It is important to sign your Green card with a biro ink on the space provided, make copies of it and keep it safe.

3. School Identity Card

This is the means of identification given to you by your school. If you can no longer find it, go back to your school to get a new one. If your school gives an Identity card yearly, then what you need is your final year Identity card. Do not forget to make copies of it.

4. Passport Size Photograph

Take as many as possible recent passport photographs along with you, make sure it is the specified background. Red or white is usually a better option if the background color is not stated.

5. Evidence of Professional Registration

Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, and Optometrists should report to the camp with their professional license or certificate of registration issued by the professional bodies.

Sadly only a few individuals process their license before the orientation camp. In that case, a cover letter can be used. It will be addressed to the Director-General of NYSC.

6. Original NYSC Call Up letter

NYSC call up letter is an evidence that you have been called to serve, without it you will not be allowed into the NYSC orientation camp.

It contains all useful information about where and when your NYSC will take place. It includes details like the Address of the Orientation camp, State of Deployment, Officer – in – Charge, Date of Report, and so on.

7. Medical Certificate

This is a medical certificate written by a health care provider that attests to the medical health of the prospective corps member.

It is usually of two types – a medical fitness certificate and a medical report. A medical fitness certificate shows that an individual is medically fit, strong and healthy, therefore he or she is ready for NYSC orientation camp while a medical report indicates that the individual is suffering from one medical condition or the other and not healthy enough to participate.

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Foreign graduates should bring an original copy and photocopies of all their uploaded credentials (such as First university degree or HND certificate, complete official transcription of the first degree or HND course, O’ level certificate, and so on) and travel documents including Nigerian international passport for verification.

Foreign Students are to ensure that their documents are in English language. Document other than English Language should be translated to English Language accordingly; both versions must be presented for verification at the camp.

Take note that all documents listed above should be photocopied and printed in color for clarity and originality purpose.

Other Relevant Information About the NYSC Camp

National Youth Service Corp orientation camp lasts for a period of two weeks. During this period activities such as Parade, NYSC Lectures, Skills Acquisition, and Entrepreneurship Development Lectures (SAED Lectures) are carried out.

The corps members are taught and trained by skilled individuals who are professionals in their field. Also, be informed that certain activities are prohibited in the NYSC camp.

Activities such as criminal acts, dishonesty, and sexual acts are highly forbidden.

NYSC service year lasts for a period of 12 months, during this period corps members get to serve their country and help in building the nation.

They also get to explore a different part of the country, meet new and different people, experience a different culture, and make impact.

If you do not like your PPA, you can change it. Learn how to change your NYSC PPA here.

NYSC Redeployment

There is an option for NYSC relocation/ redeployment if you do not want to stay far away from home or for one reason or the other, you do not want to stay in your place of deployment.

However, there are procedures and requirements involved in it. Learn how to apply for NYSC relocation/redeployment here.

Do make sure you have a splendid camping and service year.