Searching for Upwork Jobs? This article proffers the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners as the year begins, some of which are quite lucrative and easy to start up.

With the current economy, it is no news that many people today have multiple streams of income to help them achieve their desired financial security.

Do you have an Upwork account or are you yet to create one but wondering how you can earn the near-talked-about income you have heard some of your friends claim?

Upwork enables you to make money freelancing any soft skill either as a part-time or full-time job.

Upwork is mostly what they say it is and has contributed to millions of people’s financial improvement and you can be next.

Creating an account on Upwork is absolutely free, and this top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners will give you great insights on options to get started.

However, you can find success slowly but definitely. Now, let’s get right to it!

List of the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners

Below is a list of the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners to consider and in varying categories especially if you have a fresh account, to start making money.

These are also some easy job opportunities on Upwork you can use to secure your first clients and build your freelancing career.

1. Location-Based Jobs

Upwork is an incredibly competitive marketplace even as a freelance platform and different niches made available. However, one of the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners is location-based jobs.

This type of job is peculiar to your city and as such reduces your competition pool. To get location-based jobs, you will need to add location-based searches to your collection.

Also, location-based jobs are great for research lovers, this means that you can secure jobs that need information about other places, cities, and towns.

Take a premise, you are a landscape photographer and a client is interested in hiring a photographer that has access to the plains of Mamre or similar images for his project.

The fact that you can gather such original shots because you live in that city give you an upper hand to be hired for the job over a photographer who can only get these type of images online.

This type of location-based job makes one of our top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For beginners because they are frequent and pop up all the time!

2. Transcription Gigs

Online transcription Gig is another one of the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners that involves writing out the dialogue in audio files to text.

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This is definitely, one of the easiest Upwork jobs for beginners to find, it is mostly about being able to take the time to type with high accuracy you can technically complete a transcription gig.

Upwork has a lot of transcription work available, many of which advertise themselves as being beginner friendly.

Online transcription jobs are less paying except you are well-known and have a lot of practice as well as employ equipment like transcription software to boost your transcribing accuracy and WPM.

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3. Grunt Work

Grunt work is a fairly broad category on Upwork but it is also one of the few top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners.

So, apparently, like the name implies Grunt work basically refer to job description or tasks that clients or people just don’t have time or patience to do.

Oftentimes, these kinds of jobs are, labor-intensive jobs yet lower-paying which of course isn’t fair. However, for a beginner on Upwork, you could give this a shot.

Upwork jobs of this sort can be quite annoying but it is a common and easy category and not all grunt work is tasking e.g posting pre-published articles for a newsletter, and we recommend that you bid as aggressively as possible for your services.

4. Native Language Jobs

Like location-based jobs, Native language jobs are another great option on our list of top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners (particularly appealing for people who are bilingual or more as long as you speak a language other than English) this can help earn you your first client on Upwork.

To do this, you can search for specific languages in the search bar to find work in the other languages you speak.

This might give you options on translation jobs or similar Upwork-type jobs, in another language.

Yet, this is another way to earn from Upwork as a beginner, it is important that you leverage your competitive advantage and impress your client to grow.

5. Content Writing

Content writing as a freelancer on Upwork is one of the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners you can opt for.

But here is what to note, though you may get some article writing gigs on the platform but you shouldn’t look to be a full-time freelance writer on Upwork as probably you may not want to depend on it fully for your long-term writing aspirations.

Ideally, you can opt for other alternatives like starting your own blog or offering your content writing skills on Medium which can help you craft a portfolio and pitch editors directly to get better-paying gigs.

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Though we cannot rule out the fact that you can as a beginner you can start making money with, cheap content writing work which is common here but always set the most convenient rate possible for yourself.

Also, it is important that you ensure to apply for jobs that are actually realistic, completable, and fast so you can get reviews on your profile.

Some Upwork clients hire for long-duration positions like ebook writing or even full-on ghostwriting for novels which can take weeks or months to complete hampering you from seizing other opportunities.

It is best to stick with 500 – 2,000 word article-type assignments for quick reviews and you will find this a great option of the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners.

6. Proofreading & Editing Jobs

Like freelance writing, another popular category of the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners on Upwork is proofreading and editing gigs.

Editors have something in common with content writing but are basically responsible for preparing content for publishing by checking grammatical errors, punctuations, etc before the content goes live.

While, proofreaders often have to double-check the same with fresh eyes for poor formatting, catch mistakes that may have been omitted, etc. Though, a good editor can proofread too.

There are thousands of editing and proofreading jobs on Upwork, many catering to entry-level, and some are for long-term projects.

So, if you do a good job for a client’s publication, you might get some repeat work, which is great for freelancers.

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7. Voice Recordings

Voice Recordings are still about the top 10 Easy Upwork Jobs For Beginners on Upwork you can find, where you are basically paid j to read 100 different words in English.

The common downside to this job is its bidding which can be low because of how easy this job description is.


Research groups, audiobook writers, and random companies sometimes need voice clips for something. In these scenarios, they often turn to Upwork to find cheap workers.

Trust me, you don’t have to be a professional voice actor for this: you can find plenty of audio recording jobs on Upwork that are beginner friendly.

8. Data Entry

Data Entry is a lucrative category on Upwork and it is also great as one of the top 10 easy Upwork jobs For beginners and basically deals with a form of data entry and competitive research.

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It is not absolutely tedious or highly rigid rather there is a data entry level that fits perfectly for beginners as a simple line of work on Upwork.

There are always readily available data entry jobs out there that can make a pretty straightforward way to trade time for money.

Though data entry can fit in just fine for a beginner and some parts may be a little complex and may require a pro to maneuver through them and ensure accuracy, time utility as well client satisfaction.

Data entry jobs usually involve working with spreadsheets like Excel and other software or as specified by the client, so search for these easy Upwork jobs and take advantage.

9. Website & App Testing Jobs

Another category of jobs you can explore is the website and app testing gigs are one of the top 10 easy Upwork jobs For beginners.

Apps and websites are designed every day by companies to ease lives and do everything faster, better, more accurately, and of course more accountable.

People for these websites and apps are to be tested all the time just to ensure users have a good experience when they launch.

This is basically a type of quality assurance work, but also one of the easiest on Upwork.

User testing gigs usually sound complicated, but most are just simple QA jobs that require no particular expertise, skill, or prior experience.

Think of anything that can provide honest feedback about elements of a website or app and that is the focus of most user-testing jobs, so you get to state your like and dislike to help the developers create a better user-friendly experience.

10. Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants otherwise referred to as VAs, are a lucrative job type that we cannot skip on our list of top 10 easy Upwork jobs For beginners and they are mainly laced with the duty of helping clients stay organized and manage their businesses.

Examples of tasks virtual assistants handle include:

  • Booking travel arrangements
  • Data entry
  • Social media posting
  • Emailing clients or potential leads
  • Organizing meetings
  • Scheduling appointments

But what makes virtual assistant work an easy job on Upwork is that many clients may need help with basic tasks, like sending email replies, etc and lots may not require previous work experience, which is a perfect start for beginner freelancers!

Plus, a Virtual Assistant can earn around $1,000 a week or more depending on your hours.