Top 5 Cyberpunk Movies Of All Time

Apart from being an amazing entertainment option, movies have to offer us much more than entertainment at times! Are you a fan of Cyberpunk movies or want to explore this genre?

We have piled a list of the best cyberpunk movies of all time! In cyberpunk movies, you will find advanced technology and are set in a far, dystopian future. These movies fall under the genre of science fiction, which made its mark at the start of the 1980s.

Dive into the blog to find out which are the best cyberpunk movies of all time that you need to add to your watchlist!

Best Cyberpunk Movies

If you are considering watching cyberpunk movies, these top 5 should be on the list without any second. These are the best movies ever made in this genre and will spark an interest in them!

1. Blade Runner

Blade Runner

The first on our list is the Ridley Scott-directed movie, Blade Runner. The plot centres around a dystopian future world where Replicants reside. Are you wondering what Replicants are? These are genetically engineered humanoids as shown in the movie.

These creatures are created for some dangerous missions to carry out on Earth and in colonial areas in the off-world. The protagonist, Deckard, who is the blade runner, is assigned to hunt down and retire the Replicants.

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While watching the film, you can explore different themes that range from humanity and the interaction of machines with humans.

This iconic film is still a thrilling watch if you are searching for some good cyberpunk movies! One of the most incredible science fiction movies ever made, and this still has a deep influence on all other movies!


2. The Matrix 

The Matrix

The Wachowskis directed this film and it was released in 1999. Like most other science fiction movies, it revolves its plot around a dystopian future.

In this future, humanity gets trapped in a reality generated by machines. These machines conquer humanity and use the body as a source of energy.

With the development of this story, Neo, a hacker, finds out the truth about the machines and proceeds to form a rebellion against them same. In this movie, you will explore AI, virtual reality, action, and much more.

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3. Akira


This anime movie released in 1988 is also another best option on our list! It depicts Tokyo in the post-apocalyptic form, which is known as Neo-Tokyo too! It starts that story in a phase after 31 years when the city was destroyed.

The movie proceeds by reflecting on a biker and his friend, who has strong psychic abilities. You can find the elements of technology, identity, and severity of psychic abilities. It also shows how psychic abilities can destroy the entire city if it goes out of control.

If you are a fan of anime, then this is a sure watch for you. It is one of the best anime films without any second thought. Give it a watch to learn why it’s the best in its category!

4. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

More anime recommendations are on our list if this genre intrigues you! Ghost in the Shell of 1955 is a Mamoru Oshii-directed film. Like other cyberpunk movies, this explores the themes of AI, humanity, and related aspects.

It shows that humanity in the future comes under the grasp of becoming cyborgized. While Motoko Kusanagi builds a team to hunt the mysterious “puppet master”.

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The storytelling is amazing and will keep you hooked till the end. The film even has a major influence on the Western animation industry!

5. The Terminator

The Terminator

The James Cameron-directed movie, The Terminator was released back in 1984. But this movie still tops the list as one of the best cyberpunk movies in the industry.

It depicts the story of an assassin, Arnold, who is a cyborg and comes from the future to kill the mother of the future resistance leader, Sarah! While another soldier is sent from the future to protect Sarah.

In this film, you will find different aspects of time travel, AI, machines, and much more! This all-time classic is an inspiration for different sequels later.


If you are finding it hard to decide what to watch this weekend, get started with these 5 top cyberpunk movies!

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