How to Call A Number That Blocked You in Nigeria (2023)

This article sheds light on how to Call A Number That Blocked You in Nigeria (2022) with ease and a high success rate.

Are you looking for a means to reach out to a friend or family member, and you seem to be completely unable to get in touch with them? But, you do suspect that you have somehow been blocked intentionally or unintentionally?

Or perhaps, for reasons quite farfetched you just cannot seem to figure it out, yet you wish to get in touch with someone in Nigeria and you can’t stop till you find a solution.

Well, there is good news for you. This article on how to call a number that is blocked you in Nigeria is dedicated to providing a way that will enable you to call any number that has blocked you and it works on all major networks being used in Nigeria- MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9mobile) respectively.

As a smartphone user, getting blocked by someone may be confusing and sometimes annoying as well as frustrating because it means you are denied access to reach a particular person for an uncertain period.

This depending on the situation may halt a couple of things, especially business related. Now here are solutions you can adopt to fix the blocked number situation you are experiencing.

How to Call A Number That Blocked You in Nigeria using 3 Methods

Method 1: Use “#31#” Before Dailing A Number


This method is the most effective way to reach a person who may have blocked you and many people opt to use it even within Nigeria. All you need to do in this case is type in your phone dial page #31# followed by the phone number you intend to call or reach out to.

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Before calling the number that blocked you, type in #31# before the phone number you want to call, let’s say you want to call 07098765432, then you should type it this way #31#07098765432 and hit send to call.

This will hide your identity making you anonymous to those who blocked you and any other number you wish to stay anonymous too.

It is a very effective way to stay off the grid and also a very tricky and convincing approach to reaching out to the person who blocked you.

Chances are, they will likely talk or give you a listening ear before they hung up, if at all, having seen the length you went to get their attention, which is a success story.

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Method 2: Change Your Caller ID to call a number that blocked you.

This method of how to call a number that blocked you in Nigeria is a bit selective for some smartphones, but yes it works for the majority.

Though, the type of phone either you or the person you wish to call is using may be a means to a successful end or maybe a dead end.

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But since smartphones are the ruling phones these days it works in most situations, and they will give you an edge at any point you may want to call any other number in Nigeria that has blocked you from calling. So, how can you change your caller ID?

Follow these steps To Change your Caller ID on iPhone or Android devices.

For iPhones

Go to your Settings App on your device, to change your caller ID on your iPhone

Then, scroll to Phone settings in your device and tap Show My Caller ID, setting the option to be OFF.

If you do this successfully, then, your number will be displayed as anonymous anytime you dial up someone who has blocked your number from calling them.

For Androids

Change Caller ID on Android devices by navigating to your device’s “Settings app”.

Then, go to your call settings

Next, click on  > Caller ID and set the option available to hide your phone number.

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Method 3: Call A Number That Blocked You With An Alternative Line

This is another great alternative, you should consider using when talking about “how to call a number That Blocked You in Nigeria. Usually, when someone blocks you, it affects only the particular line he or she blocked.

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So, you have the alternative of calling them normally with another line. Most likely, you will have more than one line, as is common with many people.

Otherwise, for any reason at all the two methods outlined above did not work out. This is bound to work as long as your alternative line has not equally been blocked by the person you are trying to get to.

You could even improvise and stand a better chance of being spoken to by calling them from someone else’s phone.

A colleague’s phone or a friend’s phone will give you an edge to call the number without attracting any suspicions from the person who blocked you.

All you just have to ensure is be certain they are people who take calls from strange numbers.


Every outlined method in this article on how to call a number that blocked you in Nigeria can work effectively for anyone anywhere there is a network covering and sufficient call unit for a national or international call, despite the type of service provider each individual patronizes.


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