How To Get A Quickcheck Loan

This is a detailed article on how to get a Quickcheck loan in Nigeria.

QuickCheck is a popular loan platform that grants Nigerians loans without any collateral or guarantor while giving very low-interest rates.

The QuickCheck loan platform is run by a microfinance bank which gives you the satisfaction of having the best banking loan services; meaning you can borrow enough for major or minor projects.

Available at any time of the day, QuickCheck offers comfort in getting loans approved as no paperwork, queues, or journeys to bank branches are required.

Your requested loan is also credited to your account within a few minutes as QuickCheck is the fastest credit scoring loan platform.

Though uncomfortable for so many users, QuickCheck is only available on Google Playstore for Android OS devices.

Meaning you won’t be able to use QuickCheck on your iOS or even on your PC.

To get started on QuickCheck, visit their website at and get in contact with their customer service.

You can also contact QuickCheck customer care representatives via their email:

Sadly, QuickCheck currently does not offer phone customer services.

If you also have challenges obtaining a QuickCheck loan and you reside in Lagos state, you can visit the QuickCheck head office address at 23, Agodogba Avenue, park view estate, Ikoyi.

QuickCheck Loan Requirements

To get a QuickCheck loan, the following requirements must be met:

  • A mobile phone with data
  • Bank account details
  • Bank Verification Number (B.V.N)
  • ATM card
  • A good credit score
  • Personal information (name, address, phone number and so on)
  • Loan applicant must be 18 years old and above
  • Employment details (self-employed loan seekers can apply too).

Steps To Getting A QuickCheck Loan

To apply for a Quickcheck loan, follow the below steps.

1. Download The QuickCheck App

The QuickCheck app is available for free on Google PlayStore on Android OS as stated earlier but should be available for IOS users with time.

The QuickCheck app is easy to download because it is relatively very low, giving the assurance of minimizing usage of data and storage space.

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Note that the app only works on phones running Android 4.1 operating system and higher.

The app will also not work if your phone is prohibited from installing apps from unknown sources. To change this, open your phone’s settings and allow permission for installation from unknown sources.

2. Sign Up To Set Up Your QuickCheck Profile

After downloading the QuickCheck app, installing and opening it, the next step is signing up to set up a QuickCheck profile.

To avoid having to fill a lot of fields, it is possible to sign up with the Facebook account or email synced to your mobile device.

3. Fill In Your Personal Information

It is important that after signing up, you fill in your personal information correctly and in their required field. Note that your Bank Verification Number is needed.

4. Apply For A Loan

After you have signed up and submitted your personal information, you can apply for a loan on your QuickCheck app.

This is simply done by tapping the ‘apply for loan’ tab in the app.

While applying for the loan, you need to supply details like how much you want to borrow, for which purpose you are borrowing, and for how long you wish to borrow.

5. Wait For Your Loan Request To Be Processed

After you have applied for the loan, you will have to wait for your loan request to get approval from QuickCheck and this will only take a few minutes.

This is the point where your eligibility to borrow is being checked before you can be granted a loan.

QuickCheck uses machine language to check your borrowing behavior and see how fit you are to receive a loan.

This machine language algorithm also checks your credit score which plays a crucial role in helping you get a loan from QuickCheck.

6. Receive Your Loan

If you are deemed eligible for a QuickCheck loan and your request has been granted, you will receive the money directly to your bank account within a few minutes.

Don’t forget to pay back your loan on or before the agreed time which could range from a month to a year.

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Reasons Why Your QuickCheck Loan Might Be Rejected

There are 3 reasons why your QuickCheck loan request may not be approved. Apart from these reasons, there is hardly any other why you won’t get your requested loan from QuickCheck.

Below are the 3 reasons why your QuickCheck loan might be rejected.

1. You are applying for a loan of more than NGN 10,000 as a first time user of QuickCheck.

Simply put, you may not be able to apply for a loan that is more than 10,000 Naira as a first time user.

You will only gain access to higher loan amounts with consistency and your ability to pay back loans within the set deadlines.

2. You fail to meet up with the requirements to get a loan from QuickCheck or you did not provide enough information to get a loan

3. You have a bad credit score, with previous borrowing records showing you have not been faithful with meeting up with deadlines of other loan transactions you have had.

How To Repay Your QuickCheck Loan

Easy to get a loan from QuickCheck, right? It’s even easier to repay your loan. You can repay your QuickCheck loans by:

1. Debit/Credit Card

On the QuickCheck loan app, you can repay your loan using your ATM card. This is done by clicking on the repay feature in the app and then selecting the debit/credit card option to proceed with the payment.

When this is done, your bank account is debited and your loan status updates.

2. Bank Transfer

To get the bank account number you can make payment in other to repay your QuickCheck loan, open the QuickCheck app, and click on the repay button.

Then proceed by selecting the bank transfer option. The app will then display a unique bank account to you.

Any transaction done with this unique bank account will be recognized as yours and your loan status will immediately be updated on the QuickCheck app.

3. USSD Code

You can also repay your loan on QuickCheck using your bank’s USSD code. This is also done with the account number generated to you by the bank transfer option.

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NOTE: After repayment of loans by bank transfer or USSD code, it is important you verify your payment on the QuickCheck app. You can do this by clicking verify on the payment screen.

QuickCheck Loan Repayment Options

QuickCheck also gives you the option to make your payment in weekly installments. While applying for a new loan, select the installment or one-off payment button and it will immediately calculate how much you are to pay weekly.

Your weekly installment payment can be made through the app via debit/credit card, using bank transfer, or via USSD.

If you fail to repay the loan after the 30 days stipulated time (or less, depending on the amount you borrowed), the consequences are very dangerous.

Even though QuickCheck prides itself as a customer loving organization, it doesn’t take a breach of borrowing terms and conditions lightly.

Breaching the borrowing terms and conditions would result in not being able to borrow any other loan, not only from QuickCheck but also other loan platforms.

This is because QuickCheck would report you to other credit institutions, sounding a warning that you can’t be trusted with loans.

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This would do very much to damage your credit score. In severe cases, borrowers that breach this agreement are reported to the authorities, and court cases are opened against them.

That’s all on how to get a QuickCheck loan. I hope this guide helps?

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