May 22, 2024
Share Large Files

This is a detailed guide on the best websites to host and share large files for free.

Nowadays, there are various documents and files that can be sent electronically, and there are various platforms for sending such files.

I know this is not a new revelation to you, but the gospel I bring to you in this post is that there are some platforms that do it better than some other platforms you might be using.

Wait a minute!

Have you ever tried to send some files to your friends or associates electronically and you were restricted because of the size limit?

That’s what I’m talking about.

In this post, I will share with you how you can successfully host and share large files online for free.

You will know the best websites to host and share large files for free, and you will be set free from being limited in sharing large files.

File Sharing

File-Sharing means the provision of electronic data and files over the internet for other internet users.

Some of the files that could be stored or shared online include pictures, audio files, video files, documents, and so on.

One of the greatest challenges of internet users in sharing files online is due to the size of the files.

It has been seen that many websites and platforms permit users to share only a limited size of files. This may come with some feeling of frustration sometimes, as you may not be able to solve this problem or bypass this limit on such platforms.

However, there are some platforms that offer free online file sharing and storage irrespective of how large the files are.

These platforms are the best because they will help you to share very large files easily and without limit.

I bring to you the best websites to host and share large files for free.

Best Websites To Host And Share Large Files For Free

The platforms I will mention here are the best free file sharing sites for large files.

They are the best platforms where you can host large files for free.

You may not know that you can transfer 50GB for free when it comes to file-sharing online, but some of this platform lets you do that and sometimes more.

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1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a very reliable platform to share large files for free.

This platform is one of the best most especially for SMEs and freelancers.

This platform stands out with many features among which we have the following:

  • It is user-friendly.
  • It offers an option to resend or delete transfers.
  • The platform secures transfer.
  • It enables you to transfer unzipped files
  • The duration of storing a file can be scheduled as you would prefer.
  • You can track the number of downloads of the file.
  • WeTransfer I’d available for free for a data of 2GB and below.
  • But that is the maximum size of data file you can share for free.
  • It also has a paid plan that allows you to share files up to 20GB.
  • The subscription fee for the paid plan is at the rate of $12 for a month.

Visit WeTransfer here

2. pCloud

pCloud is undoubtedly one of the best platforms to host and share large files for free.

The site is a very secure pCloud is a secure platform that where you can host and share your large files with ease.

This cloud storage has many different features among which we have the following:

  • It had a search button to easily navigate between files.
  • It is safe to use.
  • It offers free service.
  • It is encrypted cloud storage.

This platform works by letting you save your files in the cloud, and you can access it from any other device.

pCloud can be used for free, but some of its functions become active only when you’re a paid subscriber.

The paid plan on pCloud is in two major categories.

The first category is the Premium Plan that lets you share files up to 500GB, and it costs $47.88 annually.

The other category is the Premium Plus Plan. This has a capacity of up to 2TB, and the charge is about $95.88 annually.

Visit pCloud here

3. MediaFire

MediaFire is another platform for hosting and sharing large files for free.

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You can upload your pictures and images, documents, music, and videos files without hitches.

MediaFire lets you store these files on the platform so that people can have access to it from wherever they reside.

When you upload files on MediaFire, people have immediate access to them via the link that will be generated for you.

MediaFire is available for free but bears in mind that it will come with ads.

An ad-free usage is available but with a subscription plan.

The subscription also comes with a bulk upload of files.

The subscription plans are the Pro plan and the business plan.

The pro plan costs $3.75 a month, and the business plan costs $40 a month.

Visit MediaFire here

4. OneDrive

OneDrive is another cloud storage that will serve you the best.

It is one of the most popular file hosting platforms online.

OneDrive has a very large storage space

For a free service, OneDrive has a total storage space of 5GB, but you will get more with a paid plan too.

The subscription plan will give you storage spaces from 100GB to 1TB, to 6TB.

Visit OneDrive here

5. Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage.

It is widely used by many people.

It is very fast to use, and it is accessible with ease.

Google Drive accepts many file formats like PDF, CAD, PNG, JPEG, PPT, and so on.

Your files on Google Drive will be found on the internet faster than on other platforms.

This platform offers many great features for hosting and sharing your large files but it does not offer password protection.

The free usage of Google Drive allows you to upload files up to 15GB.

For the paid plans, you can subscribe for 100GB at $1.99 monthly, 200GB at $2.99 monthly, or 2TB at $9.99 monthly.

Visit Google Drive here

6. Dropbox

Dropbox is also widely used for storing and sharing large files for free for 30days.

It offers the security of the files you upload among other superb features you will enjoy.

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But your free usage will be cut short after 30days and you’ll be required to subscribe to either of their paid plans.

The Standard plan costs $12.50 monthly for a user, while the Advanced plan costs $20.

Visit Dropbox here

7. MailBigFile

MailBigFile is another platform where you can share your large files online for free.

This platform is easy to use and offers some quite enticing features.

The file size you can share on this platform is limited to 2GB, but you can send more files by compressing (to zip) the files before sharing them.

Note that the files you share on this platform will be stored for only 10 days.

Visit MailBigFile here

8. Filemail

Filemail is another platform to share your large files online.

The file size limit on this platform is up to 30GB, and the files will be stored on the platform for 7days.

Filemail helps you to track how many times your files have been downloaded.

The free version of this platform does not secure your files, so it may not be the best for confidential files.

Visit FileMail here

9. TransferNow

TransferNow lets you upload files up to 3GB for free.

It has many features to enjoy like tracking the downloads, password protection, and so on.

Before you can send up to 3GB files you must register for free on the platform. Without registration, you will only be able to share 2GB of files.

Your files will also be stored for only 15days whether you register or not.

Visit TransferNow here

10. JumboMail

On JumboMail, you can share your large files for free and without registration.

Although you will be able to share only a maximum data size of 2GB.

You can increase this size limit to 5GB by registering and by referring people to the platform.

Your files will be uploaded and tired for only 7 days on this platform.

Visit JumboMail here

That is all on Best Websites To Host And Share Large Files For Free.

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