10 Best Stay At Home Dad Jobs that Pay Well in 2023

This article is concerned with proferring invaluable ideas geared for Best Stay At Home Dad Jobs that Pay Well in the present day.

Apparently, we now live in an all-dynamic generation where some job roles can efficiently carry out remotely or at home with little or no supervision and yet achieves excellent result and of course, get paid nicely.

Also, parents who need more time for their children or who are helping their children deal with special needs do not get to make sacrifices due to the nature of their jobs which may require them to report at a workstation daily.

Now, parents including moms and dads have more choices to either report at a physical workstation or take up job roles that can make them work from their comfort zone, especially in the light of children.

Stay-at-home dads still want to make ends meet to support their family’s basic needs, pay for mortgages and support other basic bills while discharging their fatherly duties.

You must be wondering how feasible are the job roles for stay-at-home dads. Well, this article is focused on providing 10 Best Stay At Home Dad Jobs that Pay Well worth considering.

In addition, all you will require are a personal computer, a good internet connection, and a dedicated workspace that helps you focus when working.

These are basically all you need to make your income from home and it may interest you to know that more and more people around the world, are clamoring for more remote job roles than ever before.

Furthermore, there are lots of advantages for stay-at-home dads some of which include: flexibility, less pressure, time management,

So, what are some of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well, and how can you find a great one that is appropriate for you?

First, you need to know what you want, do you want a full-time or a part-time job? this will help your search for the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well but still allow you to spend time with your kid(s).

List of 10 Best Stay at Home Dad Jobs that Pay Well

Below is a well-resourced list of jobs you may wish to try as a stay-at-home dad that is also quite lucrative and flexible as both a part-time or full-time job.

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is a job you can begin as a stay-at-home dad, it is one of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well in time.

Starting a blog is not capital intensive and also it is your sole business; with a WordPress theme, an affordable hosting company, and your own domain name, you are good to go.

You do not answer to anyone or have to look over your shoulders when working, you are absolutely in charge here and get to decide your work schedule, and who you want to work with as well as what niche you wish your blog articles to focus on.

Also, blogging is a great job that you comfortably run and still keep an eye on your kids; with a laptop and some good committed writing skills, you can get started.

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To actually make as much money from owning a blog as possible and truly appreciate it as one of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well, you need to dabble into a few knowledge areas.

  • Understand SEO and optimize them in your posts
  • Run advertisements with companies like Monumetric and Mediavine
  • Sponsored posts
  • Offering online coaching
  • Engage in Affiliate marketing
  • Selling online courses or your own products

Mediavine and affiliate marketing are great income streams for blogs, and you can make good money from ad revenue alone.

2. Online Freelancing

Online freelancing is one of the coolest and best stay at home dad jobs that pay well and it is similar to blogging.

With online freelancing, you need to sell your skill online to employees who need such skill or expertise to get a job done, e.g content writing, social media marketing, Programming, Transcriptionist, virtual assistant, Video editing, web design or development, Accounting and bookkeeping, HR, Graphic design, Paid advertising specialist, and more.

Some online freelancing jobs can easily pay $25 to $50+ per hour or more.

The online freelancing job is more likely if you can land your first client by building a much more generous price set which you can change as you progress.

Online freelancing jobs can be found on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, etc, or from your own network to get started.

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3. In-Home Daycare Provider

As a stay home, dad chances are that you’re already raising one or more kids at home, and if that is your reality why not get paid to help babysit a few more?

Parents are busy all the time attending to other matters that crave their indulgence and this can be one of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well for you while having other passive or active income sources

Being an in-home daycare provider is also one of the most common stay-at-home dad jobs, especially in your neighborhood.

But, you have to be good with kids and some states or countries require certification and a license for this job. Also, you must have good interpersonal skills and ethics as well as a great tolerance level and know that kids have a way of taking your comfort.

4. Start Pet Sitting

Pet Sitter is another few of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well and are a plus If you like animals.

People will not necessarily carry their pets around to their offices etc and most usually need help looking after their pets when they are away, sometimes for days or weeks if they are on vacation or handling a business away from home.

So, you can start a pet sitting or walking service which can help you in supplementing your income pretty easily.

And you don’t have to find clients yourself, apps like Rover let you find and help pet owners in your area with pet walking and sitting while getting paid for it at your own rates, the types of pets you work with, and your availability.

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According to Rover, pet walkers and sitters can earn $1,000 monthly, and around $15 to $25 per hour for pet walking.

5. Airbnb Host

Another idea for the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well is to make money as an Airbnb host.

Airbnb simply implies renting out stuff for cash. It could be a room, or separate unit, an item, etc This is a perfect side business you can run while raising kids.

Depending on your city and how busy, you can earn $50 to $150 per night if you rent out a room and help out a distressed fellow, a couple, etc.

All you need do is ensure that you keep the place neat, and check your guests in and out.

Of course, you have to ensure that they do not pose a threat to you or your loved ones so think carefully about the layout of your home and if Airbnb can work.

Neighbor is an excellent platform that enables you to make money on autopilot with your unused space.

6. Virtual Assistant

Another option for the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well is to work as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants (VAs) help clients with lots of services, such as staying organized and running their own businesses.

Your job role is similar to that of an in-office assistant, except you work remotely.

Examples of tasks VAs help clients with include:

  • Booking appointments
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Email outreach
  • Scheduling meetings with clients
  • Social media management

You can find virtual assistant job offers yourself by reaching out to people in your network or looking online.

Fancy Hands is a great starting platform to gain experience as a VA, and with more and more clients, you can turn VA work into a full-time income which apparently qualifies it as few of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well.

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7. Online Tutor

Another great job choice for the best stay-at-home dads is to become an online tutor.

There are many skills you can convert into an online tutoring job for teens, college students, and people who wish to learn a specific soft skill.

All you need is to have a skill and be able and willing to share that knowledge and you can work as an online tutor.

Teaching skills like culinary, some aspects of baking, trading, etc as well as academic courses like a specific type of English or other languages, as well as Sciences, and Arts in the simplest way thinkable to kids or adolescents is a great option as an online tutor.

Alternatively, you can become an online tutor on websites like BookNook, the platform pays you to teach English and Math to elementary students, and it’s completely online.

Some tutoring platforms may require you to have a bachelor’s degree, but many don’t as long as you pass the initial interview session.

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8. YouTuber

YouTube is another perfect example of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well while raising kids.

Like blogging, growing a YouTube channel takes some serious time which staying at home will allow you especially if you have kids that are less clingy or needy.

You can, earns $800 to $1,000 per month in revenue or more, as passive income with time and work.

YouTube allows you to earn money through Google AdSense and affiliate marketing by placing links in your description box and though earning may be slow at the first process, a single semi-viral video and propel your channel and get you up and running.

You may also begin a podcast while starting a YouTube channel.

9. Customer Service Rep

You may want to consider a customer service representative position as one of the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well if you have good communication skills and like preferring solutions to people’s problems because that is what the role is about.

Being a customer service rep is also a good job and on average pays $15 per hour or more, with a good entry success rate.

Almost every establishment and firm needs a customer service representative both on-site and offline, and you can apply to various call centers to find opportunities.

Being a native English speaker is an added advantage and this job can definitely support your paying bills, making it ideally a good option for the best stay at home dad jobs that pay well

10. Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is an ideal job for a stay-at-home dad with a passion for fitness, which makes it one of the way best stay at home dad jobs that pay well and all you need to do is offer fitness instructors from your own home online or physically to neighbors interested in fitness.

Basically, you can create a make-shift studio in your home and offer fitness classes there.

Your studio should have the basic workouts gears such as yoga mats, dumbbells etc and other necessary equipment as well as a considerably large space for this.

If you are good, your members parricipation will definitely increase from a few regular clients per week to more in months and can result in earning hundreds or over a thousand dollars and of course become a full-time job.

Also, the average annual pay of a personal trainer is about $62,000 per year, which is some decent income even as a part-time job.

Once you can find your clients and your routines help them achieve more desired fitness goals. You can be sure to expect more referrals and grow from there, also you can sell yourself to your network and also coach some seniors.

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