May 21, 2024
How To Download Songs From AudioMack

This is a detailed guide on how to download songs from AudioMack directly to your phone, read to the end to gain more insight.

Audiomack is an on-demand music streaming and audio-finding platform that enables artists and creators to upload unlimited music and podcasts for listeners via its mobile apps and website.

If you are a music lover, AudioMack will enable you to download music from your favorite artist for free, read this article to the end to know how to do that.

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How To Download Songs From AudioMack

Audiomack is a very popular music streaming app on Android and iOS and it is known to be one of the best music streaming apps.

AudioMack has many advantages, with AudioMack, you can discover the latest trending music anywhere.

This app allows you to stream music online and offline and you can download music and play them offline.

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However, if you want to know how to download songs from AudioMack directly to your phone, below is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

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1. Install the AudioMack app on your phone.

The first thing to do is to install the Audiomack app on your phone. After that, go to your audiomack music Player and locate your offline music or music you have downloaded to play without an internet connection. To locate your offline music, follow the steps below.

1. Open Audiomack.

2. Go to My Library.

3. Select Offline.

2. Sort Songs

The next step is to sort the songs you want to transfer. Once you have opened the Offline section, sort from newest to oldest depending on the song you want to transfer to your phone.

3. Launch File Manager or X-plore File Manager App

After installing the file manager or X-plore file manager on your phone, go to your Internal Storage and locate the Andriod folder.

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4. Locate The Audiomack File Directory

Once you open the internal storage, go to Android, click on Data, then look for the audiomack file storage folder named com. audiomack.

Click on it and select a folder named “file” again and click on the folder name “audiomack”

5. Locate Songs In The Audiomack Folder

Once you have clicked on the com. audiomack folder, click on Files and click on the second folder named Audiomack, you will find all the songs you have downloaded on the Audiomack app, but they will not appear in a familiar file type.

6. Rename The File Extensions To mp3

When you open the Audiomack folder, you will see a different list of unfamiliar files. Before you would be ab;e to transfer all the files there, you will need to rename each file extension to mp3.

However,  make sure all your songs on Audiomack are sorted out properly, this will give you an idea of the song you are renaming from the File Manager app.

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Now press and hold a single file until you see the options panel, then click on Rename. You can use any name you want or the name of the song, then change the last file extension to mp3.

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7. Move Songs To Your Best Folder

Once you have renamed all the files, you can now move the songs to your preferred folder on your phone and play them with your local music player app.

That is all on how to download songs from AudioMack directly to your phone, I hope it helps you download songs from AudioMack directly to your phone.

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