10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria

The article you are currently viewing seeks to enlighten you on the 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria to help you choose wisely if you need a catering service.

Catering services have no doubt grown in leaps and bounds, so much so that it seems to be currently all around us.

Due to the seemingly available nature of the business, both professional caterers and entrepreneurial caterers.

The craft has recently lacked qualitative services in various places around the nation.

By this we mean, some catering services offer substandard meals, etiquette, and general servitude when contacted to serve at a function.

Nigeria as we very well know is a nation where its citizens love to engage in fun times and as such have numerous forms of celebrations where the services of caterers are in great demand.

Functions such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, ordinations, coronations, state functions, and even funerals, etc are all events that make use of catering companies.

But, some catering companies have due to poor food both product and service, negligence, and several other negative factors turned out to leave a dent impossible to forget on people’s spectacular event, leaving attendees with sly remarks.

To this end and more, is why we have found it necessary to put together the 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria so that you can trust and rely on their services anytime, any day.

This company is selected based on its expertise, experience, skills, and quality organizational, delivery, and general management services to its client.

We only want to spend our money, where we can get valued services for it.

This does not mean smaller catering companies do not offer the above-described qualities, the limitation is being able to search and find one who is dedicated to its work.

We may do this in a latter later article but for now, let’s take a look at our list of the 10 Best Catering Companies in Nigeria.


The 10 Best Catering companies in Nigeria

Arranged in no numerical order is our list of the best catering companies in Nigeria you can count on.

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1. West African Catering Service Nigeria L.T.D.

West African Catering Service Nigeria L.T.D. is a reliable catering company that you can very well trust on handling your catering needs as desired.


The catering company is the leading provider of offshore catering as well as camp facilities with specific quality services in the following areas:

  1. Food services
  2. Hospitality service
  3. Laundry service
  4. Housekeeping and more

The west African catering service in Nigeria is known for excellent and diverse delicacies that are of international standard and as well serve both local and international cuisine.

They also have great delivery facilities that can function at offshore rigs, in camps, and even in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.

The Company is one of the most contracted catering companies in Nigeria due to their provision of quality food supply for their clients.

They make their catering services available to companies with human populations in Nigeria like:

  1. Fixed construction camps
  2. Swamp construction barges
  3. Large Events etc

2. The Tito Cakes and Events

This is one of the best privately owned catering companies in Nigeria, founded by Toyin Ayodeji a unique cake designer, and an event planner.


The catering company just like any other start-up company has successfully grown to where they are and currently runs a catering school, that offers a proper guide to interested caterers in cakes and confectioneries.

The school also offers event management, cocktails, and catering classes among other things.

Above all, they can be trusted for quality meals, and hygiene as well as great delivery.

3. J Abed Enterprise L.T.D.

This catering company is one of the best in the nation, and also one of the oldest. It was founded in 1976 and has been actively serving since.


This catering company offers quality and unique services for all its clients.

They offer restaurant and outdoor services

They provide Industrial catering services production as well as facility management services

They also are one of the few catering companies to supply industrial kitchens and cold rooms.

4. Wine and Gold Service

Wine and Gold service is about 28 years old in the catering business, having been founded in the year 1994, and has gained great popularity, particularly in Lagos where it is located.

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This company is among the best catering companies in Nigeria, evident by its numerous clients and customers from all over the country.

They also have a catering institute where the groom aspiring caterers to make scrumptious meals and several types of cuisines, as well as students who are interested in honing their culinary skills.

Also, wine and gold company offers entertainment packages as part of their unique services

They provide executive banquet services and specialty catering.

They also delight in being the hands behind wonderful barbeque parties.

5. Courdeau Catering

This is an interesting catering company with wide tentacles in its command.

The company is not just a normal catering company but also parades the oil sector, which has no doubts given them an air of popularity among its contemporaries.


Courdeau catering company has its operational services across 14 different locations in the nation.

They also have affinities with top oil brands such as Shell, Agip Exxon, Mobil, and Total. Their oil services are found in Eket, Port Harcourt, Warri, Abuja, and other locations in the Country.

They also specialize in refrigerated delivery transportation systems, they are well-packaged and are committed to timely deliveries of their products to clients and customers.

6. Food Hub Services

This is also one of the best 10 catering companies in Nigeria which were founded in 2015 and have its current location in Wuse 2 Abuja.


In less than 10 years of food hub services experience, it has risen to be among the 10 best catering services in Nigeria, a real definition of hard work and consistency.

The catering company provides special quality and unique services to its clients.

Their services operate mostly on special requests at quite affordable rates.

They are time conscious and as such provides very fast and efficient service to their clientele.

7. Unitop Catering Services:

You cannot make a list of the 10 best catering companies in Nigeria and fail to recognize Unitop Catering services.

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The company was founded in the year 2004 and its head office is situated in Warri, Delta state, where they serve other states in Nigeria.

They have high-quality service and target onshore and offshore customers.

They have a high satisfaction record for their clients. Evident in brands that patronize them are:

  • NNPC
  • Pelfaco limited
  • Parker driving chevron and shell

8. Hamptons Catering Service

The Hamptons catering company is a wonderful team of catering services that are located in Lagos state.


They specialize in providing indoor catering services, with excellent service delivery.

They are polished and have great etiquette and culinary culture.

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9. Kusha Catering Service

This catering service has approximately a 10-year rank to its shoulders, being established in 2012 and situated in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria.


They offer services that are events worthy, catering and servicing clients who have functions such as weddings, birthdays, and ceremonial gatherings.

They also hugely supply groceries to customers who need these such as hotels, supermarkets, companies, schools, etc.

They maintain great ethics and culture for all their meals and services.

10. Astoria Caterers

This is also an old catering company, established in the year 1983 and located in Toyin Street Ikeja, Lagos State.

A little background of the company shows it began its service as an outfit providing catering services but has grown to a renowned outdoor catering service.


Above captured are the 10 best catering companies in Nigeria you can patronize for satisfactory service. They have been researched to provide quality and added value to their clients.

With these lists, you have saved quality time, and chances of falling into sub-standard catering service that may ruin your function.


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