5 Reasons Why PDF Is Everywhere

Documents are everywhere in any business, university, or any place where organized work is done. But handling documents is not an easier task.

You have to sort documents by date, importance, size, and so on. Businesses and organizations in this age have to think about easy and affordable ways of handling documents.

The computer revolution has already solved half of the problem. But the problem is that there are tons of formats for handling documents. PDF, out of all document formats, has stuck with the people – here are the reasons why!

1.      Create Document Easily

Document creation is a difficult task in itself. If it’s not easy to use a document format for creating documents regularly, there is no need to keep using such a format. One of the main reasons we see the PDF format everywhere is that it is extremely easy to create.

There is no need for academy training for creating PDFs. Every single computer or smartphone can create PDF documents without putting a huge toll on the computing resources. Nowadays, online PDF creator tools are making PDF format even more popular.

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2.      Better Appearance

Showing documents the right way, so they look good on every device is also very important. There is no benefit of using a document that doesn’t show the same on all devices. Document formats like .docx are infamous for not showing the same on two different computers.

But organizations want standard documents that appear the same on all devices. The PDF document solves this problem and gives a unique solution that is now almost universal. On any computer, you don’t have to install heavy apps to view PDFs. PDF reader apps show the PDF documents in the same format on all devices.

3.      Editing Is Easy

Have you ever seen a video? If yes, you know how difficult it is to set up the editing environment and get things going on your PC.

Even simple HD video editing requires powerful computers to handle the task. But when it comes to PDF documents, there is no need to worry about editing. Computers with limited computing power can easily PDF documents. There are a plethora of tools that you can choose for editing PDFs.

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4.      Superior Benefits

In the online age, there are plenty of things that are now doable on a computer. Several features are very fundamental for the operation of any business.

Superior features like eSignature, password-protection, and other features make PDF a great format for official documents.

There is a reason why universities advise students to submit documents in PDF format. Readers can understand the document in PDF format and understand it without any confusion.

5.      Proper Size

Physical documents are heavy and not easy to shift from one place to another; think about the heavy books in your library. File size matters a lot in computing, and lightweight files are always encouraged to use in organizations.

Contrary to the heavy file size of videos or images, a PDF document is lightweight and easy to transfer from one computer to the other. PDFs are internet-friendly, and you can share them even via Emails.

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