10 Best Sites To Read Comics Online For Free

This is a detailed guide on the best sites to read comics online for free, read to the end to gain more insight.

A comic book, also called a comic magazine or simply comic, is a publication that tells stories through pictures or illustrations. The pictures or illustrations are always presented in individual frames serially arranged side by side to represent individual scenes.

The comic book originated from American comic books which was a compilation of comics in humorous tones, presently, comics features stories from different genres that are not humorous in tone. Famous Funnies was the first modern comic book released in the US in 1934.

Presently, Japan has dominated the comic market, they produce the most comic books.

However, reading comics is entertaining, comic enthusiasts will tell you that you can never be bored reading comics.

However, if you are a comic lover, or you want to experience the pure thrill that comes with reading comics, read this article to the end to know the best sites to read comics online for free.

The Top Comic Book Publishers and Companies

Below is the list of the top comic book publishers and companies in the world.

  • Marvel Comics
  • DC Comics
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • Image Comics
  • Valiant Comics
  • DW Publishing
  • Aspen Comics
  • Boom! Studios
  • Dynamite
  • Vertigo
  • Archie Comics
  • Zenescope

10 Best Sites To Read Comics Online For Free

Below are the 10 best sites to read comics online for free.

1. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited is one of the best sites to read comics online for free. However, the site is not totally free to use, but the annual or monthly subscription you do is not comparable to the thousands of comics you will get access to; over 28,000 comics.

However, if you do not want to view comics on the marvel site, you can as well use the alternative marvel app which is one of the best apps for comic book lovers.

2. GetComics.com

GetComics.com is also one of the best sites to read comics online for free. It is a site you should visit if Marvel and DC comics are your favorites.

However GetComics do not only feature Marvel and DC comics, you can also download comics from other comic publishers like Image, Dark Horse, Valiant, IDW e.t.c

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One of the best things about GetComics is that it allows users to read online and also download comics for free without any registration or monthly or annual subscription.

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3. Comic Book Plus

Comic Book Plus is a comic site that should be visited by every comic enthusiast who wants to read classical comic books.

You can only read and download Golden and Silver Age comic books on Comic Book Plus. However, this site has comic books in other languages like French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, etc. for people who do not understand English.

Reading comic books from this site will make you see the discrepancy between classical comic books and modern comic books. You would be able to know the changes that have taken place from the inception of comic books until today.

However, all the comic books on this site are free and legal and the site is authentic so you do not have to worry about anything. You are free to read all comic books on the site online, but you are restricted from downloading them until you join a forum.

However, registration to join the forum is free. The forum is for comic enthusiasts who are eager to meet other comic lovers to discuss comics, ask questions or give answers to questions.

However, you would not only discuss in the forum, but you will also gain access to a great collection of over 17,000 Public Domain Comic Books which you can view online or download to watch at your leisure.

4. Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum is one of the best comic sites to read comics online for free. Like Comic Book Plus, it also features only golden age Comics.

If you are a lover of golden age comics you will find this site interesting. However, this site is a digital library of comic books in public domain status and it provides comic books from Ace magazines, Ajax-Farell publications, D.S. publishing, etc.

All the files on the site are copyright free and in the public domain and the site has a good user interface.

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Moreover, it totally allows people to read comic books on the site without any registration, but if you want to download comic books to read at your convenience, you would be requested to register on the site for free.

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5. Read Comic Online

Read Comic is one of the best sites to read comics online for free. This site features comic books from different publishers including Marvel, DC, Image, Avatar Press, IDW publishing, etc.

However, you can read all the comic books you desire on the site online without registering on the site, but you would not be allowed to download any comic book if you are not registered on the site.

Registering on the site is free, and also downloading comic books on the site is interesting. You are not forced to download any video quality, you can choose the quality you want, either low or high depending on the amount of data you have.

This site makes the search for comic books very easy and fast, you can search by genre or status. The site has different genres including Adventure anthology, anthropomorphic, biography, children, comedy, crime, drama, family, fantasy, fighting, graphic Novels, historical, horror, leading ladies, LGBTQ, literature, etc.

Sadly, the website is not without complaints, many users have complained that it occasionally redirects users to other sites, but you can still use it if you can cope with it.

6. View Comic

Comic View features a lot of good and well-known comics, especially comics from famous publishers like Marvel, DC, Vertigo, and Image.

The site is one of the best sites to read comics online for free in high quality. Although the site features good and popular comics, it has a poor user interface which might not be a problem for you if you can cope with it.

7. Webtoon

Webtoon is one of the best sites to read comics online for free. It was founded by JunKoo Kim, a South Korean Webtoon publisher, in 2004 and it is a place you can find thousands of stories across 23 genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror, and more.

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You can read comic books on this site online for free without registering on the site, but not all comic books are free.

8. Tapas

Tapas is one of the best sites to read comics online for free. This site has published more than 107,000 stories and you would surely find stories that resonate with you.

Tapas was originally known as Comic Panda, it is South Korean Webtoon publishing website created in 2012 by Chang Kim.

However, you can either access Tapas for free or subscribe to a premium service, depending on what you want.

9. GoComics

GoComics is one of the best sites for reading comics online for free. It is the home of many of the most popular comics and cartoons in the world.

This website offers free content every day, so you are sure to see what you love. However, there are two membership options – Free and Premium – both options provide an e-mail subscription and personalized online access to the GoComics library which offers a wide selection of comics.

10. DriveThru Comics

DriveThru Comics is another site to read comic books online for free. It has a vast display of comic books, manga, graphic novels, and magazines for both adults and kids.

However, DriveThru Comics does not have DC and Marvel Comics but it provides other quality comic books published by other famous comic publishers like Top Cow, Aspen Comics, Valiant Comics, etc.

The site is not totally free, users can read the first chapter of a comic for free but will have to purchase the remaining chapters.

That is all on the best sites to read comics online for free, I hope it helps you find comic books that interest you.

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