Best job sites in Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the best job sites in Nigeria, read to the end to gain more insight.

As many graduates leave the university, the job market has become very toxic and overpopulated, with too many people applying for one job vacancy. Many companies are paying peanuts to graduates because of the high demand for jobs.

However, this has not prevented people from applying for jobs or surfing the internet for job vacancies.

Before now, job vacancies were always advertised in Newspapers, and people used to buy newspapers every day to see the latest job vacancies.

Things have changed, there are many job sites in Nigeria that post job vacancies daily, these job sites make sure that people know the latest job vacancies and apply for them.

However, if you are looking for the best job sites in Nigeria that posts authentic job vacancies from top companies and organization, then read this article to the end to gain more insight.

Best job sites in Nigeria

There are many job sites in Nigeria but below are the best job sites that post authentic job vacancies every day, you can go through them and choose only job vacancies that match your qualifications and skill set.

1. GrabJobs

Grabjobs is a job site that is also available on Mobile apps. It makes job searches easier and more enjoyable for job seekers.

Grabjobs makes it easier for applicants to apply for jobs without a CV and without filling out any form. You can also receive a notification when employers review your profile, and this will help you prepare for an interview beforehand.

It also has a feature known as a chatbox where employers can chat with or interview applicants. However, applicants can also chat with employers to either market themselves or remind them of a pending interview.

No doubt, Grabjobs is one of the best job sites in Nigeria, thousands of job seekers rely daily on this free job search site for vacancies, and employers are not left out too.

The site has many useful features like getting timely updates about your application, and automated reminders to remind you of your interviews.

Furthermore, Grabjobs does not only offer job search but also provides career resources and online courses to applicants who are interested in building their careers.

This job site makes job searching very easy and enjoyable, you can search for jobs by category and City.

2. Delon Jobs

Delon Jobs is one of the best job sites in Nigeria, it has the most diverse database of jobs in Nigeria.

Delon jobs website does not only list current job vacancies but also hosts free webinars and training to teach graduates, undergraduates, and entrepreneurs about finding jobs in Nigeria and starting small businesses.

Delon Jobs does not only publish job vacancies on its sites but also offers general recruitment and outsourcing services across Nigeria.

The site also makes it easy for job seekers to find jobs that suit their career goals and skill set.

3. Jobberman

Jobberman was founded in 2009 and has expanded to become one of the best job sites in Nigeria.

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Jobberman is an all-encompassing platform, it provides every job-related information you need including online career advice, personalized HR solutions for both individuals and institutions, and training services for job applicants.

Jobs Vacancies on Jobberman are from top industries, so you need to equip yourself with relevant skills to qualify for these jobs.

However, Jobberman realized the need for job seekers to have relevant and employable skills needed by top industries, so they often organize a series of Career Fairs and Employability Training for job seekers across the country.

4. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a very popular job site used by many job seekers to look for job vacancies and employers to employ the best talents.

Glassdoor makes it easy for jobseekers to search for jobs. Jobseekers can filter millions of jobs, see jobs rating, and what former employees of a company have to say about a hiring company.

They can also see the salaries offered for the job roles they want to apply for, and all of these help job seekers make smart decisions about whether to apply for the job or not.

5. Careers24

Careers24 is undoubtedly one of the best job sites used by thousands of Nigerians and other African countries.

It is an online job portal that provides job seekers with thousands of vacancies that are posted by hundreds of registered recruiters and employers.

However, Careers24 does not only provide job vacancies to job seekers but also excellent career advice, and tools that will help job seekers build their confidence, enhance their skills to become employable, and also know the best way to apply for jobs.

6. Just Jobs

Just Jobs is one of the best job sites in Nigeria. The site provides the latest Nigerian job vacancies for job seekers.

The site is very easy to navigate, job search on the site is simple and stress-free, and you can easily find the latest and relevant job openings that suit your career goals.

The site has a listing of different types of jobs, you can use the search bar to specifically look for the type of job you want, such as industry-specific jobs like NGO jobs, HR jobs, jobs in Nigerian Banks, jobs Oil, and Gas, etc.

You can also search for job listings by professional role including Engineering jobs in Nigeria, management jobs in Nigeria, BPO jobs, medical jobs in Nigeria, pharmacy jobs, and veterinary jobs, etc.

Also, you can search for location-based job listings like jobs in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Calabar, etc.

However, apart from offering job listings, you can also learn about search and how to attract the best jobs from the blog section of this job site.

You will also learn about relevant interview tips, how to develop your resume to attract a hiring manager and how to develop your professional career.

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7. Job Center Nigeria

Job center Nigeria as the name implies is where you can find current job listings as a job seeker.

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True to its name, the site is a free Job search platform that posts both local and international job vacancies. Thousands of people visit this job site every day since it is one of the best job sites in Nigeria.

8. Total Jobs

Total Jobs is one of the best job sites in Nigeria, It features job listings in almost all the countries of the world including Nigeria.

The site is easy to navigate and it is often updated so it is better to check the site regularly for new job vacancies.

However, the site does not provide thousands of job vacancies like other job sites, but it is still worth checking.

9. Hot Nigerian Jobs

Hot Nigerian Jobs is one of the best job sites in Nigeria. It features jobs by field, jobs by role, jobs by industry, jobs by discipline, jobs by state, and jobs by region which makes it easier for job seekers to search for their desired job.

Hot Nigerian Jobs does not only post job vacancies, but it also conducts free webinars for job seekers to help them stay ahead in the job market and get hired immediately by top companies.

10. Job List Nigeria

Job List Nigeria is known for connecting job seekers to organizations and employers, it is one of the best job sites in Nigeria.

This job site posts new job vacancies daily, so you can find the opportunity that is right for you there.

The job platform is easy to navigate, and it offers a wide range of job listings, and searching for jobs on this site is fast and enjoyable, you can easily search by job type, industry, location, etc.

Job List Nigeria also provides helpful information for students. Students can get useful resources on scholarships, internships, training programs, etc.

It also provides job seekers with useful information on how they can expand their skills to get hired immediately.

11. Naija Hot Jobs

Naija Hot Jobs is one of the best job sites in Nigeria for job seekers.

The platform helps you to personalize your search based on location, industry, skills, and more. It provides different forums for job seekers to have productive job-related discussions.

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12. Jobs Today Nigeria

Jobs Today Nigeria is one of the best job sites in Nigeria. Job seekers find it very easy to search for jobs on this site because it allows them to immediately search for jobs that align with their skills, needs, and career goals.

This site is often updated and features listings for all kinds of positions ranging from managerial positions to customer service representative and administrative officer roles.

However, the site also offers detailed descriptions of the jobs you are applying for, this will help you know what to expect from the job you are applying for.

13. My Job Mag

My Job Mag is one of the best job sites in Nigeria, it allows you to easily search for jobs based on industry, location, salary, and education requirements.

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This platform helps you to quickly search and find jobs that best suit you, align with your career goals, and will help you grow.

This job site does not only help you find job openings, but you can also read their blogs to know how to improve your resume, learn about scholarships for additional education, and lots more.

14. Jobzilla Nigeria

Jobzilla Nigeria is one of the best job sites in Nigeria. It publishes the latest job vacancies in Nigeria and other opportunities that may be of advantage to job seekers and students.

Searching for jobs on this platform is easy and enjoyable, you can simplify your job search by browsing jobs by location.

15. Employment Nigeria

Employment Nigeria is one of the best job sites in Nigeria, and it is ideal for people who are seeking employment in Nigeria.

This website offers a simple, easy-to-use job search tool that helps you search for positions by job type, industry, and location.

The site does not only publish job vacancies but also has a blog that provides adviceĀ for job seekers and those who are looking to change careers.

Whether you need help writing a resume or preparing for your next interview, you will find helpful tips here.

16. Jobs Givers

Jobs Givers is the leading job search portal in Nigeria. they not only publish the latest job vacancies but also help job seekers excel in their job aptitude test/interview by providing them with relevant recruitment exams past questions and answers.

This job site publishes job vacancies on their sites daily to help job seekers find a job that resonates with their career goals. The site is easy to navigate as it provides different categories of job searches.

17. Jobgurus Nigeria

Jobgurus Nigeria is one of the best job sites in Nigeria. It was founded in 2010 and, since then, has helped thousands of job seekers in Nigeria to find positions that match their skills, education, and career goals.

Jobgurus Nigeria also helps people with resources to help them prepare for aptitude tests and other job-related exams.

The platform also makes it easier for applicants to upload their resume and get it in front of the best recruiters.

18. Find a Job in Africa

As the name implies, if you want to find a job in Africa, then you need to give this job platform a try. This platform is an excellent online job search engine and has been around for more than 20 years.

This platform does not only publish job vacancies but also provides career resources that will help applicants in their CV creation, job interview preparation, etc.

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