Apple Stores in Lagos

It is vital to outline Apple stores in Lagos State, which happens to be one of the most populated States in Nigeria. As Apple becomes a household brand for many families in many parts of the world, including Nigeria,

Apple’s current peak is no doubt well-deserved, as every day the company goes the extra mile to improve the quality of their gadget and accessories to ease and better all aspect of their use and thereby provide true value for your money.

Apple is one of the biggest technology companies in the world today that develops, produces, and trades electronics, computer software, and hardware as well as offers online services.

These products such as Apple MacBooks, iPhones, AirPods, and other accessories are usually exceptional – in design, quality, operational speed, feel, durability, appearance, and of course prices.

For these reasons and more like it, Apple stores in Lagos are simultaneously rising and expanding.

Lagos State is Nigeria’s most industrious State and as such, due to its equally high population, opportunities, businesses, and of course most preferred for shopping products the Apple stores in Lagos still thrive in spite of the increase.

Apple on the other hand keeps rising unflinchingly in popularity, acceptance, and adoption by the general public in spite of the price tags.

The undeniable downside to Apple products has always been the price but since some people have a thing for luxury and quality living they had rather opt for an apple product if affordable to them.

Another glaring downside to apple products particularly iPhones has been their poor battery life. The company seems that they are only able to go so far with battery life.

But for other features like security, camera or video qualities, privacy, etc almost no product today beats the brand.

Also, probably because of the expensive nature of the Apple product seemed to be made for only the high and mighty in our society people who own an apple product from the average status quo or its intermediary command a certain poise of their own.

Apple stores in Lagos State offer a wide range of options to service Apple products as well as trade them locally.

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If you are planning on getting a new Apple product or you are planning to repair your broken Apple device, the list of all Apple stores, as well as Apple service centers in Lagos, will be shared in this article.

Apple Inc has its head office in Cupertino, California but apple stores in Lagos State help bring their products and services a lot closer to you.

It is, however, our intention to list out the available apple stores in Lagos state that you can easily walk into and either purchase your Apple gadgets or service and repair them.

So, if you are new to Lagos and stuck on where to find an apple store, we have got you covered in this article.

List of Apple stores in Lagos State Today with Addresses

Below is a list of all the available Apple stores in Lagos and repair centers you can take advantage of.

1. Apple Electronics Store

This is one of the Apple stores in Lagos located in Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki.

Contact: 01725816147

In-store shopping·
In-store pickup

2. Amaget Store | Authorized HP Dell Apple Lenovo Distributor in Lagos Nigeria.

13 Francis Oremeji St

0906 202 0093

3. Apple Electronics Store

Location: Palms Shopping Mall No.56

Contact: 08117172620

4. iConnect

Another Apple store at Palms Shopping Mall, located at Palms Mall Parking Lot Eti-Osa Lagos.

Contact: 0809 361 8708

5. Apple Devices Box

31 Victoria Arobieke St

0706 624 8554

In-store pickup

6. iDevices store

fourteen 36 mall, opp standard chartered bank, Sanusi Fafunwa St

0805 646 8380

In-store shopping·
In-store pickup·

7. iDevices Store

JARA MALL. simbiat abiola way/medical road, off Awolowo Road

0805 646 8380

In-store shopping·
In-store pickup·

8. iDevices store

No.15 Victoria Island, Lagos.

Contact: 01827682982

9. Mac Center

No 9, Akiogun Road, Oniru, Lagos State.

Contact: 0817279172

10. Computer Village

No 17 Oremeji street Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact: 08027528917

11. Mac Center


01 888 2200

12. Mac Center

No 8, Akiogun Road, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Contact: 08168296527

13. Mac Center

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Plot C Block 12E Beside ASCON Filling Station, Lekki, Lagos

Contact: 08058809327

14. Mac Center

No. 105 and 102, Palm Plaza, Lekki Beside FCMB HQ.

Contact: 07063603338

15. Apple Store (iMate)

7 Simbiat Abiola Way

0802 440 6300

In-store shopping·
In-store pickup·

16. Otinkpu Technologies (Apple Store)

Victoria Garden City

Shop A82 ikota Road 1shopping complex VGC via ajah

0802 753 9801

In-store pickup

17. Authorized HP and Apple Service Center

No.29/31 Obafemi Awolowo Way, Obafemi Awolowo House, Ikeja, Lagos.

Contact: 09052483168

18. Apple store (gadget home)


0803 458 9906

In-store pickup

19. Apple Store

10,Francis Oremeji Street Ikeja

0802 442 7498

20. Apple Shop Lagos

Amazing Grace Plaza

4 Oshitelu St

0813 526 8317

21. iStore Ikeja Mall

Ikeja City Mall


0909 886 9588

In-store shopping·
In-store pickup

22. Apple store (Techmart Gadgetry)

shop s-046, 2nd-floor Tejuosho shopping complex, phase 2 Yaba, Lagos Surulere

0901 973 0806

23. Apple Store (GidRay Communication)

12 Simbiat Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos ikeja

0808 427 7252

In-store pickup

24. The Orchard Tech

Shop 3 Civic Centre Ozumba Mbadiwe Str. Victoria Island, Lagos.

Contact: 0809 666 4109


Print ‘R Us

Shop C11, First Floor, Shoprite Mall Surulere

01 290 0400

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Shop C11, First Floor, Shoprite Mall Surulere, Lagos.

Contact: 091927629017

27. SERVICE Nigeria

No 44 Alhaji Muili street, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: 01827791762

28. Apple gadgets store, Ikeja

Contact: 0803 458 9906

29. Apple Store Slot center

Address: CCMP+M6C, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

Contact: 0902 721 2700

30. iDevices store

fourteen 36 malls, opp standard chartered bank,

Contact: 0805 646 8380

31. Apple Store Ikeja

No. 10, Francis Oremeji Street Ikeja.

Contact: 0802 442 7498

32. Blessing Computers Limited

No.15 Kodesoh Street Ikeja, Computer Village Lagos

Contact: 08116178292

33. Apple Store

Victoria Island, Lagos

Contact: 08058809327

34. Olwell Computers

No.14 Oyebola Street, Ojota, Lagos

Contact: 08118264728

35. Computer Village

No. 19 Oremeji street Ikeja, Lagos.


36. Westgate Technologies Ltd

No.32 Oba Akran Ave, Ikeja, Lagos

37. Dreamworks Direct

Shop No. C9, Lennox Mall, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State.

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38. Dallas Communications Lekki | Authorized Apple Macbook iPhone Distributor

Dealers in all kinds of Apple products.

Fidelity Bank Plc, Lekki Phase I, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

Contact: 0806 532 5894

39. Otinkpu Real Technologies

Shop No. A82 ikota Road In Victoria Garden City, Lagos.

Contact:  0802 753 9801

40. Apple store Gadget shop

Shop 46, Tejuosho shopping complex, phase 2 Yaba, Lagos.

Contact: 0901 973 0806

41. Apple Store (iMate)

No. 7 Simbiat Abiola Way, computer village Ikeja, Lagos

Contact:, 08162758201

42. Gidley Communication

No.12 Simbiat Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

Contact:  0808 427 7252

43. Mac Center Shoprite

Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: 01 888 2200

44. Apple Store

Apple Store (King of gadgets)

Location: Number 19 Kodesoh Street Computer Village Ikeja Ikeja

Contact: 08176301662

45. Apple Store

No.12, Francis Oremeji Street Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: 0127266917

46. Authorized HP Service Center

No. 21 Opp. Obafemi Awolowo House.


47. Laptops & Computer Accessories Store – Westgate Technologies Ltd

Address: No.32 Oba Akran Ave, Ikeja, Lagos.

Contact: 07072651818

48. Dreamworks Direct

Shop No. C9, Lennox Mall, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Phone: Call: 0907 734 8600.

59. Samsung and Apple stores

No 62 Allen Ave, Ikeja, Lagos

Contact: 08082655181

50. Shopinverse Tech

Maryland Mall, 350 to 360 Ikorodu Road, Lagos.

phone: 08065550510

51. Redington Nigeria Ltd

No 13 Ola Ayeni St, Ikeja, Lagos

Phone: 0809 857 3716

52. Smile Communications Network

No. 13 Glover St. Adekunle, Lagos

Phone: 0803 761 8778

53. Slot Computer Systems LTD

Opp First Bank Plc Ojuelegba, 12 Itire Rd, Lagos



All the above-listed apple stores in Lagos are sure to provide your apple gadgets or repairs. Though some may lack a specific model sometimes but you are sure to buy authentic Apple products that are without imitations.

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