This is a detailed guide on how to share data on the Glo network, I hope it helps you share your data with your friends and loved ones.

Glo is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded by Mike Adenuga on 29 August 2003.

Many people use the Glo line, but not all of them know the unique feature of sharing data with family and friends.

The same way you can get fast and cheap Data Plans From Glo as Low as N100 for 100MB is the same way you can easily share data on Glo with people.

However, if you do not know how to share data on the Glo network, this article on how to share data on the Glo network will help you.

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How To Share Data On The Glo Network

It is very easy and straightforward to share data on the Glo network with your family and friends, you just need to know the number of the person you are sharing the data with and the special code you can share data with. 

However, to share data on the Glo network dial *127*00* friend’s number # or Send Share and friend’s number to 127. For example Dial *127*00*01234567890# or Send Share                023XXXXXXX to 127.

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However, if you want to remove people from sharing your data, dial *127*01*friend’s number# or Send Remove and friend’s number to 127. For example, dial *127*01*023XXXXXXX# or Send Remove 01234567890 to 127.

To list people sharing your subscription, dial *127*02# or Send List to 127.

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Glo Prepaid Tariff Plans

Below are the Glo tariff plans you should join to enjoy voice and data bonuses.


Berekete 10x is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards customers with a great voice and data benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines with a minimum of N100.

BEREKETE 10X enables customers to browse their favorite websites and also make long calls to their friends and family.

This tariff plan awards new subscribers with 1,000 naira joining bonus which can be used for ALL-NET calls and data.

It is a one-off bonus received after activating a new Glo SIM with a minimum of N100 recharge and making of the first call.

It awards customers a huge 10X Bonus (400% for Voice & 500% for Data) on all recharges, and this can be used for ALL-NET calls and data.

Subscribers of Berekete 10x enjoy a special extra data bonus on the first recharge of the month (N100 and above) for 6 months from the date of joining Glo Network.

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However, to enjoy Berekete 10x benefits, dial *777#.


Glo ALWAYS ON is a prepaid tariff plan which allows customers to maintain their phone numbers for one full year whether they have used their lines or not.

With Glo ALWAYS ON, you do not need to fear about your line getting suspended or disconnected even if you have not made calls, used data, or SMS in a long while.

However, this tariff plan is basically for customers who travel out of the country for 90 days or customers who do not immediately have access to SIM replacement touch-points.

However, customers on ALWAYS ON enjoy an amazing 12k/sec rate to all networks even when  their line are not be disconnected due to inactivity.

You can subscribe to Glo ALWAYS ON by dialing *777# and selecting ALWAYS ON from the menu.

However, a 500 naira one-time fee will be deducted from your main account balance and your line is moved to the Always On plan, which offers you 365 days of uninterrupted access to the network.

3. GLO 22X

Glo 22x is a prepaid plan that rewards customers with incredible data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines.

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However, all existing customers of this prepaid plan, who have not used their line for the period of 30 days will get 22X benefits once they recharge their lines with N100 or more.

Additionally, they will enjoy up to 5GB of free data every month for 3 months, and 22 times the value on every N100 recharge to call all networks.

4. GLO 11k/sec plan

Glo 11k/sec plan is a price plan which allows customers to call all networks in Nigeria at 11k/sec after a deduction of N7 on the first call of the day

With the 11k plan Glo, customers can now call any network in Nigeria at a flat rate of 11k/sec. It allows customers to fulfill their browsing and talking needs from the same recharge.

The plan is primarily beneficial to customers who make a lot of voice calls and customers who currently do not have data-enabled phones and are therefore incapable of enjoying Glo’s great data plans.

As a Glo customer can join the 11k plan by dialing *311#.

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That’s all on how to share data on the Glo network, I hope it helps you share yours with your friends and family members.