May 22, 2024
How To Get A Job In The USA From Nigeria

There are many job opportunities in the USA but since many people are applying for a job in the USA from Nigeria, the rules have become more strict regarding who can be employed.

Job opportunities in the USA are for people who are prepared and have the necessary documents and experiences.

As a Nigerian seeking to work in the USA, you must be thoroughly prepared as the jobs in the USA are always highly competitive.

However, inasmuch as many Nigerians envisage working abroad, it is not everybody that will have the opportunity to work there not because they are not qualified but because they do not know how to go about it.

If you really want to get a job in the USA from Nigeria and you do not know how to go about it, read this article on how to get a job in the USA from Nigeria to gain more insight.

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Things Needed To Get A Job In The USA From Nigeria

People do not just sleep and wake up and they are offered jobs in the USA, you have to work hard for it, you have to meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for a job in the USA.

However, below are the basic things you need to get a job in the USA from Nigeria.

Work permits

In order to work in the USA, you must have a suitable work visa. This visa will enable you to temporarily travel to, live in, and work in the USA without being arrested.

If you are seeking jobs in the USA from Nigeria, you must make sure you also make plans of getting your work visa in case you are hired.

You need to keep enough money for your work visa because a company might not want to sponsor your work visa especially if the company is not in dire need of you.

However, you can apply for your work visa at the American embassy in Lagos state. You can also get details on how to process your visa from the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the US Department.


To get a job in the USA from Nigeria, you must make sure you are vested in your area of specialization and competent at what you do.

Work on yourself, take new and relevant courses and carry out projects. When you are competent at what you do and skilled in your area of specialization, you would be confident in yourself and easily get a job at your chosen firm in the USA.


To get a job in the USA from Nigeria, you need to have a well-prepared resume.

However, in the USA, a resume is considered instead of a CV and the main aim of a resume is to persuade the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job and should be invited for an interview.

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Your resume is your marketing tool, therefore, it must contain a short profile of yourself, the objective and goals of your career, your educational history, and your work history.

Your resume should be well constructed with no grammatical errors to entice the hiring manager and make the person invite you for an interview.


There is no how you can get a job in the USA from Nigeria if you are not educated. Education is important in all aspects of life, so if you are seeking to work for a company in the USA, you must first of all be educated.

Your level of education is very important when seeking jobs in the USA, it is very easy for a university graduate to get a job in the USA from Nigeria than a secondary school graduate.

Your course of study at the University is also important when applying for jobs in the USA.

Courses that are in high demand in the USA include supply chain, e-commerce or marketing, data security, computer science, information technology, cybersecurity, simulation and visualization, business, public health, and data science, etc.

Moreover, apart from studying in school, it is advisable to learn relevant skills present in this modern era to stay relevant and be employable.

English Proficiency

Before you apply for jobs in the USA, you must be proficient in the English Language. If you are lagging behind in the use of the English language, you can undergo training and sit for English proficiency exams such as  TOEFL or IELTS.

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How To Get A Job In the USA From Nigeria

Why many Nigerians are seeking to get a job in the USA from Nigeria is because of good working conditions and high payment rates.

Nigerians who work in the USA are well paid than those who are working in Nigeria. Moreover, working in the USA will teach you many things and help you become a better version of yourself.

However, you can still work in the USA while in Nigeria for companies who need remote workers or get a full-time job and relocate.

There are many advantages when you get a job in the USA from Nigeria, apart from the mouth watery salary you would be paid, you will always have self-respect, self-worth, and dignity.

Many people who seek to get work in the USA from Nigeria are not prepared, some people feel you can sleep and wake up and boom the job is given to them, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to secure a job in the USA.

When you get a job in the USA from Nigeria, you learn new things, develop new skills, and contribute positively to the growth of your country and people respectively.

However, before you start applying for jobs in the USA, you must know the type of job you want, the visa you are qualified for, the companies that are related to your profession, have a strong resume, cover letter, recommendations, and online presence.

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There are many legal ways to get a job in the USA from Nigeria, you only need to follow the steps below to get your dream job in the USA.

1. Search For Jobs Opening In The USA Online

It is when you find your desired job opening that you will be able to apply and fortunately get employed.

Nowadays, the internet has become the main source to look for job vacancies, many jobs people do today were advertised online for people to apply for.

To get a job in the USA from Nigeria, you must make use of some online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can also search for USA job openings on job websites such as Indeed, Jobberman, Glassdoor, AngelList, FlexJobs, Nairaland, careers24, etc.

When you find a job opening that suits you, ensure to read the work description and the requirements before applying for it to avoid waste of time.

When writing your application letter for the job opening, make it short, devoid of mistakes, and professional.

Also endeavor to know the name of the person you are addressing the letter to, it will make them believe you love the company and have carried out research on it.

Moreover, the last paragraph of your cover letter should include multiple ways the company can contact you, you can provide your phone number and email address.

Additionally,  if you are fit for the job, you can contact the recruiters directly by email or by LinkedIn, letting them know your drive and why you are the best person for the position.

2. Send Spontaneous Application To Companies

Many job openings in the USA are never posted on job websites, so if you are keen on getting a job in the USA, you need to send a good, spontaneous application to companies.

This method has its own advantages because you will not have direct competitors to combat with.

To get a job in the USA from Nigeria through this method, you must make sure you apply to companies that are related to your field.

To send spontaneous applications efficiently, you must have a compelling LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters, and accept connection requests from recruiters.

Furthermore, you can point out all recruiters you have in your contact and search for their companies on  USponsor Me.

However, if their companies are found on USponsor Me, it means they are located in the USA, and they also provide sponsorship.

From there you can select the ones that are related to your field and send spontaneous applications to them.

3. Get A Job In The USA Through Your Network

The network you build determines your outcomes in the future. Networking is good especially if it is with the right people that are willing to help one another.

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You do not only build a network with people you know physically but also with people you meet on social media platforms and establish friendships and healthy relationships.

Social media has exposed us to so many people in different parts of the world, nowadays ], we can build healthy relationships online without having to meet one another physically.

The importance of good networking cannot be underrated, it has opened a lot of opportunities for many people both online and offline.

When you build a good relationship with people, they would be ready to vouch for you and recommend you to others who are in need of your services.

Networking is a crucial factor if you want to get a job in the USA from Nigeria.

4. Get A Job In The USA Through Direct Approach

Using a direct approach in job searching will make it easier for you to get a job in the USA from Nigeria.

When you research your target companies, you would see vital phone numbers displayed on the company’s websites, using the contacts without knowing the person behind them is known as a direct approach method.

Using a direct approach strategy will enable you to get information on available jobs at a company.

The people you contact might give you first-hand information on the hiring process and the work ethics of the company.

However, before you start sending direct messages, you must make sure the company matches 80% of your profile because the more targeted you are in your search, the closer you would be to finding your dream job in the USA.

Using the Direct approach method to get a job in the USA from Nigeria, you are not applying for the Job online, you would only use the internal contact of the company to contact the people involved, and establish a healthy relationship with them by speaking with them on the phone.

Your goal is to know when there would be a job opening, and the biggest challenges of the company.

If the challenges are something you can handle, let them know how you can be of help, then you would get introduced to HR for further discussions.

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Jobs You Can Get In The USA From Nigeria

You can get a job in the USA from Nigeria as a

  • Data Officer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Legal Officer
  • Volunteer Writer
  • Marketer
  • Accountant
  • Content Writer
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Communication Intern
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Forensic Data Analyst
  • Development Officer
  • Doctor
  • Nurse, etc.

That’s all on how to get a job in the USA from Nigeria, I hope it helps you secure your dream job.

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