10 Best Online Image Compressor To Compress Images 2023

This is a detailed guide on the 10 Best Online Image Compressor To Compress Images.

There are several reasons why you may need to compress or optimize your images before uploading them online.

Images that are not compressed are sometimes too heavy for websites.

This will be a disadvantage for you if you are a blogger because your website will take more time to load up and will consume more user data as well.

Looking from another angle, when you store images that are too large on your devices, the storage space will be eaten up with just a few files.

But this can be sorted by compressing or optimizing those images by using an online image compressor.

Therefore in this post, I will share with you the 10 Best Online Image Compressor To Compress Images.

This online image compressor works perfectly as an image compressor software.

What Is An Image Compressor?

An image compressor is an optimizing tool used to reduce the size of images.

When you take a picture with the latest phone cameras, they are usually in large sizes.

But with the use of an image compressor, you can reduce the size to a smaller one.

Image Compressors are sometimes called optimizers, and they are available for various types of devices.

Be it Android, iOS, Mac, or windows.

As I’ve promised earlier, I will share with you these tools to compress images online later in this post.

These tools are the best image compression software for free.

Importance Of Image Compressor

As an internet user, statistics have shown that write-ups or articles that have pictures attract more people than other articles with only text.

This is to show the importance of adding pictures to your websites, blogs, or social media handles.

Having a high-quality image attached to your content will help to grab the viewer’s attention and make them want to read the textual contents.

This also applies to your business websites as pictures of your products will go a long way in making your potential buyers stay glued to other information about the product.

However, high-quality images may sometimes fail to fulfill their purposes of keeping people glued to a page.

For an illustration, if you upload a picture of a product to your WhatsApp status, your contacts will view the picture more quickly if it had a relatively small size.

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If otherwise, some of your contacts tend to skip viewing it because it will take too much time to load up.

This experience is the same with blogs and websites.

Too large images will make your viewers shy away from your website because it is taking time to load up.

Also, your website will be ranked lower in search engine optimization as a result of too large images.

Therefore image compressors are important as they help to reduce the size of images, thereby making your websites load fast and avoid losing traffic unnecessarily.

Best Online Image Compressor To Compress Images

Below is the list of the best image compression software you can use easily and without hassle.

1. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is one of the best online image compressors you can find.

It is a very reliable tool that lets you optimize your images online but it works only with images in JPEG format.

With JPEG Optimizer, you have the luxury of resizing your image before optimizing it.

By resizing, I mean changing either the screen size or resolution. And by optimizing it, you are reducing the data size of the file.

Hence, to optimize your JPEG images, JPEG Optimizer is the right tool.

Visit the JPEG Optimizer website here

2. Optimizilla

Optimizilla is one of the best online image compressors to compress images.

It is a very good tool for online large image compressors.

Optimizilla works perfectly by reducing your image to the lowest possible data size, while still maintaining the quality of the image.

This tool works perfectly for images either in JPEG or PNG formats.

sometimes, when an image has been optimized too much, the quality will begin to fade. But this can be prevented on Optimizilla because it has an on-screen slider.

This slider lets you see the original image before it is optimized and the optimized image at once on the screen.

With that, you will be able to notice if your optimization is reducing the quality already.

One of the advantages of Optimizilla is that it allows you to upload about 20 pictures at once, making your optimization process faster.

Visit the Optimizilla website here

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3. Kraken.io

Kraken.io is one other tool that perfectly optimizes your images online without diminishing the quality of the images.

Kraken.io is a step further from JPEG Optimizer and Optimizilla as it works on images in JPEG and PNG formats, and it also works on animated GIF files.

This tool is a very good image optimizer as it will give you the lowest possible size for your image without altering the quality of such images.

Kraken.io takes bulk image optimization at once, and it lets you download the optimized images one after the other.

You may also download it together in zip format.

A few other special features of Kraken.io are that it allows you to export your compressed files to Dropbox.

Also, you can import images for optimization from Dropbox and Google drive.

In addition, Kraken.io has a more advanced version, the pro version that lets you optimize very large images and also upload an unlimited number of images.

But the total size of all uploaded images should not exceed 100MB.

Visit the Kraken.io website here

4. Optimole

Optimole is another popular image compression platform that works very effectively.

It compresses your images to the least sizes, and it can also resize them for better resolution fitting.

Although Optimole uses SAAS and SAAS services are not free. However, Optimole has a free optimization plan that you can start with using their platform.

Visit Optimole website here

5. ImageRecycle

Image Recycle is another online image compression that works well to compress your images to the least possible sizes. And of course, retaining the quality

ImageRecycle works on images in PDF format in addition to the formats I mentioned earlier with the previous compressors.

That is, ImageRecycle can optimize images in JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF formats.

If you are working with the PC, ImageRecycle makes uploading images easier as you can drag a picture from your device straight to the optimizer.

Although ImageRecycle is a paid platform, it offers you a 15-day trial for free.

Then you can choose to subscribe for their paid plan after these.

Visit the ImageRecycle website here.

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6. CompressNow

CompressNow is also one of the fastest tools to optimize your images online.

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CompressNow lets you upload images for optimization in bulk, and it also works on images in JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats.

The maximum number of images you can upload at once on CompressNow is 10, and a disadvantage may be that it will apply the same optimization to all the images at once.

Visit the CompressNow website here

7. Trimage

Trimage is another online image optimizer and compressor.

Although it is a more suitable tool for Linux users.

Trimage is used to first remove EXIF and metadata from images, then compress the images to the smallest possible size.

This tool works on images in JPEG and PNG formats.

Please note that this tool is most suitable for Linux users.

Visit Trimage website here

8. Online Image Optimizer

Online Image Optimizer is easily identified as an image compressor from its name.

This is one of the best tools to optimize your images online as it produces one of the best-compressed images online.

This tool works on GIF, JPEG, and PNG files and it will give one of the best outputs.

Visit the Online Image Optimizer website here

9. Tiny PNG

Tiny PNGĀ  is another tool that helps you compress your image online.

This tool works on both JPEG and PNG files not minding the name Tiny PNG.

With Tiny PNG, you can upload your images for compression in bulk but each image size you can upload should not be more than 5MB.

Visit the Tiny PNG website here.

10. Resize Photos

Should I tell you Resize Photos resizes your photos?

That’s kind of expected, but that is what this tool literally does.

Resize Photos is also one of the best tools to optimize your images online and for free.

This tool works really well in optimizing and compressing your images for your use.

Visit Resize Photos website here.

That is all on Best Online Image Compressor To Compress Images.

Hope this was helpful?

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